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CUST105: Unit 2 Discussion


1.What are some examples of problems you or someone you know may have had with a company based on a faulty product or service? How did it get resolved?

I once bought a cake at one of the cake shops. the cake was not fresh so i had to return it to the store . The Manager was called and i complained that the cake was not fresh. The Manger handled my complaint at professional manner She was calm and she apologized without blaming anyone , so i was given a fresh cake.

2.Consider a situation where you had to deal with an angry person. How did you handle it? What might you have done differently using some of the methods described in this unit?

I once had to deal with a customer who received a dress that was ordered, but it was of the wrong color . I apologized to the customer but customer was not interested in apology.
I explained the reasons of the mistake. I didn’t respond in a bad manner, but the customer was angry. i can say that the right way of resolving that situation was to let the customer vent, not take it personally, let her know and assure her I understand the situation.

3.What sorts of diversity do you find in your immediate environment of family, friends, work, school, groups, and so on? How do you best interact with the differences in cultural backgrounds and behaviors?

There are many forms of diversity found in my immediate environment of family, friends, work, school and so on.i actually find it interesting to communicate with people from different cultures

  1. I bought a cell phone from a reliable company. After having the phone for two weeks I started having problem with the phone not receiving or sending calls. I took the phone back to the company and the salespersons check the phone out got it working and give it back to me. After two weeks the phone started doing the same thing again, It took me four trip to the store to finally ask for a manager. I informed him to what the problem was and that I was not satisfy with the services that I had received. That I was going to take my business somewhere else. He apologize and order me a new phone and told me if I had anymore problem to please seek him first.

  2. I don’t work in customer service, but I have worked with angry coworkers, who were upset over something their supervisor or coworker has done or said. When they approached me telling me what happened I listen and don’t take sides. Sometime after they vent they calm down.

  3. When it comes to different cultural background, I always have an open mind I treat everyone with respect. I have learn a lot and are willing to learn more from different cultures. Just because their skin color, their speech and their, religion is different we should not judge them. We are all still Gods children.


I haven’t encountered many problems with someone about a faulty product or service, but I’ve seen when a customer wanted to return an item to a store, wanted their money back and didn’t have a receipt. The customer was told that the store can’t give them money back, only a gift card without receipts. The customer got real upset, because they said they spent money to buy the product so they should be able to get money back. Manager was called to explain that it was company policy and she had to follow what policy requires her to do. Manager let her know that she apologized for their inconvenience, also gave her a number to call so she can give them her feedback on why she couldn’t get her money back. Manager thank her for being a customer and hopes she return, she took her gift card and left.
The manager did the right thing by listening to customers concerns and gave her a number to call also apologized for any trouble it may have caused.
They’re are many diversities in work, schools and communities. Dealing with many different cultures you have to be able to treat people with respect, gain their trust so that you may have a positive attitude to deal with all different cultures and backgrounds. Being able to communicate effectively and build a connection for a great friendship.

  1. A problem that I ran into was, I bought a product and it was cracked. The problem was solved by the store giving us a new product.

  2. Dealing with an angry person I would just approach them and ask what can I do to help them. I would consider that the customer is always right and make sure the angry person leaves the store happy and satisfied.

  3. There are many different diversities in in family, friends, work, school, and groups. There are people who have been through a lot and have attitudes, and also nice people who understand. I would best interact with different people by listening to what their are saying and understand what the problem is and help them.


What are some examples of problems you or someone you know may have had with a company based on a faulty product or service? How did it get resolved? Returning a dress to a store i bought. the manger gave me my money back with no problems.
Consider a situation where you had to deal with an angry person. How did you handle it? What might you have done differently using some of the methods described in this unit? i never had to deal with an angry customer.

  1. I had a customer that wanted to return some items from our store but couldn’t find her receipt. I work at a retail store that when you want to return items you have to have your receipt but if you do not have it we can look it up. I told her the policy and she caught an attitude I tried looking the receipt up but couldn’t find it. The only thing I could do for her was tell her she can exchange the items for the right size.

  2. A customer wanted to return two pair of pants but didn’t have a receipt but when I looked it up she already did an even exchange the pants were 2.34 and the other were like 0.63 she would’ve gotten back 2.97 in cash and she was very upset saying she pay more than that for those pants and she asked for the manager. when my manager came she said the only thing she could do was an even exchange but the pants was not in the store so I offer to do it online for her but she didn’t want the color the store had online. she was very upset and asked for the pants back because she didn’t want 2.97 back and asked for the corporate number. I gave it to her and apologize for it and she said I did everything right like I always do it wasn’t my fault.

  3. I notice that everyone has different attitudes and I would handle it different.

  1. When I first got Wi-Fi in my house I saw there was a problem. Our Wi-Fi would do out randomly and act very slow sometimes. I contacted customer service and they brought a new router. I kept experiencing the problem even with the new router so I called again until they finally sent a specialist and we realized our neighbors have been having the same problem and it was that we lost the signal months ago and they had to get the signal back and the problem was resolved.

