CUST105: Unit 1 Discussion


  1. I would like to work in a customer service job . I would definitely prefer to not be face -to-face with the customer , preferably remote customer service center.

  2. Getting the proper business casual attire to follow company dress code policies. This job is different than what I am use to , so it required a few extra steps into obedience, and following instructions. Every first impression should include , a beautiful smile , a warm welcome and eye contact.

  3. Whatever the customer is dissatisfied with is what I would like to work on. I love a challenge and the end result of completion because I will do what ever it takes to get a situation done.

  1. I prefer to work from a remote customer service center. I don’t really have a preferred industry but I currently work for an auction house and it is very interesting.
    2.well I used to work for DD’s Discount and I was face to face with customers all day. unfortunately, many people would get upset over pricing. I would explain to them why I could not do anything about the pricing but I would also approach them in a personal level so that they may feel my empathy.
    3.i hope for politeness and attention. yes they do match.

  1. I’ve worked both face-to-face and remote customer service jobs, and I would have to say working face-to-face is more pleasant. It’s easier to show sincerity to customers with non-verbal communication like your facial expressions and body language. I like my current job in the automotive industry.

  2. A colleague needed my assistance adding an arrow on a screenshot image to send to a client. Instead of just adding the arrow, I assisted him with using another program on his computer that helped make the process of taking and editing screenshots much easier.

  3. I hope that my customer service providers would listen to me, sound confident that they know how to assist me with my needs, and can reassure me that any problems I experience will get resolved. This has been covered pretty well in the unit.


1.I would like to work at a remote customer service center in Europe. Especially in the education or tourism industry.


(1) I like the aviation sector,i did a professional course on ticketing and reservation
(2) I and my finacee are into a small business,we sell green coffee beans for weight loss,a new customer calls she wanted to buy our product,i told her the price and benefit of the coffee beans,i also do the delivery,the next day i went to deliver her order,so getting there i went to the wrong house which was 2metres from her house,i retraced my steps and saw her waiting outside,she started yelling at me,i kept calm and quiet,after she was done,she wanted to pay but didn’t have enough money at hand.first of all i don’t know her personally,she wanted my product but was going to pay the next day via transfer.i was confused but my instinct believed she wasn’t going to disappoint,so i gave her my product and left without money.i got home and my fiancee wanted to kill me for giving the product without collecting cash,she yelled that why will i trust the words of a new customer i just met,what if she doesn’t transfer the money the next day.trusting her paid off she transferred the balance the next day.
(3)As a customer all i want is a helpful and polite service also treated with respect.


1)- I would like to be a customer service trainer. I like the face-to-face rather than the remote customer service center because the non-verbal communication helps too much in the transmission of the message. I would like to work in a forming center or specialized school.

2)- the story happened once upon a time, I was security guard in a mall, one customer came to me and asked me for a direction, but his question was very vague, then I tried to understand more about his destination, but he got angry, he thought that I was asking for his privacy. He started shouting, then I kept silent until he finished, then I told him that I need only an extra detail to give you the right direction, so he apologized and he explained me why he got angry.
The thing which I learned is sometimes peoples are in front of you, and speaking with you, but their minds are somewhere else, so keeping calm and using feelings instead of judgment can help to handle a crisis situation.

3)- as a customer I wouldn’t like to be treated as an exception, I would like to be as everybody. The CSWs need to be only themselves, and treat everyone professionally.

  1. What sort of customer service job might you like to find?
    One that i work in the front office
    Would you prefer working in a face-to-face situation, or through a remote customer service center?
    I would prefer working in a face-to-face situation.
    What industry would you like to work in?
    Service industry
  2. Describe an interaction you’ve been involved with - either personal or professional. What steps did you take to make a favorable impression?
    I have worked in front office for seven years and i interact with customers face to face on both personal and professional level
    How might you use the lessons from this unit to make even better impressions?
    All the lessons in this unit will highly assist me in making even better impressions on the customers. I now understand that both my verbal and non verbal communications play a key role on the message i am passing on to the customer
  3. As a customer, what needs and wants do you hope to have fulfilled by customer service providers?
    I want to complete a transaction as quickly as possible minimizing the amount of time and energy it takes to serve a need or resolve a problem
    Do they match those covered in this unit?