CUST105: Unit 1 Short Writing Exercise: The Customer Service Worker


As A manger looking to hire new customer service employees I will be looking for several qualities I think are important for my employees to have. To start they should have great commination skills. They should be able to listen to a problem and relate to a customer. Then clearly state how they are going to handle the situation. They need to be able to make the customer feel as if they are the most important thing in that moment. They should be able to learn what a customer’s wants and should be able to take charge. They should be able to help a customer find out what their needs are if the customer is not sure what the need to do with the problem at hand. They should be able to give recommendations and options to the problem or situation. You should always make the customer feel as if they were a partner in fixing this problem. When a problem arrives, they should be able to take ownership as a company employee. One person’s mistake reflects on the company. Employees should know the product and the competition. They should be able to steer the customer to the product that severs the customer best. My employees should be able to treat all customers with pleasant attitudes. Employees should thank customers for there help in solving a problem. They should be able to listen and advise a customer to the best option for them. Be kind, listen take charge, know your information, and make all customers your top priority.


The Testimonial- expert testimonial recommendations, commendations, word of mouth. The Humorous- make them laugh, and win a friend. The Dramatization- act out your message with drama and flair, and last but not least, The Artistic- create a seductive mood, a yearning to bring that feeling to life.


the key traits and skills i would like to see my applicants have are Communication. A study by the research and a consulting firm Millennial Branding showed that 98 percent of employers say effective communication skills are essential for their job candidates,Positive attitude, Cooperation/Teamwork,Goal Oriented ,Flexibility Dependability,Integrity,Creativity.Customer relations is key to understanding consumer motivation. Without assessing customer relations, it’s difficult for a company to know how visible it is in terms of its client base. It’s also hard to figure out how to grow the company without understanding the relationships it has with current customers.In many situations, employees will have to function with fellow coworkers on a project. Even if a job requires most tasks to be completed alone, there will be times when employees will have to work together. Recruiters and hiring managers usually ask potential hires about how well they work as a team and what type of work environment they prefer. Some employers may even bring applicants in for a group interview to see how well they interact with a number of people already on staff.


Being a manager is a tough job to have which comes with many responsibilities. You have to know what capabilities you need from your employees. If I were a manger of s customer service department. I would hire candidate’s that at least have a high school diploma to work in the department. The candidate must be able to know how to deal with rude people and have manners when talking. My employees would need to have a wonderful attitude in order to work as a customer service representative.
• Positive Attitude
• Respectful
• Organize with information
• Keeps a smile on their face


In any industry, customer service is vital. It make or break the company’s reputation for the customer impression and satisfaction depends on it. If I were tasked to hire new workers in this department, I’ll make sure candidates possess some qualities primarily needed in customer service.

The first key skill that I’ll look into a possible candidate is the listening skills. Knowing and learning new things starts from listening and it is a good training as well. Customer service staffs must know how to listen to their superiors to learn how things must be handled. Instructions, manuals and trainings are given and all these will become useless when workers don’t know how to listen. Also, CSWs should listen, mostly, to their customers to be able to understand their needs and concerns. It is the customers they should give attention to at all times so listening is a must.

The second key skill that a candidate must have is the interpersonal skills. Being able to communicate well to others with the sense of empathy can go a long way in any customer service industry. Showing some humane interaction while providing the needs of the customers is how things must be done.

The last key skill that any person who wish to enter as a customer service worker must possess is the problem-solving skills. This skill is equally important as the first two. Customer service workers must know how to analyze the situation and how to solve them and not to just rely on their superiors when tough problems arise. Doing so in a tactful manner is always a plus.

These skills are only the forefront any managers will look into any potential work candidate. I believe dedication, enthusiasm, and the drive are some of the most important qualities as well to consider in finding the perfect person to fit in any job because these are the qualities of the person who’s willing to grow.


