CUST105: Unit 1 Discussion


I agree with you, many times working with people face to face is best, as there are many ways of communicating and body language is one of them. Also you are to more effectively convey your concern to resolve a persons problem or concerm when meeting face to face


Hi Jee,

I understand your point of not desiring to work with customers face-to-face as it can sometomes create an uncomfortable situation. Many people have great phone customer skills which are better conveyed remotely. Having the ability to identify our strengths and weakness are very importnant.


1.I currently work in customer service with Apple. I’m taking this course to further my career. I worked face to face previously. I prefer phone and chat support.

  1. Recently was assisting a Customer with setting up a repair. This particular product is counterfeited often. After obtaining the serial number I found that the Customer had a counterfeit product. I advised them of this and suggested the return to the purchase location for a refund. I provided them with steps to identify counterfeit products in the future, as well as contact in for myself and the BBB. In the end I got a great Customer satisfaction survey from them even though I had to give them bad news.

3.As a customer I NEED people to be polite. I can deal with not having their undivided attention, because I understand things can get busy and hectic. Being polite can defuse a lot of situations and lead to a great Customer experience in the end.


1).- I would like to find a job as a receptionist or salesman in a store department. And I prefer the situation via a remote customer service center.I would like to work in a company that provides internet service

2).- For the first time I was hiring in a small shop, a customer had made a purchase and when he came back he found me on the crate and then he started to get angry at me, and I did the same. The boss came he is arranged and he treats the customer as if nothing was wrong. Then the boss told me that all the customers who come here are kings, and he explained to me how I should behave. And the next day the client was back again. I spoke to him and apologized to him and he did the same. It was a lesson.

3).- Yes, and as long as I want to be treated with respect, I want the customer service providers to be very polite when dealing with customers and the issues solved


1.I would like to work in face-to -face situation, because it’s easier to communicate with customers and feel their emotions in such a way. I don’t know exactly what sphere I would prefer, but I wouldn’t choose bank or insurance company for sure. The thing is, they trick customers a lot and I definitely don’t want to be part of their team.
2. I communicated with different customers when I worked at call-center. To make favourable impression I tried to listen attentively, responded with friendly voice and did my best to help them. Also we were tought to remember customer’s name and use it in conversation. It’s very pleasantly for every person to hear his name.
3. As a customer I expect from customer service workers polite attitude and helpful service. Unfortunately, there are so many rude and unmannered people work as customer service representatives in my country.

  1. Well the one am working is a good starting point for me as a customer service,because i have always love to meet different kinds of people… And yes i would rather prefer working face to face situation…

  2. Presently am working as a customer service office for 3years and my experience so far is not bad,because i get to meet different kinds of people… But i wont forget a customer that almost made me loose my job all because she wanted it her way and didnt want to follow the companies rules and regulation… But in my situation,all you need to do is to be calm and dont say words that will make the customer get more angry,because many of them will use that opportunity to insult you and tell you all different kinds of things… But always try to be calm,because they will always remind you that customers are always right,Just try as much as you can to be calm…

  3. As a customer,i will always love for my complains taken serious and not for granted…And my problems should be solved within a short period and not the ones that will take forever…



  • I would like to work as a customer service worker who can help people understand complicated IT products.
  • A remote service center would be great, because it gives you enough time to think carefully and review your communication before you deliver the solution to clients.
  • IT industry.
  • 4 years ago, I just joined a company as the first support engineer in APAC region. After 3 months, I still didn’t know too much about our product because it was really complicated and my mentor relocated to another region. So, one day, a very very smart client asked me a question and I was not familiar with that part. Given the pressure that other clients were also waiting for my response, I gave this smart client a quick and short response. Then he read it and told me he was not at all satisfied with the answers I provided with exact details and so he expected a far more detailed explanation as to why this was happening and how it would be prevented in the future. I kind of panicked then, because I know it was my last chance to fix it, otherwise, he would escalate it to my boss. So, to build a favorable impression in front of him, I spent to days, talking to a lot of engineers to figure out what happens from the beginning to the end and then wrote with a thorough answer. He didn’t reply to me after that day. We had several conversations on other issues from then on. 6 months later, when I was able to meet him in person, he was quite friendly to me and we talked like we knew each other for a very long time.

  • If I knew the skills mentioned in this unit, like listen, empathize, and take control, I would have never put myself in the position of facing an upcoming escalation. I believe these skills are very helpful for a junior support position.

