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CUST105: Unit 1 Discussion

  1. I prefer working in a face-to-face situation than through a remote customer service center although the latter is a better option when it comes to being convenient, working where you can interact with your customers personally is easier and much more rewarding. I like to work in Tourism and Hospitality industry because that is the specialty I took in college and I believe I can do well in giving services to others.

  2. I was an intern in a hotel in a foreign country with a language that I barely speak. I didn’t want to appear that I will just become a burden to the company just because of some language barriers. So what I lack in verbal interaction, I made it up with the non-verbal ways and the paralanguages, of course. I paid extra attention to the intructions given to me and to the body languages of my managers which actually helped me a lot to understand what they were uttering. I also became very observant to the actions of my co-workers because I set them as my example to how things should be done in the company. Once I fully understand how the operation is done, I take charge of the tasks without waiting for commands of the managers, which made the flow of the operations go smoothly. On top of all these, what really helped me, was just being warm and empathetic both to my co-workers and to the customers because these qualities are understood from different nations with different languages and cultures.

  3. As a customer, what I need and want for my customer service providers to give to me are just two things: efficiency and effectiveness. Provide me the quality product, information or service I need in a short period of time possible.


I’m looking for a career change. I’m not sure what industry I want to work in, and am still exploring my alternatives. I do prefer to work face to face, however if the opportunity arises to work remotely then that may be fine too.

I believe I do well working face to face with people. I also believe I have a professional phone manner. I’m learning more than I thought I would with this course. I now feel I will be better prepared for interviews and customer service once I finish.

As a customer, I want to be treated well first and foremost. I like customer service providers who are informative, friendly and helpful. Yes I think this course covers what my needs would be.