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CS101 Unit 1 Assessment Not Yet Graded

I notice my attempt at the Unit 1 Assessment will not change from the “Not yet graded” state.

I see there was a similar issue with the CS202 Unit 1 Assessment.

Can the same fix/change be applied to the CS101 Unit 1 Assessment?

  • Brad

I’m currently working my way through Unit 1 of CS101 and have noticed the same thing having completed the Unit 1 assessment. I haven’t tried any other assessment exercises on this or any other course on Saylor Academy, so I may not have the full picture.

However, I’d speculate that the reason why it doesn’t come up with a grade is due to the subjectivity of the text-based answers of some of the questions (where it asks you to write a few paragraphs about the topic, e.g formal logic etc). True/false and multiple choice answers can easily be automatically marked, since they’re objectively right or wrong, but I can’t see how that would work with text-based answers.

But then that does raise the question of why are they included. I suppose ultimately these end-of-unit tests are for purely for practice/consolidation and don’t count for final grades, so it isn’t worth getting too concerned about them. I presume the final overall course test avoids this issue.

I also did assessment CS Unit 3, and if I review my answers and author’s, they are the same meaning I got it right…but still am being marked zero!!!

I’m currently doing the CS101 course and my Unit 1 Assessment isn’t being graded. I have retaken the test two times it still says the same thing. I’m confused, how can I do it?

Same issue here, a few unit assessments are flagged as incomplete. Going to see if completing the final exam allows for course completion.