CUST105: Unit 1 Discussion

  1. I prefer working in a face-to-face situation than through a remote customer service center although the latter is a better option when it comes to being convenient, working where you can interact with your customers personally is easier and much more rewarding. I like to work in Tourism and Hospitality industry because that is the specialty I took in college and I believe I can do well in giving services to others.

  2. I was an intern in a hotel in a foreign country with a language that I barely speak. I didn’t want to appear that I will just become a burden to the company just because of some language barriers. So what I lack in verbal interaction, I made it up with the non-verbal ways and the paralanguages, of course. I paid extra attention to the intructions given to me and to the body languages of my managers which actually helped me a lot to understand what they were uttering. I also became very observant to the actions of my co-workers because I set them as my example to how things should be done in the company. Once I fully understand how the operation is done, I take charge of the tasks without waiting for commands of the managers, which made the flow of the operations go smoothly. On top of all these, what really helped me, was just being warm and empathetic both to my co-workers and to the customers because these qualities are understood from different nations with different languages and cultures.

  3. As a customer, what I need and want for my customer service providers to give to me are just two things: efficiency and effectiveness. Provide me the quality product, information or service I need in a short period of time possible.


I’m looking for a career change. I’m not sure what industry I want to work in, and am still exploring my alternatives. I do prefer to work face to face, however if the opportunity arises to work remotely then that may be fine too.

I believe I do well working face to face with people. I also believe I have a professional phone manner. I’m learning more than I thought I would with this course. I now feel I will be better prepared for interviews and customer service once I finish.

As a customer, I want to be treated well first and foremost. I like customer service providers who are informative, friendly and helpful. Yes I think this course covers what my needs would be.

  1. A customer service job that works with the public.I enjoy talking with and meeting new people.
    2.In my previous job I had to interact with different cultures. It is important to respect them and listen to them attentively. We need to be patient and to empathize with the customers.
    3.I want to be respected.

  1. What sort of customer service job might you like to find? Would you prefer working in a face-to-face situation, or through a remote customer service center? What industry would you like to work in? Public Relations because I like to move around while I interact, more like face to face talk instead of over the phone
  2. Describe an interaction you’ve been involved with - either personal or professional. What steps did you take to make a favorable impression? How might you use the lessons from this unit to make even better impressions? Customer Service at Walmart, the steps I took to get a favorable impression was to talk about their day and things they plan on doing after they leave Walmart
  3. As a customer, what needs and wants do you hope to have fulfilled by customer service providers? Do they match those covered in this unit?
    Needs and wants I would hope to fulfilled is good customer service, nice, polite, answer any questions they didn’t know, and making sure they know their number one.


1.I will like to work in a manufacturing company and would like to work in a face to face customer service agent.
2. My encounter with a customer was a blow due to the lack of knowledge I have on the product I was selling, it happen to be like the customer know more about the product more than I do and after refusing to buy due my inability to convince him, I have to go and learn more about the product so that I will never meet such a difficulty again.
3. I will like to spend less time at the shop and expect to be treated with patience.

  1. I would like to have job that helps another person out. I want to be able to dal with each of customers in away that will better their experience of to make their life easier even if it’s in just the simplest ways.
  2. Right now, I work in a restaurant. I deal with customer interaction daily. I goal at my job is to make each customer happy when they leave our door. If a problem arises we are to handle the problem quickly making sure their concerns are met and never making them feel invalid in their complaint. It is not or job to justify if they are wrong or write just handle the problem professionally. This unit help give great looks on how to handle my self when approaching a problem and calming a situation down.
  3. as a customer I expected to be treated politely and valued. I want to fell as if my business with any company is appreciated. Helpful service in my finding what I need and recommendations on what might be a better product for my budget and need.

  1. I would like a customer service job as a child care provider. I would prefer working through a remote customer service center.I would like to work in the Education or Administrative & Support industry.

  2. I worked at a call center as a seasonal worker. There was this woman that barely spoke English and just couldn’t understand the explanations the other agents were giving her. She said they were getting upset and giving her a sort of nasty attitude. I told her everything would be okay and I was here to help her. I let her ask all the questions she needed answered to better help her better understand the type of plan she’d purchased. I did the what the other agents should have done and asked her if she would like me to bring on an interpreter. They didn’t want to take on the task because it took a very long time. I actually feel like I could have took it a step further and did a follow- up call to make sure everything was going well for her.

