CUST105: Unit 1 Short Writing Exercise: The Customer Service Worker


Employees are the veins of an organization not well selected, trained and compensated could lead to a catastrophic end of an organization. Most customers have this perception that who an employee is who the company is and first impression has long lasting effect on customers, how they are treated on the first day will be their testimony for the rest of their lives. A customer service representative will act as the mouth piece of the organization therefore, As a manager some of the traits I will be looking out for are:

  1. customer service representative who has good communication skills and can interact with customers on behalf of the organization
  2. someone who is willing and ready to help customer (ability to solve problems)
    3.someone who is fluent in any language he or she assign to speak
  3. someone who listens to costumers.


What I would look for if I were hiring staff for the customer service department would be integrity, honesty, empathy and a drive to help others and solve problems; be the type of person who takes pride in themselves and in their abilities; be able to handle various situations on their own and as a team player; be efficient and trustworthy; be able to handle any situation that may arise without getting irate or anxious; show excellent judgment in making quick and sound decisions; and be able to think outside the box when the need arises. They would need to be knowledgeable about the product or service they were representing and willing to continually learn new things. They would need to be confident, but not overly so; they need to know their limitations and never be too proud to ask for help. They would need to have pride not only in themselves but pride in their capabilities. If they were not highly experienced, but showed a strong desire and willingness to learn, I would be willing to hire them and train someone with the right attitude.
These traits are needed for any type of work, but especially in customer service. In dealing with someone who has spent their money and/or time on a product or service, there is no middle ground. They are either going to be happy or unhappy with the outcome. Unhappy customers usually don’t return and because of the poor experience they had, they most likely will tell as many people as they can about it. If they tell 10 people how unhappy they are with a product, service or company, those 10 people will most likely tell someone and so on whereas happy customers are returning customers and they are the best advertisement there is. Everyone wants to be treated with respect and everyone wants what they pay for. If you keep your customers satisfied and happy, you keep your business. It is as simple as that.


Company X is now hiring the best candidates in customer service department, full time job with good salary and stability and continuous training with the following requirements:
Fresh college graduate or high school diploma.
Good communication skills including:active listening to customers, empathy, apology and solving of problems as quick as possible . Also can communicate with different people of different cultures and understanding them.
Good in English and Computer skills.
Good persuasion and presentation skills.
Can work successfully in a teamwork.


Based on the information provided in the lessons the job posting should have the following.

Job Posting: Customer Service Representative

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate must have two years of successful face to face or remote customer service center experience.

  • The candidate must have effective writing skills.

  • The candidate must be proficient in observational learning, speaking, investigating, and posses the uncanny ability to work with detail.

  • The candidate must have experience with problem solving, data entry, active listening, social media, and proper phone educate.

Specific Duties:

  • Listen and respond to customers needs and concerns.

  • Provide information about products and services.

  • Take orders, determine charges, and oversee billing and payments.

  • Review or make changes to customer accounts.

  • Handle returns or complaints.

  • Record details of customer contacts and action taken.

  • Research answers or solutions as needed.

  • Refer customers to supervisors, managers, or others who can help.

  • copying, faxing, scanning, emailing, and live chat.

  • Inbound and outbound calling.

Education/Training and Qualifications:

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED.

  • Must have good communication and interpersonal abilities, and fundamental computer and telephone skills.

The job of the customer service representative is to answer questions, resolve issues, and provide for customer satisfaction.
Customer service representatives provide a number of functions within the industry, sometimes working face to face, other times in the customer service center using the telephone and computer technology.
The position is typically full time and frequently requires no more than a high school diploma.
The position will require some in-house training, and possible licensure depending on the nature of the job.
Important skillsets to develop is effective communication, team work ethic, problem solving, trouble shooting, and generalized customer service tactics.
Customer service representatives must handle questions and problems with a friendly and professional demeanor.
Customer service representatives must be patient, understanding, sympathetic, polite, and create positive relationships with his/her customer, and represent the company well to help ensure good business standing.


