CUST105: Unit 1 Discussion



1.) I would love to snag a position as a computer service technician, preferably where I can interact face-to-face with customers on a daily basis. As far as industry goes, the electronic and information technology field the ideal for me.

3.) Everyone in customer service has undoubtedly dealt with an angry customer at least once. I am no exception to this rule and once had to deal with an older man who had brought in an aged, dying laptop and refused to accept that it simply was not powerful enough to do what he wished. By remaining calm and friendly, being sure to nod and listen to all he had to say, I was able to turn a bad day into a blessing through helping explain new information to him and was even able to help him enjoy a discount on a new computer which was excellent for his needs. He came in an irate and troubled man and left a happy customer with not only his needs addressed fully but a new friend and business contact who before long was a loyal customer. Bearing in mind what I learned in this lesson, I do believe that it could have been improved with a few more well placed nods, although I am glad it could be nicely resolved.

3.) As a customer, I feel the need for prompt, courteous service with a solid deal of great workmanship is ideal, although I also am the type of person who also wishes to have additional pleasant conversation while my issue is being resolved or addressed. There are certainly many more such items to care about but I feel these to be the most important and it seems they rather line up with what was presented in this unit in many ways.

  1. I would like to find a customer service job that provides for the needs of others.
    I would like the face to face approach because it’s much more personal that way.
    And the industry I would like to be is the information.
  2. There was one experience that stood out in my life which I would always remember.
    It was when a really shy person asked for my assistance with a project he had been assigned. It was to expound on the word; (word).
    I was able to assist by providing the tools necessary to break down the definition so that it could be used to lift up the people he was addressing and instilling confidence in him.
    I would use the effective communication segment of this lesson to make an even better impression.
  3. My idea of what great customer service experience would be professional, friendly, and most importantly presented by someone who is knowledgeable in the area of service that’s being presented.
    Some of the standards were touched on in the lesson.


1- I would like to work in a pharmacy so, I will have face-to-face contact, providing necessary information about the drugs and patient counseling.
2- I like to smile at people when I talk to them and make intermittent eye contact.I also try to find solutions to their problems.
3- From my point of view, customer service provider must have good communication and presentation skills.He also must be good listener and deal with the customer problems.


I would like to work in a call center as I prefer some distance between customers and myself. I prefer long distance communication to face to face communication, although I do not mind interacting with colleagues and bosses, face to face. I would prefer working in either the health industry, or the telecommunications industry.

I worked in the IT department of a drill company. It wasn’t a department that had much interaction with customers, mostly just the other employees. When I first started working there I made sure to take the time to introduce myself to everyone in the department. Social interaction between colleagues is often easy to overlook but it is a nice way to create a respectable and comfortable work environment. I could have made better use of body language when I did my initial introduction.

It is important for me, as a customer to feel that the customer service providers have some knowledge about the products they’re selling. I would also want my issues resolved in a reasonable amount of time.

  1. I actually work in customer service at the hospital. It is the kind of work that I intend to stay in. I prefer the face to face kind of job. It is very challenging to work in customer service in healthcare, because our customers are sick! I think remote customer service can be good, but sometimes frustrating and not as honest as face to face.
  2. I had an interaction with an upset patient last week. Often you have to take sometime to figure out what the real issue is for the patient. They may complain about the food, when really they are upset about being in the hospital in general. I have learned that it never helps to get upset as well when interacting with an upset patient. Stay calm. Let them sense your compassion and that you are on their side. At times an upset patient may call after they go home. I find phone conversations more difficult than face to face.
  3. As a consumer, with customer service issues, I simply want to feel like the customer service worker cares about my satisfaction and that they know the answers to the problems I’m facing. I have had good and bad experiences with this in the past. I want to provide exceptional service to our patients, which is why I am interested in this course. I want to learn what’s most important and how to improve in the job I currently do.


1.What sort of customer service job might you like to find? Would you prefer working in a face-to-face situation, or through a remote customer service center? What industry would you like to work in?

Answer: I would like to work as a customer service representative in an airport or call center. I would love the chance to work face to face and meet people from all around the world.

2.Describe an interaction you’ve been involved with - either personal or professional. What steps did you take to make a favorable impression? How might you use the lessons from this unit to make even better impressions?

Answer: I worked at a Hardware Store for 9 years as a Store Clerk . A customer brought some materials but didn’t get everything delivered that was on the receipt.She call to get phone support and needed help on how to proceed with a problem like this.So I took the time and take note of all the things that didn’t delivered as expected. I ask her to come in with the receipt.To create a favourable impression I ask her to let me see the receipt,after viewing the receipt i telephone the driver who delivered her goods to let him know that we had a customer that wasn’t satisfied with our company because she didn’t get all the goods she had paid for.After finishing talking with the truck driver i finally get to the bottom of the situation.After apologizing to her I released she was satisfied.I believe listening, empathizing with customers and making them happy is the key to organizational growth.

