CUST105: Unit 2 Discussion

  1. In France, we have a transit pass to travel in Paris and its surbub. When I moved to London, I asked to stop this subscription as I didn’t need it anymore. It’s been 4 months and it’s still not done. I called the company and the woman on the phone told me I did something wrong except that I didn’t. Today the issue is still not resolved. I have to send a letter.
  2. I worked at Versailles for 3 months and I had to deal with one angry customer. Because I worked in a library, the customers were readers. There was quite a important issue at the palace, therefore, the curators, who were the main readers, were quite mad. One of them came to me and asked me for some books that were in the stock. When I came back, she realized a book wasn’t the right one and she started to get angry. I remained objective and calmed and apologized. Then I asked her more information about the book like the title and author. I managed to find the book she was looking for quite quickly and she was happy about that but stayed unpleasant. I remained focuses and patient. I didn’t show any emotion even though I was quite stressed. I didn’t get angry myself and didn’t interrupt her when she got mad.
  3. In my family, we are all different. We each love different things and work in different environments, but we still interact well and help each other when needed. My sister and I live in foreign countries.
    My friends are coming from everywhere. I have some friends living in the US, some friends from different countries in Africa and Asia. They also have different religions. To interact with these people, I first try to know them and respect them. For example, I am not a religious person but it’s not a problem for me if my friends tell me about religion. Knowing people from different backgrounds helps me learning new things about them and about the world we live in.

  1. Examples of problems might be getting home with a new product and finding it doesn’t work as advertised, or perhaps a carpet cleaning service not arriving at your home at the specified time. Resolving such problems might be easily done by contacting a customer service worker, who could give instruction in how to use the product or offering a replacement for the faulty one. Also a customer service worker might check the gps of the carpet cleaners to find out where they are, checking to make sure they have the correct directions to your home, and possibly offering a small discount on service, when they do arrive.

  2. Once, my ex-husband and I got into a disagreement. Soon, it had turned into a physical fight. I kept saying I was sorry, but it didn’t stop the anger he felt. Using some of the methods discussed in this unit, I now know I should have tried harder to de-escalate the situation before it came to blows. Perhaps I should have let him have his say before interrupting.

  3. The kinds of diversity I have found in my life are sexes, ethnic groups, and age differences. The best way to interact with people of these diversities are to try to see things from their point of view and go from there.

  1. What are some examples of problems you or someone you know may have had with a company based on a faulty product or service? How did it get resolved?

I have done a lot of online shopping as I am sure a lot of people do. So I decided to try WISH and I ordered some jewelry. When I got the earrings they came broken. When I contacted customer service they were happy to help. They sent me a brand new pair to replace the ones that came broken, free of charge and shipping.

  1. Consider a situation where you had to deal with an angry person. How did you handle it? What might you have done differently using some of the methods described in this unit?

One day I had an angry customer come into the bank and start yelling at me and a co-worker because of a mistake that she made. we tried talking to her calmly and explain what had happened and how things could be fixed. She left and continued to call us to yell at us over the phone. We had to transfer her to our manager so that our manager could talk to her and explain what we already had explained. I don’t think we could have done anything different. The outcome would have been the same any way we handled the situation.

  1. What sorts of diversity do you find in your immediate environment of family, friends, work, school, groups, and so on? How do you best interact with the differences in cultural backgrounds and behaviors?

Back when I was working I would get customers that spoke English and Spanish. Being that I am Hispanic they assumed I spoke Spanish. I can understand it to a degree but I can not speak it. I would listen to what they would say and if i didn’t understand them they would tell me in English. Unless they couldn’t speak English then I would call my manager or ask my co-worker and they would convey what they were saying.

  1. In 2016 I used to work in the Hotel business. So there were usually comments and complaints on a daily basis. Myself and ex co-workers did our best to answer or resolve issues that customers had. For example, the room not having enough towels or extra toiletries. We always did our best to cater to the customers needs, and continued to have customers return to our hotel again.