If I am a manager of a customer service department and hiring new workers I would be looking for someone who have some experience and if you don’t have experience I will test you on what would you do in a situation. I would test others that have no experience because I do not want my company to look bad. I will prepare everyone to do the right thing and react to situations in a perfect manner. My key is have a positive attitude, big great smile at all times when interacting with a customers, always follow the rules of the company at all times, make your customer feel welcome and appreciated, always satisfy your customer, communicate with your customer and listen to your customer.
I want my employees to go out and know what they’re talking about and not let the customer to tell them what to do basically get a chance when you first get hired to know about your job and if you’re not sure ask for help instead of listening to your customer.
A customer love to shop at a place when they feel love and can talk about situations in peace instead of a problem .


As the manager of the customer service department, hiring new applicants, I am looking first at appearance. Is my applicant dressed appropriately, is he/she neat and well groomed? If I am comfortable about the appearance of my applicant I am looking for enthusiasm. How is he/she sitting in their chair, are they fidgety? Are they pleasant upon meeting me, greeting me with a firm handshake and good eye contact? Are they good at the initial small talk that takes place when first meeting someone? Once we get past the formalities of meeting someone they need to impress, what is my first impression?
I will ask questions about their background and work experience. Will they answer using a lot of “um’s” or will they speak with confidence and poise? When asking about previous work experience, how long did they stay at their last job and the jobs before. Do they jump around from job to job because they aren’t happy with pay, coworkers or their boss? What were the reasons for leaving previous jobs? Then I want to look seriously at their experience in dealing with people. How do they deal with an angry customer or an order that isn’t going as planned? How do they plan to deal with a customer when we messed up their order?
During this interview I am trying to get a sense of their personality and a feel for how they will fit in with our current team. We are looking for employees that not only work hard and do their best for the customer but also how they get along with others. We don’t want to add anyone to the team that will create any friction among the team members in place. I would want to bring them for a tour of the facility and sales office to get a read on what they think of our operation and what we represent. You are going to be a much better salesman if you believe in what you are selling. You have to “buy” in to what the business does and what it represents.
If I get to this point with a potential employee, and he/she seems interested in the position I would ask about what salary they were hoping to get. If the expectations were realistic, I can then hire the person to join our team of salesmen.


Jan 17
As a customer service manager, I would be looking for someone who would be:

L= Listener, a good listener, by repeating what the customer is saying, and stating let me get this right you said. Someone who knows how to get the problem solve by asking question; such as how I may be of help to you, and what is the complaint.

A= Apologize; Being a Customer Service worker they should know how to assure the customer that they understand their frustration, be prepared to apologize even though they are not at fault. Show kindness and respect always.

S= Solve; show (if you are able) that you can solve complaint. For example: Here’s what we are going to do to help you, or I’m not sure how to solve this, let me check with my manager. Be honest with the customer.

T= Thanks; Learn how to say thank you. Be sincerity and show kindness.

Other key traits to become a successful customer service worker:
use eye contact when talking to the customers,
 speak clearly in a friendly voice,
 smile with a calm face,
 never have a body language attitude
 don’t’ get caught up in customer personal attack, let them vent
 satisfied your customer by understanding and knowing their needs
 give the customers a favorable impression by giving them your full attention
The best CSWs look for opportunities to help, respect their customers, and treat their customers as valued partners in the company’s success


I will take it into consideration if the person has a little knowledge in customer service.
Also I be more focused on their communication skills and whether they can exhibit the customer service technics.