  1. As a customer, what needs and wants do you hope to have fulfilled by customer service providers? Do they match those covered in this unit?

Answer: As a customer i want to feel important, i want the customer service providers to listen and respond to my needs,solve my complaints in the shortest possible time and empathize and take charge of the situations.


I would like to work in a business environment where I can provide face to face assistance to customers about products and services.

There was a time a Customer’s debit card got seized by the ATM and the customer was frustrated to the point of shouting, I had to take my time to calm him down making him understand that I felt his pain as well and I took my time to help him get the card out.

I would love to be treated well as a customer, having pleasant conversation while my complaints is being reviewed and treated with great importance.

  1. I would like to be a manager/ CEO of my own company. That would involve both kinds of customer service. My parents own a machine shop so I’d like to go into that industry and also go into lawn service on my own.

  2. At one time, I was a dance teacher. The mother of the child I was teaching thought I should let them see into the class. It was my policy as a teacher to have the window blinds shut because when the kids could see their parents watching them, they acted up. The mother approached my boss about the situation and threatened to leave the studio if I didn’t open them for her. My boss then told me about the situation. I didn’t want the company to lose a customer so I decided to leave them open the next class. The following week she showed up and noticed the blinds were open. Throughout the whole class she kept waving to her daughter, making the kids run around the room because they could see their parents, and overall made it a stressful class. I then made my final decision about keeping the blinds shut from then on. After the class that day, I went out into the waiting room and politely explained to the parents why I was going to keep them shut. I told them I wanted the kids to get the most out of class, and that we couldn’t do that with the blinds being open. All the parents were okay with it except for that mother. She never returned to the studio after that. This course may help me avoid that situation.

  3. I want them to acknowledge my situation and help me fix it. I don’t like being put on hold so id like to avoid that. Yes they do.

  1. I would prefer some of both, and I particularly like chatting options; however, I think working at an IT help desk or as a receptionist at a medical office are the most attractive options to me for what’s available.

  2. I’ve had several instances where people have asked questioned or for help and I’ve been working on expressing empathy better. Recently my mom wanted taught how to do a simple thing I thought she knew how to do, but I was able to gently teach her without making her feel bad by my attitude and communication. With what I’ve learned I would take it even better by showing empathy and normalizing it.

  3. Mostly I just want my problem to be found, resolved, and explained quickly and simply.


I would like to find a job, training customer service workers. My employment has always involved customer service, mostly ’ front line’ positions.
Hiring customer service workers, I would be interested in applicants whose work ethic includes a healthy sense of pride. Pride in a job well done. Good manners are a must.
When I am a customer, I want a fair and square deal for both parties, without surprises. I don’t like too much attention, small talk is counterproductive.

  1. Customer service in a food company , cosmetics company , corporate banking , fashion outfit company , restaurants .
  2. I would love to work in a face to face kind of customer service as it gives me the opportunity to actually notice the clients facial expression , tone of voice , body gestures and attitude so as to match up to the needed customer service level as to confront and effectively work on the client condition as at that time .
  3. Food industry
    II. Fashion industry
    III. Corporate banking industry
    IV. Hospitality industry
    V. Travel industry
    Vi. Aviation industry

II. A customer wanted to deposit money into his account at the bank at the bulk room unit , where he was actually standing , he was waiting for the current customer in the cubicle to finish for him to come in and transact , so the service teller told him in a rather harsh tone to go to the next cubicle and not look at her in a weird manner , fortunately I was the next service teller , so he entered my own cubicle , I greeted him with a smiling face and apologized on behalf of my colleague who talked to him in a rather harsh tone , he expressed that he didn’t like what she said to him and I apologized , including “sir” at every junction of apology , after the transaction , he said he liked the way I attended to him and promised to give me a tip the next time he came . and so , he left .
What I will do when I encounter such situation again is to speak to the customer in a polite way , stand up to make him feel special when he enters , give him a bottle of water to make him feel relaxed , ask about his well being and assure him of a better life , small discussions and thank him for coming :blush:.

My needs and wants are to be assured by the CSW’s , a reminder that life is good and will work out fine for me , detailed listening , sharp replies , constant impression of feeling very important and that will make a good day for me
Yes , it match what I’ve been reading in this whole course . kudos!

  1. I would like to find a costumer service job as a receptionist in an office, or as a retail store manager, as I prefer to work in a face-to-face situation .

  2. Where I used to work the best way to make a favorable impression was to make sure to get to know your customer, to be attentive about their lives outside of the establishment, as that assured that they would feel welcome, and as if they needed to come back because it was improving their lives. the way I would use the lessons from this unit to make even better impressions would be to maintain better eye contact, to better my speaking speed and by trying to be more confident and assertive.

