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Create an Outline

Use the prewriting and writing techniques you have just reviewed to create an outline for the essay you will write for Unit 1:

"What does it take to succeed in an Internet-based college course?"

Hi everyone! What do you think about my outline?

What does it take to to succes in an internet based college course?

 Start by talking about education 
  • Are there more people starting to do homeschool?

  • There are many online courses and colleges

  • Online courses

  • How educated people play an important role in advancing our everyday life
    Second section : what are the benefits of doing an internet based college course vs going to colleg.

  • Can you still get diplomas doing internet based college courses?

  • What is the cost difference?

  • Which will you learn more?

  • Which will be more fun?

  • Which one might give you better ethics?

  • Which one would you do?

  • Assuming you decided to do an internet based college course, here is what you will need in order to succeed
    Third section: how to succeed in doing an internet based college course.

  • How much do you need to work on it? (Depends of the course tells you)

  • You must stick to learning and doing the course

  • Get a good workspace as to not get distracted

  • Set a time to work on it daily, weekly, or hourly

  • What would happen if you did not work on it daily or weekly?

  • You must pay your monthly fee, if any. What would happen if you did not?

  • Bring some things into consideration from previous sections
    Fourth and last section: all of he good outcomes on success.

  • How you feal accomplished

  • If you stick to doing your lessons you will learn a lot

  • Refer to parts of section two and three reminding you about important stuff.

Thanks guys for your feed back! :grinning:


I like your outline but it doesn’t really reflect on the topic of what it takes to succeed in a internet based college course.


What Does it Take to Succeed in an Internet-Based College Course?

  1. Computer, mobile phone, or tabletA. Secure internet connection 1. Knowledge on how internet courses are conducted
    B. Time Management
  2. Make a study schedule and stick to it
  3. Track assignments and tests using a calendar.
  4. Dedication
    A. It is important for you to want to learn.
  5. Communicate with instructor and classmates by email or discussion forum.
  6. Motivation
    A. Stay motivated and remember why you are taking the online course.

Yes, that is what I was thinking after. Thanks for your help. I have recently wrote the essay on this topic. Go ahead and check it out. Thanks for your feedback!

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What does it take to succeed in an Internet-based college course?

1. Introduction

A. To succeed in an internet-based college you must take these three points into consideration.

 B. Explain why people choose internet-based college courses 

 C. Transition into body paragraph 1. 

2. Persistence

A. You will run into a challenge at some point, with a difficult subject or technical problems but you have to push forward and if needed, ask for help

B. Thinking about your end goal, and setting aside time every day to work towards your goal will keep you persistent. 

3. Time Management

 A. Planning your time to study, and having it written down. 

 B. Reviewing your classwork as soon as it is released 

4. Your Environment

A. Disconnecting from your phone and TV

 B.  Peace and quiet

5. Conclusion

 A. Being persistent, managing your time and creating a good environment are all very important elements to being a successful online-based college student.

 B. Now that you know what it takes, get started on your degree today!

What does it take to succeed in an internet-based college coarse?

  1. First, know to yourself
  2. Next, gather information
    -use resources like internet,books or links etc.
    -ask friends or anyone that you can trust to help you figure out technology
  3. Lastly , Time-management
    -other things than focusing on your gadget while studying is also to you a life outside online world
    -eat healthy and have enough rest
    - set goals
    -enjoy the course that you picked
  1. Time Management
    a) Flexibility, used as much free time available to study
    b) Avoid multitasking by completing all assignments at once
    c) Block any distractions, make study area quiet and organized
    d) Stick to a schedule by making daily ”TO DO” lists
  2. Communication
    a) Engage with other online students in class
    b) Use discussion board as much as possible
    c) Don’t be afraid to ask questions to peers or professor via phone, email, or webcam
    d) Use appropriate language for school
  3. Motivation
    a) Writes short-term and long-term goals
    b) Stay committed
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What does it take to succeed in an internet-based college course? (Outline)

    I.            You need to have the desire.

a. Where there is a will there is a way.

b. Lacking desire often leads to abandoning a task.

  II.            You need to envision your objective and how to accomplish it.

a. You need to have discipline.

                                                           i.      Move forward in spite of the challenges.

b. You need to adapt and find solutions to problems.

                                                           i.      Plan your course of action.

                                                         ii.      Designate time.

                                                        iii.      Make time.

c. You need to prioritize.