As the customer service manager in our department, interested in hiring new workers for my staff, I am going to be very concerned with the “people skills” of the candidates that I interview and eventually hire. It is possible that I may be able to teach certain skills and key phrases, but the person most suited to this work will need to have a natural gifting and concern for people. In the interview process, I will note at first their presentation of themselves when they walk into my office. Did they smile upon entering the room? Were they confident in introducing themselves? Did they seem show an interest in helping our customers have the best possible experience in our company as possible? How well do they communicate? Do they speak in sentence structure that’s easy to follow and understand? Do they know when to be quiet and listen? I would give them a few scenarios of possible customer dissatisfaction and ask them to describe how they would respond in these situations? Did they seem to understand that the customer is always right? Do they know a lot about our line of work or have an interest in learning all that they can so that they will be an expert in our field? Were they constantly on their phone during our interview, or engaged in our conversation? These aspects of communication skills would be very important to me. Studies show that when we are able to provide excellent service recovery, we can have the potential for excellent customer loyalty. I would want the candidate to understand the importance and value of the work they would be doing. For you see, if we have no customers, we have no jobs! Making them satisfied and resolving their issues is important for our future business, and that’s why I need people who are “people smart”!


Based on this course and the readings I have done in it, there are many good qualities I would like the employees having. I would expect clear, good communication with the customers. Having good communication with customers could make or break the company. In this course, it mentions that a percentage of business is loss because of the front line people not having clear/good communication skills. I would also like for my new employee to follow all the basic rules of a customer service worker. That would mean the appropriate tone, answer time, knowing how and when to transfer a call, not leaving the customer on hold for too long, and etc. Another skill I would prefer the employees to have is patience. This is a very important skill for a customer service employee to have. Every now and then, there is a customer who is agitated. With being agitated comes harsh words and impatience with the customer service employee. I would expect my employee to calmly handle the customer and give them the best experience he can. Dealing with these types of customers is not an easy task, but a great customer service worker knows what to say and does not take things personally. An employee who I will take on should know about the company and our products. If a customer calls in with a basic question about the company, I would expect that my employee knows what the answer was. I would only require that the customer service employee knows the basics of our product and what it does. Most customers expect to call in and whoever answers should be able to answer the question they have. It may just even be about the product and what we do. All the skills I have listed would make for an excellent customer service employee.


If I were the manager of a customer service department flipping through resumes deciding who to invite to an interview, I would look for these traits: a gentle and friendly personality; confidence; positivity; persistence; creativity; logic; someone who knows when to follow directions and when to make an exception, but mostly follows them and simply makes suggestions when they see ways the directions might be improved; intuitiveness and being attuned to other people’s needs and moods; and a variety in age and gender.

Skills would also affect my choice as I read their resumes. The skills I’d be on the watch for would be: problem solving; clear, concise, and professional (while still friendly) communication skills in both spoken and written language, the ability to intentionally use their non-verbal communication skills and adapt to various people, technical skills and ability to use the necessary tools like a phone and computer, and the skills necessary for the specific role (if any).


Hiring customer service representatives entry-level. There is no particular area of work experience or educational achievement necessary to be considered. Paid training is provided, full time hours. In order to be offered, then maintain, employment all employees must possess a few specific attributes.

Must have good manners, be polite
Maintain a neat and clean image
Need to be able to read simple instructions


When I become a manager of a customer care department or unit and I’m in charge of recruiting new staffs the traits and skills I’ll look out for are.

  1. Smile
    When you smile , does it bring peace ? When you smile , does the customer feel welcomed and relaxed , are you really smiling to make the customer feel at home? , when you smile does it radiate safety and the urge to confide in you with business issues? Does your smile make the customer want to approach you ? Smile is a necessity in CS , as it radiates safety , a good gesture and an invite to come and be served .

Dress code
Dress is key , when they see you , do they feel moved to talk to you , not in a sexual way , but in a confiding way , do they want to tell you what the problem is. Do they see you the way you dress and become moved to want a interaction with you . dress describes who you are , and customers want someone who is respectful on dressing professionally, Dress sense is key .