If I were a manager searching for new workers, they would most definitely have to be great with customers. Being a manager comes with many responsibilities, so I will have to try my best and search for every quality that will make the company succeed. Throughout the whole interview I should see that you are trying to make a favorable impression as you would do for a customer. Some skills and traits should be how well they manage verbal and non-verbal communication. You should also be able to understand customers’ needs and wants.
In each person I would look for someone who is listening and responds. The person should have good communication skills. I would consider having a group interview to see how the candidates act in a group. You will need to show respect and be able to handle almost any situation thrown at you. I would like for the applicants to have some kind of education and proof of high school diploma or GED. The person should be able to read and write with no problems. Knowledge is always important in the work field. You should be able to deal with all kinds of people. I would like someone who shows to be understanding with whoever the customers are. The candidate needs to be understanding and patient.
Always be polite to any and everyone who walks into the establishment. It is always important to have good listening skills to understand the needs and wants of the customers. I believe dedication, enthusiasm, and the drive are some of the most important qualities as well to consider in finding the perfect person to fit in any job because these are the qualities of the person who’s willing to grow. Also, they should be able to build relationships with the customers. If the customers feel treated like people, they will come back.


Everyone knows that being a customer service worker is a challenging task and as the manager, I am looking for someone that possess great character traits. As the hiring manager, I know that great customer service is a must for any company to be successful. Our company employees’ should be able to relate with people, no matter their: age, race, gender, and etc. The type of person I’m looking to hire, must be able to understand the customer’s wants and needs. The candidate must be able to provide all customers with the important factors of this company’s products or service provided. I am looking for someone that is able to communicate both verbally and non-verbally. The employee must be able to handle any situation thrown their way in a professional manner. As an employee of this company, you must be able to create small talk between you and the customer by mimicking the tone of the customer. The candidate must be able and willing to learn old and new techniques to help them better assist the customer. At this company, we will never criticize or try to destroy any of our top competitors. He/she must be able to provide all customers with their undivided attention and help resolve any issues in a timely manner. All candidates must have the ability to enhance a customer’s satisfaction with the company. I’m looking for dedicated employees who are willing to help make customers feel like they are a valuable asset to the company. All candidates must be willing to up-sell any product or services offered by the company. It will be your job to help customers find the solutions and make recommendations that best serve their needs. Most importantly, all candidates must be able to listen, empathize, take control, and show respect to each and every customer.


As a manager who is seeking to hire some customer service representatives (CSR), I would, for entry level positions, seek CSR’s good interpersonal skills and polite and patient personalities in prospective employees.
Since CSR’s will always be the first people who customers encounter either in person or at a call center it’s important to have CSR’s with polite and patient personality traits. This is what will also allow for the customers to feel welcome in an environment with friendly staff or that they will have all their questions or concerns addressed with a call center CSR.
A polite and patient CSR will see that the customer receives the help or services that are needed. This will allow the customer to be at ease when needing to find the proper assistance and answers to any questions they may have. Some customers may have more questions they need to ask about products or services and will want to feel at ease with being able to have this information provided. Patient CSR’s even if they don’t know all the answers to the questions will take the time to make sure the customers questions are adequately answered.
The interpersonal skills are very important in providing great customer service also since how the CSR communicates both verbally and nonvebally the information to the customers. So, not being over assertive or having unpleasant non verbal skills which has an influence as well. How the information being communicated will also have an impression on how the customer receives the information such as friendly and calm and in a proper speaking pace as well.
In conclusion, interpersonal skills and friendly and polite service are the most important determining factors in prospective CSR applicants. Customers actually focus on the level of service alot so making sure the ppl who are making the first impressions also have friendly impressions as well.


Through reading this unit, the traits and skills that I will look for as a manager of a customer service department will be:

  1. Someone who can create a favorable impressions with customer and help ensure that their needs have been met. Someone who can let customers feel that their is nothing more important than helping them.
  2. A CSW who will appreciate and respect our customers. Customers choose a specific store for a reason and you never know what they have been through to get there. Some travel with the bus and are waiting for hours at the bus stop they least they want is to be disrespected and feel unappreciated.
  3. A CSW who is able to listen, empathize and take charge of the situation.
  4. A CSW who is can express theirself best by using effective verbal and nonverbal (physical )techniques.


As a manager I understand that the people representing the business we work for are important. Since customer service workers are often the first and last people customers deal with while in a business, it is important to ensure that the csws have the best traits and attitudes for the job.

