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Cust105: final project training mwhoQanual

As a manager of a customer service department orienting a new employee on the need of my department, I will start by preparing a refresher orientation training session that will covers the fundamental duties of customer service worker and skills required to effectively connect with customers.

The following is a refresher orientation training session for the new employee:


A- Introduction

The customer service worker (CSW) answers questions and solves problems.these tasks require solid listening skills, and the ability to connect with customers through many different forms of media such as email, Facebook, instant messenger.

The foremost job for the CSW is to interact with customers, clients, constituents, and so forth on behalf of a company or organisation.CSWs might provide information about products and services.they might also collect details on customers complaints and help resolve them.and, CSWs might also take orders and handle returns or refunds.

B- types of customer s service jobs:

-Receptionist/front desk clerk
-Sales person/insurance agent
-Data entry/order clerk
-Repair service technicien
-Telemarketing specialist
-Call centre representative
-Counter and rental clerk
-Food service worker
-Travel professional
-Child care provider
-Security guard

C- A typical job description for customer service worker might include these specific duties:

Listen and respond to customer needs and
Provide information about products and
Take orders, determine changes and oversee biyor
Review or make changes to customer
Handle returns or
Record details of customer contacts and actions
Research answers or solutions as
Refer customers to supervisors, managers or others who can.

Important: Customer service workers may work in a customer contact Center’s using telephones, email, and live chat connections.or they might be stationed at service desks providing face to face service to custumers on site.

The customer service may work from a manual that provides solutions and answers for most potential questions and problems if an employee is unable to resolve a problem, she or he may turn to a team member or supervisor for assistance.

The following is the skills needed for customer service worker to effectively interact with customers:

-Communication skills
-Problem solving skills
-Specific customers service

This refresher training manual could be a guidance and a tool that employers could utilise to better prepared they new employees wishing to join the Customer service department within their companies or organisations.