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Hello, my name is Kathy
This is the first time doing a online course. I hope, I can keep up with the rest of you, since English is not my first language :slight_smile: I’m starting of with the course; introduction to computer science 1. Any tips and advice is welcome.


@k.w Am fine! Welcome to the course ‘Introduction To Computer Science.’ I should really be willing to help if i can. Would you do the same thing?


Of course, wouldn’t be very fair to only be helped, and not do it in return. Are you doing the same course, materetha?


Yes! Am in the same course and already railing halfway! I just wish we had a Chat room for Saylor Computer Science students. You know any you can add me Kathy?


That would be really cool, but no, I don’t know any chat-rooms for computer science students. For how long have you been doing this course?


this is magdalena sorry it took so long still working on the my computer science program


Hello, I’m a beginner. And so give me some suggestion to improve my skill.


Hi I am Carlos from Liberia and I am taking CS 305 it is a bit challenging anyone doing this course should email me and let’s study together.


Hi I am Debashis student of CS 101 come along with your idea.


How about if we created chat rooms on fast social media like Telegram or something?
Here’s the link