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CUST105: Unit 2 Short Writing Exercise: The Customer Service Workplace


As a Manager of a Customer Service Department I would have to say some qualities that I look for in a Call Center Representative is their ability to de-escalate and stabilize their customer, ability to provide effective/supportive listening, empathize, and also their phone etiquette.

Focusing on nonverbal communication would be a great technique to use as the Chapter indicated, “It’s not so much in what we say, but in how we say it.” Having the appropriate phone etiquette (tone, pace) goes a long way with escalated callers and prevent the intervention of Management. As Management staff we look to staff as Leads who can de-escalate and stabilize their caller on their own without additional supports from the Management team.

Overall with knowing the description of the job along with the expectations in terms of Quality of Service, I believe you can develop these new hires to reach their full potential.