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Creatives and Distractrions

In PRDV005: Time and Stress Management unit assessment, one of the answers basically claimed that creatives will give in to procrastination and distractions during a task.
As a creative, I find this incorrect as when I’m in a zone, I don’t even recognize the existence of the outer world until I’m done and this happens on both creative tasks, difficult and routine tasks. For difficult tasks, if I can’t see a way for it to be done immediately, I will take a break and do something else but I will still be doing something to get me to my end goal.
Any creatives that also do this or are your the procrastination/distraction type?

Distraction is real. The TV, the Cellphone, the music, and the people around you are distractions. If you do not turn off your cellphone or study far away from your land-line telephone, the chances are that someone may call you while studying. Hearing the sound of a ringing telephone is a distraction even if you do not pick it up. It will interrupt your focus until the telephone stop ringing. By the time, it stops you might have lost few minutes of focusing. And if you response to a call, it means five to ten minutes lost in responding to the the phone call. Secondly, if you do not turn off your TV while studying, the chances are that your attention will be divided between reading and listening to the TV news or watching movies. This is a distraction because you will not focus on reading only but also will be tempted to watch or listen to the news on the TV at the same time. Thirdly, if you live with people in the house, the chances are that someone will surely dash-in in your study space to talk to you. By the time you are done talking to the intruder, five or ten minutes of your time is gone, wasted on the distraction. Having mentioned the above situations, I tell others to watch out for things that will take their focus away while studying. Identify them, and avoid having them repeating re-occurrence while studying in order to have a nice, and smooth focus. Thanks.