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CS202 Unit 1 Assessment

Hello! For some reason, my unit 1 assessment is not getting automatically graded. I don’t know why. I did the unit 2 assessment and that gets automatically graded. Whats also weird is that after I’m done with the Unit 1 assessment, in the review, it shows me which answers are right/wrong, but it doesn’t display a grade.
It says “not yet graded”. Anybody know how I can go about this?

Thank you so much!

Hmm. I suspect this might have to do with question 4, an essay question, which shows up on my ened as “requires grading” for all students who completed this quiz.

@natethompson or @tanner – any way to tweak the quiz to let it show a grade?

Hi Preethi! Hi Sean! Sean, intuitive as he is, was right about that essay question being set to require grading. I tweaked that and now attempts ought to be graded automatically. Let us know if that’s not the case!

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It works! Thank you! -Preethi

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The same thing happened with Unit 4 and Unit 8 Assessment!

Preethi, thanks! I made the same change. Let us know if that didn’t solve the problem this time!

This is Maria. I have taken cs 202 and sometimes it takes a while to get graded.the good thing is that it shows on my course that it is completed. how are your classes going