                                                           i.      Self-study essentially leaves all the decisions to you, and among so many decisions, prioritizing helps make those decisions.

                                                         ii.      When not prioritizing, you can easily lose focus and neglect what really matters.
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Title : What you need to do when preparing for online study


  • Thesis statement: among other necessities, undertaking Online Study requires having a reliable computer, self-organization and study space, avoidance of distractions involve, self-commitment and consistency, joining discussion forum for active learning interactions and taking breaks to avoid burn out.
  • Reliable computer or laptop.
  • Taking an online course means accessing course material online.
  • Online lectures will include videos to watch and material to read.
  • To access the online course material, you need to have a reliable computer or laptop.
  • Besides computer, you need to have a reliable internet access is a key to in doing online studies.
  • Printer is another tool require for Online study. With printer, you will be able to print out material to read.
  • Self-Organization and Study Space:
  • When taking online study, it is important to find and set up study space for yourself.
  • The study space should be well organized and include a desk where your computer, and printer are set for easy access.
  • Having books and materials require for study at disposal would facilitate study.
  • Set time for your studies, reading online, watching videos, etc.
  • Avoid distractions such as watching TV, avoiding hyperlinks watching when reading material or searching for information regarding your course study.
  • Distractions:
  • Distraction is one of the main downsize of an online study
  • Cellphone and TV distraction attention or steal study time
  • Visiting friends or family members living in the house can interrupt persistency study.
  • Online pops up and other links attack to the site or material for study can take you away from reading main topic
  • Be Self-committed, Self-discipline, and consistent to your study:
  • Take notes when reading online, print out and fill materials on your topic,
  • read before attempting homework or examine.
  • Do not put of you study time, and make sure that your read daily.
  • Stick to your study time set for research or study.
  • Searching for information about your course,
  • Doing homework on time,
  • Reading your syllables,
  • Going through your study contents in
  • Joining Online Forum.
  • Joining Discussion forum connect you to peer group and instructor discussions.
  • Be active in communicating your ideas
  • If you do not understand something.
  • Ask for help in the forum
  • Keep in touch with your instructors, and ask for clarifications
  • Take break
  • Take break to avoid burning out.
  • In between break refresh minds
  • Studying for long hours is tiresome to the body
  • Conclusion:

In sum, Online Study defends on organization, commitment, and persistence in adhering and sticking to goal and mission set to achieving ultimate certificate, diploma or degree one dream of attaining as fulfillment of self-promotion intellectually, advancement of one’s career or quest of professional mental development


What does it take to succeed in an Internet-based college course?

I. Course Materials

    A. Syllabus
    B. Class Schedule
    C. Online access to resources
    D. Access to a study group

II. Self-Management

    A. Time-management
    1.Create a study plan
    2. Set goals
    3. Have a dedicated study time
    4. Meet deadlines

    B. Take care of yourself
    1. Be mentally engaged
    2. Limit social media while studying
    3. Find a way to make studying fun/engaging
    4. Connect with others when possible
    C. Be organized
    1. Have a dedicated space for studying
    2. Eliminate/minimize distractions
    3. Take notes

III. Course Tools

    A. Reliable internet service
    B. Access to a computer or laptop

Good work

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Hi everyone… please let me know how I did. Thank you in advance!!!
*ignore the asterisks… I did a rough draft on Word and copied it here…

    1. Discipline/Focus
    • a) Determination to succeed
    • b) Go-getter
    • c) Do the work/assignments
    • d) Don’t cheat
    1. Time/Schedule
    • a) Set specific dates/times of the day, days of the week
    • b) If you must exceed the time, know when to stop
    1. Know your priorities
    • a) No to parties, distractions, dates?
    • b) If you do go to party/distractions, then at least do Step 2 first!
    1. Equipment/Technology
    • a) Computer or laptop
    • b) Mouse if using a computer
    • c) Phone
    • d) Steady wifi or some kind of internet connection
    • e) Software such as Microsoft Office
    • f) Comfortable desk/chair/bed (whatever you use)
    1. Balanced life
    • a) Time for play
    • b) Fun
    • c) Work (job?)
    • d) Health
      • i) Sleep
      • ii) Exercise
      • iii) Diet
      • iv) meditation
    1. Planning and Organization
    1. Emotional Support system
    • a) Posts assignments on the discussion boards
    • b) Give feedback to fellow students
    • c) Reach out to family/friends
    • d) Get feedback from others (colleagues, family, people out there you meet…)
    1. Reward yourself whenever you do Steps 1 – 7!

