CUST105: Unit 2 Discussion

  1. What are some examples of problems you or someone you know may have had with a company based on a faulty product or service? How did it get resolved?
    A customer complained not to have been handled well by a certain employee and they felt unappreciated by how the employee handled them. The matter was solved by the customer care representative apologizing profusely on behalf of the institution and went on to offer a discount for the inconvenience caused. The employee involved was summoned and was made to understand that both her verbal and non verbal communication were out of line and not in line with the company policy and was recommended for further training on customer care.
  2. Consider a situation where you had to deal with an angry person. How did you handle it? What might you have done differently using some of the methods described in this unit?
    The best way to handle an angry person is first to mind your voice tone, always keep calm no matter who is on the wrong and maintain a warm both verbal an non verbal communication and avoid being confrontational.
  3. What sorts of diversity do you find in your immediate environment of family, friends, work, school, groups, and so on? How do you best interact with the differences in cultural backgrounds and behaviors?
    Understanding and appreciating the diversity in both cultural background and behavioral approaches is very vital. Being open minded at all times and more accommodating goes a long way in maintaining a cordial relationship