Computer Science Program

Are there any plans to make the courses in this program credit-aligned with TESC?


Unfortunately, I do not believe so. Generally, we currently prefer the credit recommendation route to the course alignment route, which is primarily about resources. If any school were interested in revising a course toward their own exam or particular needs and could contribute expertise and time in that direction, we would seriously consider the offer.

TESC does, of course, generally recognize ACE and NCCRS recommendations, so that is something. With that said, based on my understanding of our plans, CS101 and CS402 are likely to be the only CS courses in our credit stable for the foreseeable future.

how we become a good web developer. which types of courses is useful to me i am a novice developer in the filed of web developer please send or suggested me a courses which is understand in easy way. lot of thanks for reading my problems and difficulties. bye ;

Hi @shashi – you might find the map of topics on Free Code Camp useful – the basic breakdown is front-end and back-end development, each of which have particular skillsets.

kia me ye join kr sakti hn

Does this mean CS402 is not expiring? I thought I would offer my time after I took the cs402 final to update the course but I never was able to get the test scheduled.