CS101 'Unit 6 Assessment' is full of incorrect answers

The Unit 6 Assessment for CS101: Introduction to Computer Science I is full of incorrect answers.

Q: public method for reading the value of an instance variable
A: parameter (this is wrong, the textbook even says it should be Accessor)

Q. static method that is the first method executed in a program
A. mutator (this is wrong, the correct answer should be Main Method)

Q. variable for storing data that is passed to a method
A. main method (so very wrong, not sure of the correct answer but its not main method)

It appears that all of question 1 is wrong and possibly others, but I haven’t had time to check in detail as I am a student.

Please fix these new assessments that have been added to the course. As it stands now we will be learning incorrect material. Thank you.

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