  3. As a customer, I would want a customer service worker to provide helpful service by giving me a clear explanation on a product or service I purchased. I don’t want some quick, short answer just to get me out of their hair. Yes, my wants and needs match exactly those that are covered in this unit. They should actually match every customer’s wants and needs because it’s what makes a great customer service worker.


I have my own business and I am in the service industry. At my business I provide face-to-face and hands on services. My clients receive their choice of manicure, pedicure, and/or facial waxing. My clients and I have more than a customer based relationship. Some of my clients are more like family than just a client. I provide each client with outstanding service(s) by letting them know they have my undivided attention. I try my best to remember previous conversations and/or life events. Sometimes I may have to make notes in my appointment, but I go the extra mile to make my clients feel important. I treat and provide services for each client as I would like to be treated and services I would like to receive. My clients know I am a perfection, and I will not let them leave if I am not satisfied with my work.I tell each one of my clients that when they walk out the door; they are walking out with not only my work but my name. I feel that my customers are 99% of the time satisfied. If for any reason a client isn’t happy, I make sure to make them happy.


I would like to work as customer service worker in a department store. That is where you can meet a lot of people and help them with their needs. I prefer to work face to face with people to be able to feel them out and to see their expressions when meet a pleasant customer service worker.
I was a greeter at a national convention and someone needed directions to one the seminars that was being held. The person really appreciated the help.
As a customer I would like to be respected and listen to want I am in need of.

  1. I am currently looking for a career change so I am still exploring my options.
    I would love to work in a face-to-face situation.
    I would love to work in a industry where I can meet customers daily, make them feel appreciated and
    be able to change their mood from being frustrated and angry to being relaxed and happy.

  2. I have never been involved in a professional or personal interaction.
    But I did help my kitchen manager with the daily schedule. He had worked the morning shift and was asked to work the night shift as well. He was very frustrated and had a lot on his plate and I offered to help with the schedule, the daily paperwork and the store daily inspection. He became relaxed and relieved knowing someone had his back.
    Listen,empathize and take charge helped me through this process.

  3. As a customer I want to feel appreciated and respected.
    I would want to have the customer service provider full attention.

  1. What sort of customer service job might you like to find? I wouldn’t mind working in retail, food or in the hospitality industry.
    Would you prefer working in a face-to-face situation, or through a remote customer service center? Either one, but I prefer face to face.
    What industry would you like to work in? Hospitality
    Describe an interaction you’ve been involved with - either personal or professional. What steps did you take to make a favorable impression? I’ve often had to consult my managers about various things and I often seem rushed. I did hold my body language well and spoke with proper words, I just seemed like I wanted to get over speaking with them.
    How might you use the lessons from this unit to make even better impressions? I could practice the 3 words a second rule and go from there.
    As a customer, what needs and wants do you hope to have fulfilled by customer service providers? I want to make sure I have the right product if I’m paying for it. If I have issues with a product or service, I want the csw to actually care and want to make things right.
    Do they match those covered in this unit? Yes

  1. I would like to work in a customer service job in a library. I would prefer working in a face-to-face situation as I am more comfortable this way and it allows me to meet new people.

  2. I did a one-year apprenticeship at the Ministry of Culture in France, in one of the libraries. One day, a reader came to me asking for several books. We checked the catalogue for the books and realized that one of the book was in a curator’s office, so we couldn’t get it. I decided to search for the book on a catalogue where we can check a lot of different libraries. I found the book in a library nearby and explained to the reader how to get there and how to get the book. One week later, she came back to thank me and told me I was very helpful. That’s why I am trying to be at work, helpful, positive and I try to help the customers feel welcomed as much as possible. My main goal is to help them as much as I can.

  3. As a customer, I like when the customer service providers really understand my needs and acknowledge me. I want to feel like they really want to help me, and I am not just another lambda person that the provider will never see again. I don’t mind if it takes the provider some time to answer my request as long as he answers it properly and with as much information as possible. Yeah, my needs and wants are mostly covered in the unit.

  1. I am interested in a customer service position that is involved with diverse customer cultures and an organization that has an internal culture of innovation and teamwork. My previous experience in restaurant service was overwhelmingly positive and encouraged my growth personally and professionally, which is why I would like to continue working in the vibrant and ever-changing food & beverage industry. As an extrovert I thrive off of face-to-face communication and would not preform well or be happy in an isolated environment.

