Computer Science

I have a few questions.

  1. Does the programming courses actually have programming work or exercises to be done? or just quizzes?

  2. is it pretty up to date and do you learn a good bit from it?

Can anyony reply to this

Wow glad to see Saylor cares.

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Not sure what happened, but I’m sorry for the delay you’ve received.

  1. If you look through the program you’ll find that there are exercises, though several(if not all) are not provided by Saylor themselves. (Quizzes at the end of each unit)
  2. I can’t answer since I haven’t completed many classes yet. I’ve tested what I did know already and studied what I lacked. But the material that I did see and study was relevant/useful/up-to-date.

For any time sensitive questions try them at the contact page[1].
When I’ve emailed them their replies ranged from a few hours to the next day.


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Hi everybody today I start learning computer science