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One of the important issues for online courses is time management.

Time Management

  1. Make the course a priority.
  2. Make a study plan.
  3. No distractions.

Approximately 65 percent of college students have taken an online course. Benefits to online learning include flexibility and practicing 21st-century skills, but some issues can impede effective online learning. One of the biggest issues that impacts online learners is poor time management. Lack of a schedule, too many distractions and multitasking can lead to poor time management. Another factor that may lead to poor time management is the lack of a designated work space.
A lack of a schedule can lead to poor time management in online learning. When students are enrolled in face-to-face classes, the instructor sets a predetermined schedule. Many online courses are set up with a great deal of flexibility. There may be due dates built into the course, but the student will need to set his own schedule for completing course work.
Flexibility – while one of the greatest benefits of online learning – can create issues for students who have trouble maintaining a schedule. Students need to find a way to balance the flexibility of online learning with a disciplined schedule to be successful online learners.
Because online learners use their computers and the Internet to participate in online learning, they may be tempted with distractions. A student working on a challenging assignment may find herself surfing the Web, checking social networking sites or catching the latest viral video online. One way students can combat these distractions and more effectively manage their time is to set aside breaks in between periods of work. This will allow the online learner to focus on school tasks knowing that she can check social networking sites when she completes her work.

We can’t stop or control time. But, if you want to take control of your online learning and make the best of it, you need to learn how to properly manage the time you have. Time management is something that every student can and should learn; it’s not just for those who are naturally gifted at planning and arranging. Take the simple step of utilizing your commuting time to start on your way to learning time management skills as soon as possible.


Time management is a vital factor in learning

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