  2. Once I had an angry customer because their card had been charged twice for the same product. I had to get the list of transactions off of our card reader and show her we didn’t charge her the amount. I told her it should be fixed by the next day and if it was not she could come back and we would give her the money. I think for the most part I did everything right I listened and took charge of the situation.

  3. Every person is different in some or many ways. The way I deal with diversity is by treating people like people it is simple just be respectful make the person feel like they are important and you have to be open minded.

  1. My mom orders meals from a site called “Hello Fresh.” When we received the box with all the meals in it, we found that the chicken was rotten and some of the veggies weren’t fresh. My mom called them and told them what happened and the woman on the phone apologized and gave us a $35 credit, and a $50 gift card. She also said that she would report it to someone higher up in the company so they could fix it and it wouldn’t happen again.

  2. I own a mobile dog grooming business. One day, one of my pumps that pulls the fresh water into the bath tub burned up, and I couldn’t get my plumber there to fix it until the next day, so I had to cancel the rest of my grooms. I called all the clients that I had left for that day, they all understood except for one particular client. She yelled and said that I was acting unprofessional, I apologized and she said “well if you cannot get us in in the next week I will just have to get back with you.” So I found a spot, got her in and she was happy, I also gave her a discount. I probably wouldn’t have done anything differently.

  3. Everybody is different. The way I handle diversity is by treating everybody the way I want to be treated.

  1. Everyone has had an experience with faulty products or bad service before but it how the situation gets handled that make you want to come back. For example, rainbow flip-flops have a lifetime guarantee. So if you have you flip-flops for 10 years as long as you have proof of purchase you can send the flip-flops back in and the will send you a new pair. This making more customers like the company. Restaurants often have mistaken in orders or employees that are having a bad day and passing it along to the customers. When a manger steps in they should fix the problem without making it worse make the customer feel like their concerns are important.
  2. At my job, it is not unusual for us to have at least one unhappy customer every now and then. I try to take the customer to the side and listen to the problem. Usually we have messed up the food order somehow, so I often tell the can keep the mistake and make them new food the correct way. If our customer is not able to come back to the store that day than I hang a credit up by the register for the customer to pick up their food at another day or time. This is the protocol our boss requires us to follow. One angry customer can hurt the business more than giving them their food again will.
  3. In my environment, the diversity is middle class hard working people. I best interact with other cultural backgrounds by being respectful of each person I come across. I do not let stereotypes cloud my perspective on each individual I meet.

  1. My family have this small school supply shop in front of our house. We often have customers, mostly kids, who complain that a product doesn’t work or “accidentally” got broken just after buying it, etc. Some products returned are damaged due to manufacturing faults. While most are just due to the customers’ negligence trying to turn the blame to us. We resolve these kind of instances by apologizing first, of course. Then explaining why such products have some problems. When we know that it’s not entirely our fault, we make sure that the customers understand it. But when a tough situation arise, such as a rude customer trying to insist a refund, we’ll give him/her an option to exchange the product or have a refund then we’ll assure her that it won’t happen again and that we’ll try to check our products’ quality more often this time.

  2. I remember my first internship in a restaurant, there was this angry customer who insisted that his senior citizen discount was not deducted from his bill. As the closest person to him, I was the one being shouted at even though I am not the one assigned to his table and I have no responsibility when it comes to billing. I supposed, I did the right thing. I apologized and then I called the cashier and state to her the complain, and after so I waited until the problem is resolved. Although, I was in a slight tears and I looked a bit terrified. The customer apologized to me later on, when he noticed how I look. If I can redo that day, I’ll make sure to look more composed and calm. I’ll do exactly what I did but in a more unaffected way.

  3. I’ve been into a very diverse environment. I was once an exchange student in Korea and having classmates with different nationalities and cultures is quite an experience. It was tough making friends at first not until I learned how to find common grounds. I looked for person who shares the same language, have the same passions and interests. That applies to looking for friends. Of course, interacting with all is a must. What I did was, I learned the language they are speaking or at least learned the language that we both can understand. Then when it comes to interacting with them, I try to talk to them about the things they love, their families, their relationships, their country and what interesting things about it, and so on.

  1. A year or so ago, I went to brought a cell phone from a company and two days later the phone screen went black. I called the company and told them about the issue and they told me to come back into the store. When I got there they told me I had to make a claim but instead they made one for me. Three days later I received a brand new phone.
  2. When I was working in a customer service position and a customer brought back and item and had a mean attitude. In order to resolve the problem and their attitude I started to talk with a nice tone and offer them a solution the customer then calmed down and started to comply with me
  3. Everyone has their own specific job and work in their own environment. Interacting with them is not difficult because everyone gets along and commutes well.