  • As a customer, I hope the customer could take my issues as his own, explain to me about what’s happening and help me resolve them as much as they can.

  • The service level in my country is still not as high as a developed country. I hope they all can learn this course.

  1. I would like to work in a customer service job receiving patients. I would prefer working in a face-to-face situation.

  2. One day, I went to hospital to seek medical care but everyone is busy in his/her service none is responsible for showing the patients every service we will pass on. After consulting me, the doctor prescribed me medicines and went to pharmacy to collect them. Surprisingly, a mother who came before me. I asked her why she’s not went back at home, she replied ’ I didn’t know where the pharmacy located’. So, I lead her to pharmacy post and she’s very happy. I feel also satisfied for helping this mother for receiving her service.

  3. As a customer, I need to be heared with full attention, receiving right services at the right time, solving my complaints. Yes, they do.

  1. I would like to find a customer service position that allows me to personally interact with the customer in a face to face setting. By being face to face I can read the customer much more clearly and specifically provide them with the services they need to meet their specific needs. I do not have a specific industry that I am currently interested in but I am sure as I explore more career opportunities I will narrow it down.
  2. I have had many personal and professional interactions throughout my life. Steps to make my impression to be favorable are to make good eye contact with the other person at all times. This allows the other person to know that you are giving them your full attention. This was described in the this lesson.
  3. As a customer, I expect to be treated with respect and have the person that is assisting me actually engaged in what is going on with me rather than only paying part attention to what I am engaging with them on. I also want to feel appreciated.


The customer service job I would like to work is a face-to-face customer service that requires me to see that reactions on their face and they can see who’s helping them solve the concern they may have. Everyone doesn’t provide good customer service and I wouldn’t want someone to call, then come to store with an attitude with me, when it was someone else they talked to. I would like working in the Retail Industry, because I enjoyed the years I worked at a Dollar General.
I worked at a Dollar General and I enjoyed most of the customers that came into the store, helping the find what they’re looking for, especially older customers, and if they had a problem or concern, resolve it as quickly as possible. I gave customers my full attention.
As a customer I would want my concerns met, be listen to and treated with respect. If my experience isn’t good then I wouldn’t shop their anymore and advice my friends of the service, if I know the person, who gave the bad service too. Yes the unit covered everything on good customer service.

  1. What sort of customer service job might you like to find? Would you prefer working in a face-to-face situation, or through a remote customer service center? What industry would you like to work in?
    I would like a personal service job in the marketing area of business. I would prefer working face-to-face as I feel working through a customer service center would get boring.

  2. Describe an interaction you’ve been involved with - either personal or professional. What steps did you take to make a favorable impression? How might you use the lessons from this unit to make even better impressions?
    When I worked as a waitress we had customers come in from time to time that would find fault in anything they could just to cause a problem. Upon greeting these types of customers I knew right away and took precarious steps to make sure I took their order properly, put it in properly, and continuously re-assured them that I understood exactly how they wanted their meal. In order to treat this situation with more respect and make a better impression I would remind myself how I would want something done if it was me as the customer and make sure it gets done properly and timely.

  3. As a customer, what needs and wants do you hope to have fulfilled by customer service providers? Do they match those covered in this unit?
    As a customer you want your needs and wants to be taken seriously and understood no matter how ridiculous they seem to be. Customer service needs to be provided in a timely manner, with knowledge and patience, and with friendliness and organization.

  1. What sort of customer service job might you like to find? Would you prefer working in a face-to-face situation, or through a remote customer service center? What industry would you like to work in? I would like to work somewhere in customer service where people need a lot of guidance whether that would be over the phone or face to face. I have had quite a few bad experiences where I wouldn’t get any help finding what I needed. I would like to make a difference when it comes to helping someone figure out directly what they need instead of giving them the run-around. When people need help with something and have to take time out of their day to call or visit an organization to fix a problem, they want to get it done in timely manner and correctly. I don’t have a specific industry I would like to work in at the moment, but I would prefer something like HR management or telecommunication services.
  2. Describe an interaction you’ve been involved with - either personal or professional. What steps did you take to make a favorable impression? How might you use the lessons from this unit to make even better impressions? I was involved in a silent auction for one of my jobs and it was my job to walk around and talk with the people who were bidding on the goods and run their purchases through a device when they won the bid. I would speak to them and get to know them a little bit as well as talk to them about the good they were thinking about bidding on to give them more information on it so they were more likely to bid on it. I would use the lessons from this unit by working more with the other people that were working the auction and communicate better with them on who won which bid. There was a bunch of confusion about which person had already paid or someone would forget to check and make sure the people had all of their bids before they left.
  3. As a customer, what needs and wants do you hope to have fulfilled by customer service providers? Do they match those covered in this unit? I would prefer to have my service providers answer my questions directly instead of giving me the run around when I need help with something. Also, most of the customer service providers I’ve dealt with don’t help me with what I need in a timely manner. They always take up too much of my time by asking me a bunch of unnecessary questions. Sometimes the providers have attitudes or don’t care enough about the issue I am trying to fix. Yes, these are covered in the unit. I think customer service should be observed more thoroughly by someone higher up.