Computer savvy
We are in a modern age , everyone is a computer literate, if not everyone , majority , so a csw must know how to use a computer effectively, to communicate , report , file. Etc. A csw should know what a computer can do and how to use it very well .

Nature has given every portion of worth to everyone , in csw , your natural tone must be welcoming , peaceful. Full of enthusiasm as the same time calm , nurturing , in a way that allows the customer want you to say more and more.

How good are you as a csw in enduring annoying customers , do you get insulted and flare up ? Do you speak to a customer in a harsh tone when you’re upset? How do you endure old and slow customers? Its ideal I know your endurance level and how you manage it among customers .

Open minded
How do you relate with customers , do you just say what they need to hear and you excuse them for the next customer , do you make them feel contended when you’re done with them , do you make them want to come back? How open are you to discussions and interactions , its ideal .


As a manager of a costumer service department, the key qualities and skills that we look for in applicants are, first of all, empathy. We need a customer service worker who will be able to listen and understand what the customer is saying. We are looking for someone who no matter the mood of the costumer, will know how to look at them and convey how they comprehend their problem and how bad they what to fix it.

Second of all we need someone proactive, an employee who is willing to get to know the product or service, someone who will take the time to understand it’s strengths and weaknesses, a person who can see a product and know what customer it will fit best.

And thirdly, an employe who has a helpful attitude and problem-helping skills. What this means is that we a re searching for someone who is always willing, someone who doesn’t get annoyed if a customer is asking too many questions, someone with patience who doesn’t care is this customer is the number 50th who is coming in asking him the same questions over an over and over again. We need someone who is always willing to give information and ‘educate’ the customer in the best of their abilities. a customer service worker who can easily identify a problem and make the buyer feel like it is in their best interest to solve their problem, not like their problem is a waste of time and unimportant.

I believe that if we can get an employee who meets all of this requirements, we will be able to provide the best service for our customers.


If I were the manager of a customer service department hiring new workers for my staff, I would be looking for several key traits when narrowing down my search for who to invite to an interview. Those main traits are: welcoming personality, confidence, Positivity, Logic, someone who knows how to diffuse a situation without agitating the customer more than they already are, someone who can cater to all the different customers no matter age or gender. I chose these as my main traits to look for because as I learned in unit 1.2 communication appeals and tactics are the most important when working in customer service.


The customer service position is a very sensitive one that requires someone with great intellect. A customer service person must see his/herself as the first contact in the company, and understand that whatever actions taken by them can strengthen or weaken the growth of the company. Therefore there are skill sets required to make a successful career in customer service department and these are:

  1. Communication Skill Set
    This talks about listening, speaking skills to accurately assess customers request.
  2. Problem Solving Skill Set
    Ability to analyze problems, research answers and help customers to implement solutions.
  3. Customer Service Skill Set
    Handling customer inquiries with professionalism, understand that customers are of diverse backgrounds, therefore they should be handled with respect, politeness and friendliness.


Here, it is very important for our staff members to show very important traits, or your employment will be terminated. These skills include:
• Put the customer first.
• Treat the customer as if they are the executive chief officer.
• Understand and agree with the customer, even if you think they are wrong.
• Learn, and understand all products relating to the company.
• You must show patience, even if the customer doesn’t have any.
• Thank the customer for their service.
• Use positive language, even if the customer is using vulgar language.
• Have great self-control.
• Efficient listening skills.
• Responsibility.
• Helpful Attitude

As a employee of our customer service department, we hope you would put the customer first, and follow the list that can be found above. Understand, what the customer wants may go against our policy, but you are expected to make the customer happy; and put them first no matter the situation. You will be required to understand the customer’s needs, know the product they’re discussing, and help them with any problem they may be having with our products. You also will be held responsible on transferring the customer’s call to the correct person, whether it be a supervisor, or a person in the service department. You also will be expected to speak clearly and avoid terms like ‘um,’ and ‘hmm’ and any other terms that may cause confusion to the customer. You also want to make sure you’re calm in all situations to help the customer.


