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Creative commons

ceative common is very important and its nonprofit organization that provide the artist or authors a legal tools to use other’s work .
the cons of creative commons:you cannot revoke a creative commons licence once given,you give up you specific rights to your work for free,The Copyright of derivative works can be ambiguous.

A management information system is a system that allows a company to run efficiently, by providing the relevant information the company needs. Nowadays, management information systems use specialized software that runs on a computer. A management information system is usually targeted at economic aspects of running a company, while an executive information system is usually designed for managing staff. The first such systems were built in the 1960s.


Creative commons pro: the legal details and necessities are provided to the creators.
Creative commons con: the copyright of derivative works varies in interpretation of the rights to work and the creation of the creative commons licence.

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Creative Commons is a site that allows people all across the world to share their Creative work. The site contains work from across all creative disciples including music, photography, art work, educational materials etc. There a pros and cons for an individual wanting to use Creative Commons. A pro to using the website is its popularity and reputation. It is a reputable source and used by many individuals. Another pro to creative commons is the exposure an artist can have by using the site. An artist can upload an image on to the site and have someone across the world view or use it. The site makes it super easy for creators to use its licensing and does not charge for any of its services. There are a few cons also in using Creative Commons website. The main disadvantage would be the lack of control one has over the works they share. Once a license is given it is hard to revoke it. Creative Commons can also only be applied to original works.
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On the Creative Commons website, I found some new sources about Management Information Systems. The resource that I found most interesting was the link to SoudCloud that shared different podcasts and audio on the subject. There were podcasts from all across the world including South Africa discussing MIS functions like operations, system design, and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on technology.

One advantages of Creative Commons is the legal licensing made available for artists and authors. One disadvantage is that the license cannot be revoked.