I Would like to work in healthcare, children home or nursing facilities. Would like to have face to face, so that I can give my service as a spiritual leader, praying singing or reading.

I interact with the seniors and youth at my church. Being their for them when they are feeling low, I give them encouraging words, pray with them and always have a listen ear for them.

I would like my complaint to be heard, and for someone to have a solution to the problem.

  1. I would love to become a technical Support, I would rather work face-to-face. I would like to work in the customer representative industry.
  2. A personal interaction that I was in was something simple but I was in class and someone asked me for help, but ended up getting mad because I didn’t know what to do to help them. The steps that I took was to just leave them alone and continue doing what I was doing. Next time, I will tell the person to calm down and I will ask the teacher what needs to be done.
  3. Wants and needs that I would want to be fulfilled would have to be all of my questions as a customer are answered. Yes it matches what is covered in this unit.


1.I would like to work in a hospitality industry . i would prefer face -to-face situation and meet people from all the world

2 At my last job, a customer came in cursing and yelling. I knew it was out of frustration so I didn’t take it personally and I made sure the customer knew their concerns were being heard. I listened carefully and apologized. She was complaining about an item she wanted to return, however she didn’t have her receipt. I explained that I wasn’t able to give her a cash refund without the receipt, but that I could allow her to have the same amount in store credit. It ended up being a win-win situation for everyone."

3 As a customer, I will like to feel that am the most important person in business if my complaints are are addressed in shortest time possible.

  1. I have a customer service job in the pet care business. I own and operate my own pet sitting/mobile grooming bus. I get to talk to customers all day, and take care of their dogs.

  2. There are many times that my clients ask me to help them do different things, like helping them get a package in, or helping them put a window unit in because their A/C went out. It’s the little things like that.

  3. As a customer, I want to know that the customer service person cares and actually wants to help me solve my problem, and isn’t just concerned about getting a pay check.

  1. I would like to work in a customer service job over the phone. i would like to work through a remote customer service center.
  2. When i was working at Burger King, a customer came through drive thru with an attitude saying her sandwich was made not correctly. i apologize for the inconvenience and notify her that her sandwich is being made over. a customer i would like for customer service providers to listen more.

  1. I wanted to work at a retail store because I would love to help others with fashion. Fashion is something I loved since I was a little girl.

  2. I worked at a retail store and I interact with my customers all the time. I make the customers feel very welcome and comfortable more like family. I have a nice lady that comes to the store all the time looking for me to help her find whatever she looking for because she says that I’m sweet, kind, respectful, loving and patient.

  3. As a customer, I want to be respectful and feel welcome that I can talk to you about my problem with comfort. Yes the units covered the characteristics in the chapter.

  1. If I could get any job in customer service, I would prefer a remote customer service center. I would prefer to answer a phone and not make face-to-face contact. I would like to help customers with their problems but through the phone.

  2. At work I deal with customers I fix their plate then ring them up. We had someone complain about their food not being fresh so I told the customer we have been busy and that her food was fresh. She asked for a refund because I would not give her fresh food when her food was fresh so we just gave her a refund. I learned from this unit that I should apologize and try to talk it out before the situation escalates.

  3. As a customer I would like for my experiences to be professional and friendly. I would like to be heard and for them to be helpful. Most of this was discussed in the unit.

  1. I would like to find a customer service job as a desk representative. I would prefer to work face-to-face because I would like to see the expression I put on someone’s face after I’ve solve their issue. the industry I prefer to work in is sales.
  2. A interaction I’ve been involved in was when I’ve work at dollar general and someone couldn’t find what they was looking for so I took them to other alternative’s, which that made the customer smile because it was what they were looking for.
  3. I would want them to provide me with information on the product and have knowledge of their products. I would want to have a smile on my face by them saying a few words,"i would be glad to assist you today.