  2. Dealing with an angry person or customer is always a difficult and frustrating situation to deal with. I remember having dealt with a customer yelling at me for not setting the right dollar amount of gas to be pumped. The customer went over the amount and so I had to run out to the customer and have them step inside the store and talk with my supervisor. I did apologize for the mix up and with my supervisor’s help the situation was resolved. The number one thing I learned was to never argue or yell back at the customer because it only escalates the situation or matter.

  3. In my immediate environment of family, friends, work, and school there is a huge diversity. I always take into consideration of everyone’s background. Everyone has a different upbringing or were raised in a culturally based environment. I can easily adapt to each person’s own and unique personality.

  1. A parent paid the tuition fees of his son but this money was never registered by the bursar. This child was sent home on account that he owed tuition fees and did not write the exams. Unfortunately both parents had travelled and returned some few days after the exams was over. The parents came ranting with a receipt which proved that the said child had paid his tuition fees but we could not see his name in the computer. However we were obliged to organize a separate exams for the child while investigations went on to know the origin of the problem. We ended up discovering that the bursar made and error and forgot to enter the amount in the computer. We called the parent and apologized for the inconvenience and promised to pay 50% of the child’s tuition in the next school term.
  2. A parent came to my office ranting and shouting that the name of his son was poorly spelled in his end of school certficate. As this man was shouting, the bursar and my self were also begging him to calm down, this instead made things worse he threatened to fight every one.He dropped the certificate and went away asking that the name be adjusted before 24 hours. The next day i met the delegate about the issue and he told me that the situation could be resolved only in 4 months time. The parent came to my office the next day, i explained to him everything the delegate of education had said, he didn’t want to understand he instead putt the blame on me. He went way very angry.
    I think from the lesson i have learnt in this course i would have allowed the man to rant for some time before i could intervene to apologise more so i would have taken him to the delegate who could explain everything to him.

  1. Recently, my husband’s cell stopped working and I had to send it back to the company. It could not be repaired and was under warranty. They sent me a cheaper phone that wasn’t even the same brand. After 2 hours on the telephone with 4 different departments, I finally spoke with someone who knew what they were doing and resolved the issue. It was 3 days later that my husband received his brand new phone.

  2. I had a man at my register who was locally known. He was a very mean individual who treated people horribly, especially females. As I was waiting for him to pay, the person bagging was speaking with a supervisor as she passed by. We all three are female, and he made a statement that he shouldn’t have to wait on three cackling hens to get waited on. I politely informed him that our end of the transaction was complete and we were waiting for him to use his card in the machine. He muttered something very ugly and I told him that if he insisted on speaking that way he was not to come back to my register in the future. My supervisor agreed with this. He was stunned that a female stood up to him (2 of them) and the next time he came in, he came through my line smiling and being polite.

  3. There are so much more diversity in my family and circle of friends than when I was younger. Being in my 50’s, I was able to easily accept all of the changes in the world today because I was there when most of them were happening, so I just changed with the times.


1- Last year, a customer complained about a defect in shampoo bottle. It had a crack and dripped out some of the liquid out.The pharmacist checked it out and gave him another container.
2- Sometimes when someone is angry with me, I smile at him and apologize. I listen to his problem and try to find out an appropriate solution.
3- There is diversity in my college colleagues and customers who come to the pharmacy. I interact with them the same way: smiling, listening and offering help or problem solving.


The problem I experienced with a company on a faulty product was when I purchased a check printer that could only be used with magnetic ink for check printing.
The printer did not recognize the ink cartridges so it would not print. So I contacted customer service and requested that they send a new printer and also pay for shipping the defective printer back to the company.
They refused.
I asked to speak to someone that had the authority to make this happen. We agreed on the terms and the new printer was shipped to me at no cost and a UPS, return slip was provided to ship the defective printer back to the company.
Dealing with an angry person is my specialty. I just simply respond with concern and listen inventively to what the issues are and then either offer a resolution if there is one, in the case where there is no way around a bad situation I offer my deepest apology and ask is there something else we can offer instead.
In my current job we have a lot of Spanish speaking people so there is a cultural barrier I just speak slowly and pay careful attention to what it is the other person is trying to convey.