I have often dealt with gas station attendants or others that work alone in a certain position who do not seem very interested in what they are doing and the business they are working for. I would not want the face of my company to act apathetic and bored with everyone that goes to them for help.

My ideal customer service workers would be people that take interest in helping others. They would need to have a can-do attitude and go out of their way to uphold the company and ensure my customer’s needs are being met.
I would search for people who have had experience in dealing with people before and know how to handle complaints and problems considerately and efficiently.


In this unit, we determined three important skill sets that effective Customer Service Workers should have. As a manager, I would be looking for candidates with strong communication, problem-solving, and customer service skills. The ability to listen fully with the intent to understand and communicate ideas effectively are paramount to the success of the employee and the business as a whole.

This unit described the three elements included in the highest level of customer service: listening, empathizing, and taking charge. When interviewing employees, I would search for candidates who possessed the emotional intelligence and compassion to empathize with customers rather than simply sympathizing with their pain. I would also look for self-starters, individuals with a strong work ethic, and those that can behave consistently and responsibly. These factors determine the prospective employee’s abilities to operate at the highest level of customer service in a normal, day-to-day business setting.

The difficult reality is that customers are likely to judge an entire company or brand based on their experience with one employee. Once the shopper is in the store, all the money spent on marketing, product development, and management comes down to how happy the customers are with the service they receive. The attitude of the customer service worker (CSW) is what counts above all else. When considering these factors, it seems natural to value candidates with a high degree of professionalism, a positive workplace attitude, and commitment to the mission and values of the organization.

It would be vital that each of my employees spend their work day looking for opportunities to help, respect their customers, and treat their customers as valued partners in the company’s success.

The ability to assume ownership is vital to the success of a CSW who is dealing with an unhappy customer. When customers are unhappy, they want to feel heard and acknowledged. It is important in these resolutions to assume ownership of the problem, empathize, become the customer’s advocate, and champion the cause for correcting the initial mistake. A Customer Service Worker must be mature and disciplined enough to assume ownership and initiate problem solving with a dissatisfied customer.

If the customer is unhappy, it is crucial that the CSW maintains professionalism and adheres to the standards and values of the company inside that interaction, even if the interaction itself is difficult or uncomfortable. Again, professional behavior requires maturity and compassion.

If these strengths and attributes are built into the fabric of my team, the success of our business is ensured. The business will thrive as long as the employees can meet customer needs and bring about satisfaction.


Costumer service refers to the act of taking care of the costumer’s needs by delivering and providing professional, helpful and high quality service to a customer needs. Being a good costumer service worker requires several traits and skills. As a hiring manager, I would like to see those traits and skills in potential candidate:
• Good communication: it’s surely one of the mist important skill. The CSW needs to be able to communicate verbally as well as non-verbally (mail for example). Clear enunciation in important so the customer clearly understand what the CSW explains. Talking another language is always good too, especially English, if it’s not your first language
• Promptness: the CSW needs to be able to deliver a resolution as quick as possible. Just saying hey to someone as soon as they enter the office is already a great point.
• Listening: the CSW must give his full attention to the customer and to be sure to hear all of his issues so he can take care of the problem more easily. active listening helps build a connection.
• Empathy: the CSW needs to show the customer that he understands the issues and that he wants to help.
• Respect: it helps maintaining a good relationship with the customer
• Problem solving: the CSW must be able to understand and define the issue in order to solve it.
• The CSW needs to know the company in which he works and all of its policies.
• Politeness: saying “hello,” “good afternoon,” and “thank you very much,” are all part of basic customer service


As the manager of a customer service department looking for new hires, I would have to say the most important factor to take into consideration, is how empathetic an applicant appears to be. If they can see the issue from a customer’s point of view, they are more likely able to get to the bottom of the problem, and empathy is something that can’t be learned like other traits can be.

