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Creating Study Guide and Study Aids As I Go

Currently taking “Intro to Comparative Politics”.

I tend to take a crazy amount of notes while I am learning coursework. When I study and prepare for exams, my notes get refined again and again.

There’s a lot of jargon and concepts to learn in this course, and I am determined to get it all organized for optimal clarity and comprehension. I will be creating flashcards online—probably on or some such site. I’ll probably post the link to the flashcards here in this forum.

My study notes goal is that by the time I take the final exam for this course, I will have a concise, comprehensive study guide and I will ace this final exam.

After I finish the exam, I will review my study guide and make any final changes to it to ensure its perfect completion.

After that, I will be able to offer the study guide to others. Still deciding whether I will post it on sites like Stuvia, Course Hero, or Notesmate.