CS107 C++ Any Former Students?


I am a controls engineer and a lot of the jobs out there ask for C++ experience. I enrolled at a local community college for C++ for $788 but I saw this Saylor course. Anyone take this course? Is it equivalent? I am worried about getting stuck with a programming problem and not having the resources of an instructor to help.


Hi Bernie- FYI, this course is about to be updated. While I know you no longer need the credits, it is about to undergo an ACE review. We hope the course will be helpful to you and others!


Thanks. Just trying to stay current in my field, and most of the jobs out there require C++ and Java skills.


Jeff, when they review the course they should consider using Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition with the C++ option loaded. Easy install. The Eclipse software with Java and Cygwin is nearly impossible to load in windows due to Java compatibility issues. (But would be the only option with a Linux computer).


By the way, I wouldn’t mind doing some volunteer work for Saylor.