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CUST105: Customer Service - Short Writing Exercise

The manager’s role of hiring new employees is a critical job since you have to select the right and appropriate individuals for that particular position. Hiring the wrong person might lead to inefficiency in providing customer satisfaction. If I am a manager of a customer service department and I am hiring new staff members, the key traits and skills that I would want to see in applicants are as follows:

  1. Communication Skills - I would select someone who is good in verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Being in the customer service department entails communication with the customers thus it is important that the staff knows how to communicate well. It is likewise important that he/she knows how to listen attentively to the customers’ requests so that he/she will be able to deliver what is needed.

  2. Patient - One characteristic that I would want a customer service staff to have is patience. There are difficult customers at times thus patience is needed. He/she must be patient enough to provide all of the customer’s requests and patient enough to respond to all of their queries.

  3. Flexible - Another trait that I would be looking for in a candidate is flexibility. I would love to work with someone who is flexible as he/she can deal with the customers better. He/she can easily respond to whatever circumstance or situation. When he/she is flexible, I can be confident that he/she can handle whatever situation that he/she will face.

  4. Empathy - Empathy is another important trait. The employee must be able to understand the point of view of the customer. He/she must be willing to put on the shoes of the customers for him/her to better understand. With this, he/she will be able to respond to their requests accordingly.

  5. Passionate - Above all, I will hire someone who is passionate with what he/she is doing With passion, whatever circumstance that comes his/her way, he/she will have that positivity in mind.

Hello Rachel ,impressive work. We are doing same course I just started though and still have to submit my assignment.