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CUST105: Unit 2 Discussion

  1. In France, we have a transit pass to travel in Paris and its surbub. When I moved to London, I asked to stop this subscription as I didn’t need it anymore. It’s been 4 months and it’s still not done. I called the company and the woman on the phone told me I did something wrong except that I didn’t. Today the issue is still not resolved. I have to send a letter.
  2. I worked at Versailles for 3 months and I had to deal with one angry customer. Because I worked in a library, the customers were readers. There was quite a important issue at the palace, therefore, the curators, who were the main readers, were quite mad. One of them came to me and asked me for some books that were in the stock. When I came back, she realized a book wasn’t the right one and she started to get angry. I remained objective and calmed and apologized. Then I asked her more information about the book like the title and author. I managed to find the book she was looking for quite quickly and she was happy about that but stayed unpleasant. I remained focuses and patient. I didn’t show any emotion even though I was quite stressed. I didn’t get angry myself and didn’t interrupt her when she got mad.
  3. In my family, we are all different. We each love different things and work in different environments, but we still interact well and help each other when needed. My sister and I live in foreign countries.
    My friends are coming from everywhere. I have some friends living in the US, some friends from different countries in Africa and Asia. They also have different religions. To interact with these people, I first try to know them and respect them. For example, I am not a religious person but it’s not a problem for me if my friends tell me about religion. Knowing people from different backgrounds helps me learning new things about them and about the world we live in.