When dealing with a situation it is wise to know the customer is always right. Even when they are wrong, they are right. If a consumer comes at you with animosity it is important to keep your composure and smile with concern or agreement. It is important not to entertain any of their attitude or behavior that would escalate the situation. On behalf of your side of the story or in your mind you know the customer is wrong, but you don’t tell them that (to their face at least) in the heat of the moment. Try your best to extinguish the situation then offer a small solution to what ever the issue may be (basically it’s saying you tried). Remember it is important to allow them to think they are right until you’re able to fix the situation.
When on the clock always remind yourself to smile, speak, and act in a respectful manner to anyone you may encounter. If you are assigned a greeting position always smile or provide a firm handshake. When assigned a cashier job always remember to focus on the consumer and be honestly attentive to their needs and wants. Any applied position is to be treated with respect because it would not have been given if you did not apply and earn it. We are a family here and just like the average family we have conflict, however we work our problems out peacefully.


Prepare a 300-500 word document as if you were the manager of a customer service department hiring new workers for your staff. Based on this unit’s readings, what are the key traits and skills you would want to see in applicants as you choose whom to interview?

Ans: Based on this course and the readings, there are many good qualities I would like the employees having.Employees are the ambassadors of your business, with the power to make or break your reputation and either generate–or cost–you money and credibility. Some traits i would want to see are:

1.Enthusiasm-If you find someone who is not looking for just any job but is particularly excited about working for you or your company, pay attention. Give special consideration to the applicant who is a fan of your products or raves about your industry reputation.

2.Follow-up-Not every interview will follow up with a thank you note or reach out during the decision-making process, but those that do are demonstrating their interest, professionalism, persistence and attention to every detail.

3.Curiosity-As the interviewer, you will be asking questions, but the ideal candidate will come in with questions of her own. The strongest applicants are interested in expanding their knowledge and will want a deeper understanding of your company, the position, your vision and your industry. Look for someone who is open and excited to learn and grow, as opposed to someone who comes in thinking they already know everything.

4.Listening Skills-This is an often overlooked skill, but an important one when dealing with clients, coworkers and other stakeholders. Good listeners are relationship builders. If someone tends to interrupt or talk over others in an interview situation, they will probably do the same thing with your customers.

5.Personality-The right hire will fit in with the existing company culture and people. If they will be interacting with your clients, think about how their personalities will mesh. Someone’s over-the-top exuberance might be entertaining in an interview, but it might be difficult to work with them with them for long periods of time in close quarters.

6.A Funny Side-A sense of humor not only contributes to a fun work environment and employee bonding, but is also a sign of emotional intelligence. If a job candidate appreciates your sense of humor, they may also bring strong interpersonal skills to the position. You will be working alongside each other in the trenches, so it’s good to have employees you enjoy being around.

  1. Positivity-Being able to look on the bright side is a valuable asset in any employee. A positive outlook often signifies a resilience and fortitude that can benefit your company.

8.Flexibility-The smaller the business, the more important your team members multitask and demonstrate their willingness to shoulder a variety of responsibilities. When the workload gets heavy, you need someone willing to jump in and do whatever is necessary, regardless of their job title. Watch for signs they are open to doing whatever needs to be done even when it falls outside their job description. “It’s not my job” is a pathway to failure for the small business.

9.Drive- Experience is not as important as someone who is self-motivated and tenacious. The best employees are looking for a combination of growth opportunities, responsibility, autonomy and a chance to prove their worth. If you have the choice between someone who has years of experience but a bad attitude, or a person who is anxious to work and has more to offer in terms of ambition and drive, choose the latter. Experience is important, but a positive, ambitious person will bring new energy to your company while gaining the experience on the job.

the key trait and skills i will like to see a a CSW is how competent he or she is in these three treat listen, empathize and how he or she can take charge of situations.


