Create a Warrant

In this practice exercise, create a warrant you might use to help make your case in the argumentative essay you will write for this unit:

"How does my selected activity or characteristic affect success in an Internet-based college course?"

Hello everyone. This course is confusing me just a bit, but I’m trying my best. Here is my answer to: “How does my selected activity or characteristic affect success in an Internet-based college course?” please let me know what you think, and give me any good ideas I left out, thanks so much!

Here it is.

 In an internet based college course, there are many factors to succes. Having the ability to stay consintrated, stick to your work, and be dedicated are all ways to do so. If you are going to do an internet based college course, writing is a must have. You must be able to write your ideas clearly and efectively so your audience can undersatand you (the audience in this case would be one of two, or both. Those are: the courses questions, and the people on the discussion forums). 
 If you get stuck on a problem or a part of the course that you do not comprehend, and you can't state your question effectively to your fellow course members for help, then it's going to be much harder to succeed in your course.  The advantage of being able to write is huge and will increase your ability to succeed. If you know how to write affectively you can also help others with their questions. 
 If you can not answer there question with clarity, they won't get it, therefore might get the answer to the problem wrong.  For example: if someone was to ask you a question about how a part in physics works, and you answered with a sloppy uneducated answer, you just made the person more confused. But if you answer with a well written and to the point answer they will get it and understand it better. So knowing how to write affectively won't only help you on an internet based college course, but will also help your friends who are also taking the course.  
 If a question on the course asked you to write down your thoughts on a certain subject, it's important to be able to write them down in an orderly, factory way. If you just speed by and don't consentrait on your writing, the course may not understand your answer, which leads to failure. This is why writing is important when doing any kinds of online college based course. Writing affectively and to the point will help tons in many parts of your course, no mater what the course is.