Create a Causation Outline

Sketch an outline for your essay topic from the perspective of a causation essay. The topic is:

"How does my selected activity or characteristic affect success in an Internet-based college course?"

What would be the causes of your claim? What would be the effects of the claim? Adapt your claim accordingly.

To be successful in an internet based college course you will good time management skills

Good time management is essential because you will need to self monitor to keep pace. You will need to create your own schedule since class time isn’t a set time.

It could be easy to fall behind and become overwhelmed with how much you have to do to catch up

It is easy to let other aspects of life allow you to procrastinate your school work.

Good time management will allow you to keep a good pace. It will allow you to study without feeling rushed or pressured.

In the end if you successfully manage your time and pace yourself you will learn more.

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I hope I am doing this right…

Thesis: Students should maintain a sense of balance between school, work, family and their health in order to be successful in an internet-based college course. Without proper planning of activities and an awareness for time management, something will eventually fail. By learning to properly balance their time, students will not only be successful students, but also successful in their overall well-being.

“How does my selected activity or characteristic affect success in an Internet-based college course?”

Positive effects of proper planning and time management:
• Feeling accomplished
• Able to focus and do the job
• Family or personal relationships can be a source of motivation, stress relief
• Good health habits: sleep, nutrition, rest, relaxation results in a healthier mind and body
• Positive cycle repeats itself

Negative effects of improper planning and time management:
• Feeling rushed, pressured
• Not able to complete the work, waste of time
• We lash out at family or personal relationships
• Bad health habits: lack of sleep, rest, relaxation, bad eating can lead to burnout, sickness, stress

Among the factors that contribute to successfully achieve completion in an Internet-based college course, motivation counts as the most crucial. Causes of my claim: everything in life can be obtained only thanks to inspiration to act. This assertion stems from my strong personal experience.

Effects of my claim: insuperable difficulties, lack of time, tiredness, duties appear as obstacles on our way but high motivation is like fuel. So many examples of celebrities or common people can be cited whose extraordinary force of will has enabled them to reach extraordinary results in life.