If I was the manager of a customer service department and I was looking to hire new workers for my staff I would be looking for specific traits and skills. I would be looking for someone that can help customers how ever mad or up set they are. The person would have to be very kind to all people and show respect to everyone. They would not only have to be good to customers but also loyal to the job like showing up to work on time and getting things done in a timely matter with out rushing. I would be wanting someone that cares and can show empathy to the customers to let them know that’s everything is okay, and they would be able to figure out things together. The person would have to be a good listener and give full attention to the customer so that they could understand each other and get things done. I as the manager would also try to be a great person to my employees and show them the respect they deserve. They would have to have good communicating skills and also good problem-solving skills. I would expect my new workers to come to work stress free and without bringing any of there problems from home to the job.


When it comes to staff development for customer service, the first and most important thing is how they deal with the customers. Testing their interpersonal skills would be a must. A good background in customer service would be a high priority. I’d also check into how motivated they are. Did they call back? Do they stay on top of it? And furthermore, how do they see the brand/store? All of this plays into interpersonal interaction and brand value. They need to be able to represent the company and help the brand sell. I’d also like them to be willing to undergo more thorough training to further bolster their customer service skill set.

Interpersonal interaction is a top priority. They need to be able to keep the customer at ease while also facilitating the sale. It’s vital that the customer feel like they are important, and even more-so, that they are involved. Even if the customer isn’t sure of what they want, they will still have a very good idea on what they are looking for from the transaction. They need to be effective listeners to help put the customer at ease. Maybe the customer is having a rough time, and needs to vent a bit. They need to let them within reason, as well as being able to properly empathize with them. Now, that’s not to let the conversation fully devolve from the sale, but it allows both the customer and representative the ability to create a rapport.

Next is the willingness to further their training. The markets constantly fluctuate, as do the needs of the customer. It’s vital that the new employee is willing to make ammendments and changes as the market sees fit. One of the best ways to increase perceived value is by showing that your employees value the market ideals, and the changes that happen in light of them. Before a customer can ever take your business seriously, the representative has to show that they do so first.


The job of the customer service worker is to answer questions, resolve issues, and provide customer satisfaction. A good customer service strategy is to work with your customers as partners in the quick, smooth, and satisfactory completion of a transaction As a manager of a customer department hiring new workers, the key traits and skills I would watch out for would include; sensitive listening and speaking skills to accurately assess and respond to a customers’ questions and needs, problem solving skills to be able to analyze problems, research answers, and help customers implement solutions, Empathy and the communication appeals and tactics.


In the line of business growth in any organization or small scale business the personnels in place play a key role to its development and that is why good customer relations, paying attention and the ability to communicate properly are skills that must be possessed by those employed in the organization.

A good customer relationship is a mode of creating awareness to the public of the product and services that are available in the organization and the skill to retaining and growing customer base. In addition, the ability to pay attention is to listen attentively to the customer view and opinion so that things that should be improved on will be known and in all to make the customer satisfied.

It is also pertinent as a manager of a Customer service department when hiring personnel to be on the lookout for persons who possess good problem solving skills which entails the ability to analyze, research, find and implement the best solution at the shortest possible time to meet customers demand. Also, the person must possess a polite attitude, exhibit a patient and professional approach in the dispensation of his/her duties. With such skills, the growth of the organization will be standing on solid ground as the employees will require little or no supervision to perform their duties.

Furthermore, attributes that are beyond skills which is personal traits that employees must possess to grow the company are a friendly attitude, portraying calmness in situations that border around being on the receiving end of hostile behavior from a customer.

The ability to convince a customer and channel complaints that are beyond their jurisdiction to the proper authorities,by so doing a company with these type of employee/employees would have acquired good personnel to be able to market the company’s goods and services, resolve challenges been faced and grow the organization to a height that can only be imagined


I am looking to hire new customer service representatives that create favorable impressions, understand customers’ needs and wants, and can communicate effectively through verbal and non-verbal communication. Favorable impressions must be implemented through effective communication, problem-solving, and customer service skills. Applicant must be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of how to interact with customers based on their needs and wants, as well as effectively assisting them with their buying process. The ability to show sincerity through non-verbal communication is a must! Customers must know that they have your undivided attention while receiving assistance from our customer services representatives. Maintaining eye-contact and providing customer service with a smile is what we are about!