CS107 credit exam difficulties

Has anyone passed the C++ exam? There are a number of questions on the exam that wouldn’t actually compile, which destroys my faith in the ability of the exam to accurately measure my proficiency. I have passed the practice exam multiple times with a ~90.

In addition the coding questions in the credit exam require >140 lines of non-intellisensed code and you are penalized for using the compiler to check. Although I ultimately got full marks for the answer, I was deducted the full amount of points because I used the compiler throughout to check my work.

As a 20-year software engineer, I feel like not being able to use modern tools is frustrating. I get that it’s a memorization exercise, but being unable to check your work without penalty is pretty vicious when it’s that volume of code.

Any tips here? I only have one more try on the credit exam, and I don’t want to fail for stupid reasons.


@sandworm I’m sharing your post directly with colleagues.