CS 101 Unit 1.3.3

I’m having the worst time figuring out what I need to do with sections Option 1 - Using an Online IDE, Option 2 - Installing Java on Your Machine, Java Application Programming Interface (API).They didn’t explain what to do. Do we enter code into the programs. If so, I see no code.

I’m sorry for any confusion! I think the purpose of those two sections is to get you set up with the ability to write, compile, and execute Java programs later on in the course – so there is no code to enter now.

Hi, for, you can practice on the repl.it to get a basic understanding of the programming. These are the steps that I used to practice: when you first go to the repl.it, you choose the language, I choose java. Then the screens will appear. You can log or or not.
On the white screen on line 3, I believe this is the source code screen it will show: “System.out.println(“Hello World!”);” if you tap the play button at the top of the screen the “hello world” will appear on the blue screen as well.
I practiced some programming using repl.it and I am really new to this programming also, but what I entered for example is:
On the white screen where the system.out.println is I added the following:
System.out.println(“my favorite food:”);
Then I went to the next line and added the same text except for the statements in the parenthesis which I changed on each subsequent line:
Then press play. The words in the parenthesis will appear on the blue screen. If you enter more than one line on the source code screen, make sure that all the words and punctuation is exact or you will get an “error” message on the blue screen.

Repl.it is basically an ide for practicing some of the programming code.