CS101-Introduction to computer science 1


Hello Everyone,
I’m a beginner in CS.

Java in CS101

Welcome! I’m Sean, one of the Saylor staff members. It’s been a few years now, but I’ve taken our CS101 course and am glad I did :slight_smile:


Thank You, Sean. Nice to meet you. I’m called Zin.


Hi Zin, nice to meet you too.


Hello am pjkennedy glad to be here


Hello, I am Ben Traore and I am just starting the course and wanted some clarification. Will this course help me if I plan to take a google certificate test?

Thank you in advance


Hi Ben – I couldn’t say for sure. Our CS101 course focuses pretty heavily on an introduction to Java, using Java as a basis for understanding shared characteristics of programming languages, with some foundation on computing concepts.

We have not aligned the course, though, to any certification exams.


hi everyone
im beginner in computer science
i wish we can be a good friends
thank you


hi Everyone I’m beginner in CS.


Hi every one i’m beginner in saylor


Hello, my name is Dan and I’m a Canadian. Just googled “advanced artificial intelligence” and now I’m here. Looking forward to starting with CS101.


Norbert Edward
Begginer too


Hello. I’m Williams from Ghana , Accra
a beginner. hope we become friends


Hi Williams, im a Ghanaian too. Just beginning CS101.
Nice to meet you here.


…Im Nuru Mohammed