I. Time

A. Very few things are not accomplishable given sufficient time.

B. Assignments and projects will require a certain amount of time to complete, at a bare minimum level

C. Always budget to make sure you have at least that much time, while also budget for more time to allow for iteration and revision.

II. Dedication

A. An internet college course has no class times, no easily accessible professors, and often no strict deadlines

B. The bulk of the work falls on your head. If you are unable to sufficiently motivate yourself to learn the material, you will fail no matter how much time you have.

III. An internet connection

A. Although a given for most people, a quality computer and internet connection are critical for any internet college course

    1. If you do not own a quality device/connection, most public libraries provide them at no charge

B. Often videos and other media are incorporated into the lessons and a slow or unreliable connection can make it difficult to access the material.

IV. An ability to work by yourself

A. You are unlikely to have any group assignments during an online course

B. You won't be able to rely on other people, all the work will have to be done yourself.
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What does it take to succeed in an internet-based college course?

I. Course materials/ tools

A. Syllabus
B. Class schedule
C. Laptop or Computer
D. Internet access
E. Books, paper, etc.

II. Time management

A. Create a study schedule

  1. Have a dedicated study time

B. Get the work done on time

  1. Don’t procrastinate
  2. Don’t try to “wing it”

III. Distractions

A. Distraction is a big downside to studying
B. Some of the main distractions are your cellphone and TV

  1. Turn off your TV
  2. Set your phone somewhere away from you

C. Have a quiet study space

  1. The library
  2. Somewhere in your house no one else is
  3. Even a coffee shop

IV. Take care of yourself

A. Health

  1. Eat
  2. Sleep
  3. Exercise

B. Be mentally ready

  1. Don’t work too long or too hard
  2. Take your time to understand, don’t force it

C. Limit stress

  1. Meditate
  2. Do more exercises
  3. Listen to some music
  4. Go for a walk
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  1. WORK HARD at a specific time every day.

b. always review what you learned.

c. read more, learn more.

  1. improve your communication skills.

a. attend online courses.

b. talk with those already enrolled and enhance your experience.
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I. Dedication.

 A. Working without deadlines requires a       great deal of Dedication.

 B. Your mind must be set on steadfast goals to be able to finish.

 C. Keeping yourself on a steady pace can waver.

II. Study Often

 A. Reading all information related to the subject you are taking

 B. Take notes to review later.

 C. Watch and related videos that will help you understand the subject matter better if you are a visual learner.

III. Do not Procrastinate

 A. With no timeframe to have a class finished you may rationalize a so called “good reason” to put the work off.

 B. Take the hardest classes first.

      i. The beginning is when you have the most energy and excitement.

      ii. By getting these out of the way first you will not be as discouraged when you run out of steam.

IV. Use as many outside Resources as you.

 A. When you are stuck not understanding something even after reading the resources provided it’s good to get a Tutor or friend that could give you a different perspective.

V. Stay Positive

 A. Being self paced and not in a classroom setting where you can get your positive “cheerleaders” from your instructors or peers it’s easy to self doubt and let Negative thoughts creep in.

 B. Take a break and listen to positive Audi or video.

      i. Meditation

      ii. Personal Development

      iii. Feel Good Music

      iv. Ask friends for some encouraging  words.

internet based college you must get points into consideration
you need to work self paced you need to work independently online courses it is cheaper i study online .

“What does it take to succeed in an internet-based college course?”
-Never try to learn everything at once you can not study the whole syllabus in one day.
-try to study every single detail thoroughly.
-be realistic.set realistic goals.
-be creative. think outside the box.
-take notes when reading or listening something.
-be honest to yourself.don’t try to cheat.
-be serious don’t take any little error lightly.
-be persistent.

“What does it take to succeed in an internet-based college course?”
-Never try to learn everything at once you can not study the whole syllabus in one day.
-try to study every single detail thoroughly.
-be realistic.set realistic goals.
-be creative. think outside the box.
-take notes when reading or listening something.
-be honest to yourself.don’t try to cheat.
-be serious don’t take any little error lightly.
-be persistent.
-last but not the least study as much as you can don’t waste your time doing unproductive stuff instead every now and then revise your course.