Another trait important to a customer service worker is being able to listen and then convert that skill to being able to find quick solutions to inquiries. The skill of communications, both verbal and non-verbal, is a must to success as a customer service worker.

A customer service worker candidate should be pleasant and considerate. Sometimes irate customers will try a customer service worker’s patience, but they must strive to stay calm and collected at all times.

Further down the list of traits is problem solving. While some problems can be taught how to be dealt with, others must be looked up on a computer or other device. The customer service worker must be able to categorize issues in a timely manner and this is where problem solving traits come into play.

Finally, a good customer service representative can gain or lose a company customers. If they are polite and know their job, customer service can be a boon to business. Contrary, if they are impolite and don’t come across as confident, customers will not have a good experience and that can hurt business.

As a customer service manager, it is my first job, to see these traits are met in my interview process, and hire the best customer service candidate(s) for the positions.


As a hiring manager for a customer service department I would want to see a set of skills and traits. Not just one certain thing but to make sure that the people I am hiring all have these skills. It would be to listen to what the customer has to say. Actually pay attention and help them any way you could. Be respectful to the customer, do not act like what ever they are needing help for is not that important. We are all customers as well as workers and we need to treat people the way we want to be treated
Our workers need to be up to date with our policies as they are changed. This is to help them and the customers. It is also good for them to be self-motivated so that they keep themselves up to date with new products and what they need to help the customers.
They need to have excellent communication skills. It is important for an employee to know how to communicate with a customer based off of different things. Older customers for example might need more help because it could be something new that they have never used compared to a younger customer who already knows how things work. The older customer will need more attention and someone who is patient.
Patience is a great thing to have when you are trying to explain things to a customer and they are having a hard time understanding what you are trying to convey to them. It is a little harder trying to help them over the phone or online then it would be to help them in person. Because in person you can at least see what they are looking at and what they need help with.
So all this together would make a potential employee look like they are ready for the job. We would need dedicated people who are willing to do all these things and more. People who are will to go above and beyond for what they need to do at work. That they are willing to help the customers in which ever way they can. If they can not do it they need to try and see if they can find a person who can show them how to help them.


Employees are the veins of an organization not well selected, trained and compensated could lead to a catastrophic end of an organization. Most customers have this perception that who an employee is who the company is and first impression has long lasting effect on customers, how they are treated on the first day will be their testimony for the rest of their lives. A customer service representative will act as the mouth piece of the organization therefore, As a manager some of the traits I will be looking out for are:

  1. customer service representative who has good communication skills and can interact with customers on behalf of the organization
  2. someone who is willing and ready to help customer (ability to solve problems)
    3.someone who is fluent in any language he or she assign to speak
  3. someone who listens to costumers.


What I would look for if I were hiring staff for the customer service department would be integrity, honesty, empathy and a drive to help others and solve problems; be the type of person who takes pride in themselves and in their abilities; be able to handle various situations on their own and as a team player; be efficient and trustworthy; be able to handle any situation that may arise without getting irate or anxious; show excellent judgment in making quick and sound decisions; and be able to think outside the box when the need arises. They would need to be knowledgeable about the product or service they were representing and willing to continually learn new things. They would need to be confident, but not overly so; they need to know their limitations and never be too proud to ask for help. They would need to have pride not only in themselves but pride in their capabilities. If they were not highly experienced, but showed a strong desire and willingness to learn, I would be willing to hire them and train someone with the right attitude.
These traits are needed for any type of work, but especially in customer service. In dealing with someone who has spent their money and/or time on a product or service, there is no middle ground. They are either going to be happy or unhappy with the outcome. Unhappy customers usually don’t return and because of the poor experience they had, they most likely will tell as many people as they can about it. If they tell 10 people how unhappy they are with a product, service or company, those 10 people will most likely tell someone and so on whereas happy customers are returning customers and they are the best advertisement there is. Everyone wants to be treated with respect and everyone wants what they pay for. If you keep your customers satisfied and happy, you keep your business. It is as simple as that.