  2. One job interview in particular from my past is a good example of an interaction in which I was trying to make a favorable impression on the other person, the employer who was interviewing me. I put in a lot of preparation work days and even weeks before the scheduled interview. I dressed business professional and made sure my appearance was up to the standards of the company I was applying to. I researched interview questions and prepared thoughtful answers ahead of time. I had an impeccable resume, cover letter, and reference sheet to bring in with me. In the future, after reading this chapter, I may employ the techniques of rehearsing interview questions and answers with friends and preparing an elevator pitch to use in the interview which would solidify the favorable impression even further.

  3. Friendliness and attention are key desires for me as a customer. I hate feeling rushed or undervalued as a customer, and nothing makes me want to leave a store faster than when I get the feeling that my presence as a customer is annoying or unwelcome to staff. I believe these desires are widely held, if not universal. Customers want to feel heard, appreciated, respected and understood.

  1. I would like to work in a home office type of call center, I am much better not in person, than I am in person. The industry I’d most like to work in would be a cell phone call center, I did that for a while, and enjoyed it immensely.

  2. While I was working at the cell phone call center, one of the customers had been wrongly billed for service. Staying calm, cool and collected, I got to the bottom of the problem, and found that there were two customers with the same name. I changed the billing information and the customer asked to talk to a supervisor. He told her that I had done an exemplary job of straightening the problem out, and she announced it to the whole call center shift. One lesson from this unit that I think would have made a better impression would be to understand more fully the problem.

  3. As a customer, I would like to have reasonable needs and wants provided. Take, for instance, buying a new pickup, which I have recently done. I needed a vehicle that was easier than my car, for a tall person such as myself, to get into and out of. I also needed something I could drive easily, and wanted a few bells and whistles. The salesman put me into a pickup that fit my needs, and my wants. He was very polite and used language that I could easily understand, when showing me the pickup, and later, as I was buying it.

  1. I would like to do customer service in a Marketing company. I wouldn’t mind either a remote or face-to-face position.

  2. I have been in a situation when a customer came into the bank and was trying to figure out how to use online banking. I helped set them up and showed them step by step how to get into their account. The lessons here help to show that we need to listen to the customer to get exactly what they want done and not do the wrong thing.

  3. When I call customer service I expect them to help me figure out what I need to do when things go wrong. If they can not do it reference me to another worker that will be able to help me.

  1. I will prefer a customer service job that involves working face-to-face with customers in a diplomatic sector
  2. I’ve been at the head of an educational establishment for 5 years and I have confronted a range of situations. A nursery school pupil went out of the gate without the gate man taking note. A couple of minutes after the child was brought to school by a passer-by who met the child wondering alone around the neighborhood. The parent of this child was informed of the issue. She came crying and shouting at every body. I apologized on behalf of the institution, after the parent had calmed down I apologized again and promised to negotiate for the child to be carried from home to school and back home after school.
  3. The needs that were taken in to consideration were; attentiveness, keen listening and politeness and calm. Yes of course the needs and wants match those I learnt in this course

  1. i would love to work in as a customer service representative in a bank or a sales company. i would love to meet people face to face and help solve issues brought to table.

  2. i currently work in a college secretary’s office. i help solve problems of students and staffs as well. i listen to them, and try to find a resolution to whatever the case may be.

  3. as a customer, i would like my issue to be resolved to the best of the company’s ability and also within a short period of time. yes, the units covers it all.

  1. i would like to work face to face in a banking industry.

  2. i am currently working in a college secretary’s office where i handle problems face to face.

  3. i love my problems being handled to the best of the company’s ability and within a short time.


I would like a customer service job at the bank, most definitely face - face so that customers would understand my thoughts through verbal communication
As a customer, I would like to be treated with much respect and much attention from a customer service provider, I guess they do match what is covered in this


I would enjoy working from home in a virtual customer service setting. I have been in customer service for over 30 years and am no longer medically able to work outside of the home. Although I prefer face-to-face customer service, I would be happy still be able to assist customers in a virtual setting.

I recently handled customer service calls for various types of insurance. I had a lady who called to report her husband’s death. She was very distraught as her husband’s death was unexpected. By the end of the call, she informed me that this was the first time she had laughed since his death. She thanked me for being so understanding and making her smile again. It’s all about empathy. We all can relate some way to every problem we come across in customer service.

As a customer, when I have to deal with customer service, I expect to receive not only satisfactory service, but courteous also. In the end, I want to be satisfied not only with the end result, but how the end result came to be.