CS105: Unit 1 corrections

1.3 Python 3 Data Types: int and float
Compare and Contrast int vs. float
Reference page id 29201

  1. In the table for Arithmetic Operators, the result of the subtraction (-29) is not listed

1.6: More Python 3 Data Types: str
The Basics of Strings
Reference page id 29349

  1. Usage of camelcase variable names (firstPart, secondPart). Note that section 1.4 Variables and Assignment Statements states that “Although it is legal to use uppercase letters in variable identifiers, we typically do not use them by convention”. It may be worth reiterating convention.

  2. The code block for assigning num = 18,tum = 9.8 results in a SyntaxError: cannot assign to literal. Consider num = 18 ; tum = 9.8

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Thanks! I’ve shared this with the team (right in time for a long weekend, but we’ll pick up next week.)