My most recent example of problems with service have been with food service at a restaurant. It is beginning to feel like most places never get your order correct! I ordered a specific kind of soup, and received the wrong kind and the sandwich on a bread that I did not order. I had to send it back. This is never good, as then everyone else is eating, and you are not done when they are done. In this case the manager gave me my meal for free, but I really would have been happier to get the order correct from the beginning.

I work as the patient experience leader at our hospital. My job is to deal with upset patients. I frequently talk with patient’s that are upset with some aspect of their care. I have learned that the best way to resolve any problem with service is to stay calm and listen.

I often encounter diverse people groups in my work. Having different cultural backgrounds influences every aspect of their perceptions of our care that we deliver in healthcare. I have learned in most every situation to ask the patient what is important to them, and how can I help in that aspect of their care. Different religions, nationalities, ethnics groups value different things. Never make assumptions. It will get you into trouble every time!

 My mom bought my little brother a 3D pen that makes little designs. When he went to use it, the plastic wouldn't come out. She contacted their customer service department via email. It took them over a week to reply to her email. When they did, they make the return process extremely difficult. It almost made my mom not want to return it to get fixed. It got resolved by us getting the product back, fixed. My mom still would choose not to do business with that company again , though.

Back when I was a dance teacher, part of my job was to answer phone calls.  A grandmother called in to ask a question regarding her granddaughters bill. Right away she was rude and was acting like it was my fault. I never had anything to do with the bills, so I knew it really wasn't my fault. I apologized for the inconvenience. Looking back, I wouldn't used the no fault policy for this situation since I blamed myself.

I find a lot diversity among my older brother and sister compared to my parents and I. I best interact with them when I don’t bring up the subjects we strongly disagree on.

  1. Our Internet has had a lot of problems. Some were caused by products (modems) breaking, other times they messed the line whenand have to fix it. Those are usually resolved by calling the customer service line and getting a technician to come and fix it. The company also has a lot of outages, and once there was another company in the area we switched between the 2 for a while just depending on who currently had the better service.

  2. They’ve always been in authority over me so I’d try to say as little as possible and try to comply as best as I could, and if it was an ongoing thing I considered if it was wiser to remain or remove myself. I think knowing this I’d try to de-escalate or prevent it, and constantly be more thoughtful of my attitude and non-verbal communication.

  3. I’ve lived and worked on a Native american reservation and have had many diverse friends. I just try to use what I know of their culture even if it’s different, be friendly and respectful, and copy how they treat me.


1.What are some examples of problems you or someone you know may have had with a company based on a faulty product or service? How did it get resolved? When I purchase a phone it comes with warranty, but it only covers for nature damage if the phone screen breaks or if the phone has water damage the warranty wont be covered. This is something that the seller doesn’t explained. My phone kept freezing it had no damage i took the phone to apple and was told that the phone was used and it was suppose to be brand new. I took the phone back to the store and i was giving a new phone with proof from the apple store.
2. While working in the call center, you constantly get yelled at due to issues and mistakes made by the provider, something i would have done different is not take it personal.
3. I work with different cultures and I don’t change anything because everyone should be treated the same.

  1. I went to a Mart to get a yoghurt , after getting the yoghurt , I got home , only to find out the product was leaking , due to the distance between the mart and my house , it was really difficult to go back , the next time I went there , I told them of the faulted product and the manager apologized and promised it would not occur , I was at peace .

