Computer science degree program students

I would like to chat with others who are doing the full program. let me know how you are doing


I am Daiye Joe, Nigerian.
I am your course mate here at Saylor Academy

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that is great. sorry it has taken so long to respond to you. i hope your courses are going well

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Hi there, I’m Jason. Just started perusing the courses and skimming the material. I have a background in software development but am also taking this course for supplemental purposes. Cheers!

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Hi, I am also taking the full CS curriculum. I have completed the CS101 till now.
I have created an unofficial chat room for us to communicate on gitter.

See you there.

dear jason:

I think that is a great idea. I first started with city college of san francisco in the computer technology as degree. I founded saylor quite by accident. I love it. it has been the answer to my prayer.

thanks. I will look into it. good for you. i have been taling to saylor about having a degree program for the full cirricular program. i can prove i have an associates degree in computer technology and doing my b.s. program there.

how do I join the group. will look into it.

how do i enroll for the program?

Hi @Babatunde_Fadina – we are working our way toward having several pathways that we might conceive of as “diploma” options – although the program(s) would not be accredited, they would be a great option in addition to “just” certificate. [Edit from the future: Important Changes to Our Diploma Pathways]. See some of the discussion happening in this thread: “meta”-certificates already possible?

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hi, am just a new student, pls tell me how far this lecture room has on computer science department

i do not personally about that. i have been too busy just trying to finish the computer science cirricula program i will tell you this it is has challenging and rewarding

hi and thanks for letting myself know. i am almost done with the program i find the single variable calculus course to be the hardest to pass

i could not get into the chat room maybe it is best to just have the forum here

how are you doing

Hello I’m starting the computer science as well

I’ve been looking into those courses as well. Starting with some general education courses first. Right now doing rwm algebra. It’s so frustrating. Simultaneously boring and challenging. Just depends on what my brain remembers from high school. I’ll start cs101 shortly. I figure learn as much as I can to CLEP as much as I can. Cheaper degree that way.

hey! am cliff a student of saylor academy doing diploma in computer science, how can you help rather how it help because am sure have done this before

Hi my name is Ahmed Hassan Bangura from SierraLeone this is my first time in this class

The chat room link is not there @seanconnor. Relay suggestions. Can i hear you speaking Sean?