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CUST105: Unit 1 Short Writing Exercise: The Customer Service Worker


As a manager I understand that the people representing the business we work for are important. Since customer service workers are often the first and last people customers deal with while in a business, it is important to ensure that the csws have the best traits and attitudes for the job.

I have often dealt with gas station attendants or others that work alone in a certain position who do not seem very interested in what they are doing and the business they are working for. I would not want the face of my company to act apathetic and bored with everyone that goes to them for help.

My ideal customer service workers would be people that take interest in helping others. They would need to have a can-do attitude and go out of their way to uphold the company and ensure my customer’s needs are being met.
I would search for people who have had experience in dealing with people before and know how to handle complaints and problems considerately and efficiently.


In this unit, we determined three important skill sets that effective Customer Service Workers should have. As a manager, I would be looking for candidates with strong communication, problem-solving, and customer service skills. The ability to listen fully with the intent to understand and communicate ideas effectively are paramount to the success of the employee and the business as a whole.

This unit described the three elements included in the highest level of customer service: listening, empathizing, and taking charge. When interviewing employees, I would search for candidates who possessed the emotional intelligence and compassion to empathize with customers rather than simply sympathizing with their pain. I would also look for self-starters, individuals with a strong work ethic, and those that can behave consistently and responsibly. These factors determine the prospective employee’s abilities to operate at the highest level of customer service in a normal, day-to-day business setting.

The difficult reality is that customers are likely to judge an entire company or brand based on their experience with one employee. Once the shopper is in the store, all the money spent on marketing, product development, and management comes down to how happy the customers are with the service they receive. The attitude of the customer service worker (CSW) is what counts above all else. When considering these factors, it seems natural to value candidates with a high degree of professionalism, a positive workplace attitude, and commitment to the mission and values of the organization.

It would be vital that each of my employees spend their work day looking for opportunities to help, respect their customers, and treat their customers as valued partners in the company’s success.

The ability to assume ownership is vital to the success of a CSW who is dealing with an unhappy customer. When customers are unhappy, they want to feel heard and acknowledged. It is important in these resolutions to assume ownership of the problem, empathize, become the customer’s advocate, and champion the cause for correcting the initial mistake. A Customer Service Worker must be mature and disciplined enough to assume ownership and initiate problem solving with a dissatisfied customer.

If the customer is unhappy, it is crucial that the CSW maintains professionalism and adheres to the standards and values of the company inside that interaction, even if the interaction itself is difficult or uncomfortable. Again, professional behavior requires maturity and compassion.

If these strengths and attributes are built into the fabric of my team, the success of our business is ensured. The business will thrive as long as the employees can meet customer needs and bring about satisfaction.


Costumer service refers to the act of taking care of the costumer’s needs by delivering and providing professional, helpful and high quality service to a customer needs. Being a good costumer service worker requires several traits and skills. As a hiring manager, I would like to see those traits and skills in potential candidate:
• Good communication: it’s surely one of the mist important skill. The CSW needs to be able to communicate verbally as well as non-verbally (mail for example). Clear enunciation in important so the customer clearly understand what the CSW explains. Talking another language is always good too, especially English, if it’s not your first language
• Promptness: the CSW needs to be able to deliver a resolution as quick as possible. Just saying hey to someone as soon as they enter the office is already a great point.
• Listening: the CSW must give his full attention to the customer and to be sure to hear all of his issues so he can take care of the problem more easily. active listening helps build a connection.
• Empathy: the CSW needs to show the customer that he understands the issues and that he wants to help.
• Respect: it helps maintaining a good relationship with the customer
• Problem solving: the CSW must be able to understand and define the issue in order to solve it.
• The CSW needs to know the company in which he works and all of its policies.
• Politeness: saying “hello,” “good afternoon,” and “thank you very much,” are all part of basic customer service