  2. Firstly I’d stand up to welcome , make him feel very important , tell him to sit and then I sit , I see the facial expression , a bad one , I apologize for wasting his time , or for the queue , I let him say what the problem is , then I apologize again for allowing that happen to him and tell him how important he is to the company , I offer him a glass of cold water , to diffuse his anger , and I work with him , tell him what he wants , he tells me , I abide by him , I’ll keep assuring him of his importance to the company , then after we’re done solving the issue , I smile , apologize again , promise him a good service when next he tries our product and services , I stand as he leaves , thank him .

  3. I love diversity , so I try to learn from them , what’s make them different , how do they live , how they eat , how they take care of themselves , how they finance and interact with one another , I try to make them feel unique with their lifestyle and with that I slide in unto their good side and we rapport very well .

Thank you

  1. One example of a problem someone I know had with a company was that they bought some shoes online, when the shoes came they didn’t fit properly, so the contacted the company to know where they could change the shoe size, if they could send it in the mail and wait for the replacement of it they could go to an official store near their home and do the exchange there. Turns out none of the stores had that shoe in their size, so they had to do it via mail. All of this information took days to get because the customer service phone never worked or the CSW never knew what to do. In the end they sent all of the papers needed for a return, but weren’t clear if they would send a replacement later, and when the person went to the postal service to send the shoes, turns out they had sent a return form that had already been used. The problem never got resolved, because the company never answered again and the person had to sell the shoes online to get the money back.
  2. When dealing with an angry person the best thing one can do is listen to them, and this is what I always try to do whenever I encounter them. I find that once the person can get all of their frustration out into the world they are much easier to work with and willing to cooperate. Apologizing is key as well. What I would do differently from what I’ve learnt in this unit is, not taking their anger and insults personally, and not getting emotional. It is hard for me not to take things to heart if the customer is raising their voice.
  3. The main diversity I find in my immediate environment is in the economical differences. Because each person’s economy can be a sore subject it can be the hardest to navigate, what for you might be normal, and the things you might take for granted, might be a luxury for other people. So I find that you have to be mindful of what you say and how you say it. I’ve had people tell me ?why doesn’t your family go on holidays here, it’s not expensive at all’ and saying a budget that we would never be able to afford. That does affect people in the wrong way, although they weren’t meaning to, they made you feel inferior.
    I believe the best way to interact with the differences in cultural backgrounds and behaviors it to simply ask and apologize. By asking you are showing an interest and you are learning so next time you won’t be in the same position, and by apologizing you acknowledge that you made a mistake and are willing to change .

  1. What are some examples of problems you or someone you know may have had with a company based on a faulty product or service? How did it get resolved?
    Ans: I once bought some grocery from a supermarket. But i wanted to go into another supermarket where i had to leave my grocery bag in the baggage area. Upon collecting the bag ticket i went in the supermarket to get some hair products, after cashing out i went back to the baggage area to collect my bag and it was nowhere to be found.I then become upset with the baggage person about my grocery bag, he recommend that i spoke to his supervisor,upon doing so the supervisor ask me if i had the receipt
    of the items that was in the bag.Lucky i did,the supervisor then refund me the amount of money that was on the receipt.

  2. Consider a situation where you had to deal with an angry person. How did you handle it? What might you have done differently using some of the methods described in this unit?

Ans: with the type of work i do, i always deal with angry customer’s.But with my training,i remain calm, listen to the customer’s problem and then rectify it with a positive solution that is ok with the customer’s.

  1. What sorts of diversity do you find in your immediate environment of family, friends, work, school, groups, and so on? How do you best interact with the differences in cultural backgrounds and behaviors?

Ans: There are many forms of diversity found in my immediate environment of family, friends, work, school and so on. These includes persons who are from different background and unique in there own ways,persons who have negative and positive behavior, persons who hardly communicate with anyone, persons who display disruptive behavior. I best interact with the differences in cultural backgrounds and behaviors by getting to know and understand why each set of persons behave the way they do. As soon as i get the understanding of their behavior, am able to adjust myself to accommodate there behavior.


