CUST105: Unit 1 Short Writing Exercise: The Customer Service Worker


If I was the manager of a customer service department and I was looking to hire new workers for my staff I would be looking for specific traits and skills. I would be looking for someone that can help customers how ever mad or up set they are. The person would have to be very kind to all people and show respect to everyone. They would not only have to be good to customers but also loyal to the job like showing up to work on time and getting things done in a timely matter with out rushing. I would be wanting someone that cares and can show empathy to the customers to let them know that’s everything is okay, and they would be able to figure out things together. The person would have to be a good listener and give full attention to the customer so that they could understand each other and get things done. I as the manager would also try to be a great person to my employees and show them the respect they deserve. They would have to have good communicating skills and also good problem-solving skills. I would expect my new workers to come to work stress free and without bringing any of there problems from home to the job.


When it comes to staff development for customer service, the first and most important thing is how they deal with the customers. Testing their interpersonal skills would be a must. A good background in customer service would be a high priority. I’d also check into how motivated they are. Did they call back? Do they stay on top of it? And furthermore, how do they see the brand/store? All of this plays into interpersonal interaction and brand value. They need to be able to represent the company and help the brand sell. I’d also like them to be willing to undergo more thorough training to further bolster their customer service skill set.

Interpersonal interaction is a top priority. They need to be able to keep the customer at ease while also facilitating the sale. It’s vital that the customer feel like they are important, and even more-so, that they are involved. Even if the customer isn’t sure of what they want, they will still have a very good idea on what they are looking for from the transaction. They need to be effective listeners to help put the customer at ease. Maybe the customer is having a rough time, and needs to vent a bit. They need to let them within reason, as well as being able to properly empathize with them. Now, that’s not to let the conversation fully devolve from the sale, but it allows both the customer and representative the ability to create a rapport.

Next is the willingness to further their training. The markets constantly fluctuate, as do the needs of the customer. It’s vital that the new employee is willing to make ammendments and changes as the market sees fit. One of the best ways to increase perceived value is by showing that your employees value the market ideals, and the changes that happen in light of them. Before a customer can ever take your business seriously, the representative has to show that they do so first.


The job of the customer service worker is to answer questions, resolve issues, and provide customer satisfaction. A good customer service strategy is to work with your customers as partners in the quick, smooth, and satisfactory completion of a transaction As a manager of a customer department hiring new workers, the key traits and skills I would watch out for would include; sensitive listening and speaking skills to accurately assess and respond to a customers’ questions and needs, problem solving skills to be able to analyze problems, research answers, and help customers implement solutions, Empathy and the communication appeals and tactics.


In the line of business growth in any organization or small scale business the personnels in place play a key role to its development and that is why good customer relations, paying attention and the ability to communicate properly are skills that must be possessed by those employed in the organization.

A good customer relationship is a mode of creating awareness to the public of the product and services that are available in the organization and the skill to retaining and growing customer base. In addition, the ability to pay attention is to listen attentively to the customer view and opinion so that things that should be improved on will be known and in all to make the customer satisfied.

It is also pertinent as a manager of a Customer service department when hiring personnel to be on the lookout for persons who possess good problem solving skills which entails the ability to analyze, research, find and implement the best solution at the shortest possible time to meet customers demand. Also, the person must possess a polite attitude, exhibit a patient and professional approach in the dispensation of his/her duties. With such skills, the growth of the organization will be standing on solid ground as the employees will require little or no supervision to perform their duties.

Furthermore, attributes that are beyond skills which is personal traits that employees must possess to grow the company are a friendly attitude, portraying calmness in situations that border around being on the receiving end of hostile behavior from a customer.

The ability to convince a customer and channel complaints that are beyond their jurisdiction to the proper authorities,by so doing a company with these type of employee/employees would have acquired good personnel to be able to market the company’s goods and services, resolve challenges been faced and grow the organization to a height that can only be imagined