  3. As a costumer, the needs and wants that I hope to have fulfilled by costumer service providers are my curiosity, that alse comes with their patience, I understand you talk about this product or service everyday, but it’s my first time here, asd I would like to ask my questions without feeling like I am only being a bother an you have better things to do. These topics were certainly covered in this unit.


I worked in customer service for three years I worked coming in close contact with people on a daily basis I worked with visitors inmates teachers etc. I chose this course because I want to correct certain things and better m customer service skills

  1. I would like to work in the cosmetics industry where I would have face to face situations dealing with customer service.
  2. I was working in professional situation where I had to be interactive with customers. It was a very busy day and we were short on staff so the customers were becoming very agitated. So to make the situation better I would always introduce myself with a smile and happy tone of voice. then I would ask the customer what I would be able to help them with so that I can get a understanding of what they needed. I could use some of the verbal communication skills from 1.4 to make the customers feel more welcomed and understood.
  3. As a customer I would want customer service providers to be more understanding and patient. I would also like them to know how to assess a situation to better handle it depending on the type of customer that you are dealing with. Yes they do match some of the things covered in this unit.


You are so sweet. I am just starting my carer as a customer service representative and I wish to learn more from you.


i would love to work as a customer service representative in any new and growing organization, especially financial organizations. i am comfortable with any situation but most preferably a face-to-face situation.


I would like to work in a customer service in a telecommunication or company. devloper my pnl
using emotional intelligence I would love to have the chance to meet people in person, listen to their complaints and find a solution to their problem.
2) I would like to give my client the best experience I’ve ever had, gave me a feeling of satisfaction. In this lesson, I learned to make an even better impression by always looking for the opportunity to help, respect and treat my two friends. and all potential customers as valuable partners in the success of my business and that of my potential company.

As a client, I want to feel appreciated and important and feel that I am heard and that a solution to my complaint will be provided as soon as possible. I want my voice to be heard and feel like you want to be there for me. You want to help me

  1. I am currently working in a public service job where good customer service skills are a necessity. My job allows me to interact both face-to-face and remotely with clients. I prefer face-to-face communicating.
  2. Working in the customer service field, clients come to me for answers. Recently I had a customer march into my office very upset and and demanding we correct his outrageous water bill. I stood up from my desk, greeted him with a polite smile and calming voice and assured him I wanted to help. Sitting next to the gentleman I listened as he complained we were robbing him of his hard earned money. Going over the bill with him line for line I pointed out that the water usage was extremely high. Knowing there must be a leak some ware I encouraged him to check under this house being there were no viable signs int he yard. The next day I received a phone call from the gentleman apologizing for his behavior. He then thanked me for being so patient and polite as i helped him. “There was a leak under the house, the plumber came yesterday evening and fix it.” he said.
  3. As a customer i ask for the customer service worker to be respectful, polite and understanding.


There are quite a few jobs that entail customer service. I’m currently looking into a telecommunications job, however, these skills are applicable to nearly every industry imaginable. I’ve done both face-to-face sales and customer service as well as a more remote interaction. I’d personally prefer the latter, as it’s a much more fluid verbal interaction. For now, it’s telecommunications, but eventually, I’d like to start my own business; and great customer service starts at the top.

One of the things I found in previous sales is that you need to let the customer dictate the interaction. Sometimes they want a quick no-hassle interaction. Sometimes they are also looking for a sympathetic ear. Depending on the ques given, you can mold your approach accordingly. But you must always make sure your interaction is genuine, otherwise you’ll risk not only your own reputation, but that of the business. People will become return customers if they feel like they’ve been treated right, even if the price is a bit higher in comparison.

I prefer to get to the heart of the issue, find out options, and be able to weigh them in real time. Following numerous verbal and visual ques, it is very easy to manage the situation and to provide the experience the customer is looking for during the interaction. Making your customer feel valued is as important to them as it is to you when you’re on the other end of the interaction. Don’t ever treat them as bothersome, or seem like you have something better to do with your time. If you do, they’ll find someone who is more willing to deal with them. And again, always to be genuine in your interactions.


I would like a Customer service job as a Call center representative. I would be comfortable working in any of the said situation but a face-to-face interaction is more preferable. My work preference would be a telecommunication or a travels/tours industry.

I worked with a sport agency as a cashier and comparisons were been made between the standard of the company and other similar agencies. I waded in and was able to draw the attention of the customer in question to a lot of exciting offers they never knew existed on the company platform. I explained the benefits and answered series of questions in detail. I would further adopt the lessons I got from this unit by understanding the ethics of where I work and know how to put it to good use.

As a customer, I would look out for customer service providers who possess a pleasant attitude, timely intervention in resolving any issue,politeness and honesty with regards to item return/replacement and recommendations. Yes, there is a match.