Having dealt in retail before I’ve faced quite a few situations like this first hand. Most the time, it’s easily resolved with a replacement product or equal value store credit. Most people aren’t looking to make a big fuss, they just want to feel they’ve been treated right. However, there are some instances to where nothing is going to satisfy them. Sometimes it takes having a manager step in and handle the situation. Even if the answers do not change, the weight of the manager’s role plays on how the conversation turns out. at that point, most customers would be happy.

The best way to handle an angered customer is by remaining calm and polite. If you cannot calm them by yourself, try to do so by involving the proper management, but never, under any circumstances lose your temper. The first method would be doing your best to empathize with them and see what products/services you have at your disposal to remedy the situation. Perhaps there’s an in-store discount, or another product that would better suit their needs.

My family is mixed, so we have our fair share of different cultural experiences. This has given me a leg up on a lot of people simply due to the fact that at a young age I was shown and introduced to different cultures. Being able to see past what makes you different, embracing those differences, and finding the common ground allows you to better communicate past a lot of cultural barriers. Sometimes, it’s so stark a difference that it bewilders you, but you must remain calm, and remain engaged. This shows that you are willing to look past the surface and to try and understand the person you are interacting with.

  1. I bought a fitness tracker that was meant to be worn, and that I wore, everyday. However, the glue holding the silicone band to the electronic hardware eventually wore out, so I could no longer wear it. I sent images to the company and let them know that the product I spent money on only lasted me a few months of wearing. I didn’t have to do very much explaining, and the company sent me a brand new one! They even had more color options than when I bought my original band, and let me pick out a new color! Expectations exceeded!

  2. I am a fairly emotional person. When dealing with an angry person, I tend to get uncomfortable and try not to say much to avoid saying the wrong thing. In the past, I may have taken it personally and started escalating the situation by adding my own emotionally charged responses, when I should have removed myself emotionally and composed a response rather than an emotional reaction.

  3. There is a wide range of diversity in my environment. I tend to keep my own personal opinions to myself, until the person I am interacting with either states or hints at their own personal opinion on a topic. If I disagree with an individual on a topic, I will not make it known unless I am on a comfortable level of friendship with said individual. I once had a coworker who was communicating her support for the Anti-Vaccination movement at work, which I do not agree with. Since we were not very close, and we were in a work environment, I did not express my disagreement. To keep things civil, I just nodded and showed her that I was engaged in what she was saying, and thankfully she never asked my personal opinion on the matter.


I would love to work in a pharmaceutical company and serve as a sales representative where I meet customers and physicians on a one-on-one contact to market product and services. This will give me the opportunity to learn about other competitors of our company and present advantages of our products to our customers.
As a customer, I prefer prompt and courteous service. This is very important as the customer service worker can defeat the goal to return to patronize the store again. I believe all these have been covered in the context of this course
I have personally met an individual who for a long time would not care about other products simply because he gets a product from a convenience store down the street where he lives. I introduced him to another product which he can order online and have it delivered to his doorstep and this opened his eyes to our product which he even got other varieties of. Apparently he lives alone and does most of his shopping in that store simply because it was closeby and saves him the cost and time to go around looking for it. It turns out he was paying more, but shopping online was even more convenient and at no additional cost.


I had problems with delivery of a product I purchased, I was making the purchase for an international delivery and the product was not delivered for about 4 weeks. This was not resolved rather from the tracking it was reported delivered. I made calls to complain so the cost of the product was eventually refunded but the problem from my end was that I could not meet up with my own delivery to a client. My client could not trust me for a timely delivery again, I tried severally to calm him and propose to compensate with a new product but because the gift was meant for another person elsewhere, this chain of disruption was totally a mess!
If my customer is not making any purchases, I now make calls just to ensure I do not loose this customer and can rebuild my reputation.


Problems with returns, some of my past customers have returned products that have been overused but still within the return period. These products they claim were sold in bad conditions in the first place, I will then make report of such for the manager to look into it