CUST105: Unit 3 Discussion


When on the phone you should identify yourself, then ask the customer how you may I be of help to them? May sure you ask their name. Speak clearly, slowly, have a friendly tone, and listen to what the customer is saying.

When communicating through computer: make sure your words are spell correctly, use proper grammar. Be brief and to the point.

I’ve learned to stop procrastinating, put things of important in order, and write things down so I wont forget.

I’ve worked with family members organizing our family reunion gathering. As a chairperson, you have to be able to dedicate responsibility, be precise and clear. This was a huge project that was a great success.

  1. When talking on the telephone, what techniques have you found useful? What might you do differently based on this unit’s readings?

When talking on the phone with a customer I have found useful to show patience, kindness, and be understanding and put yourself in the customer’s shoes. I would definitely have to work on my patience with the customer and not losing my temper when having to repeat or reword certain things.

  1. When communicating over the computer, what tactics have you found useful? What might you add to those based on this unit’s readings?

When you are communicating over the computer you have to make sure your text could not be interpreted the wrong way but still have a clear objective towards the subject.

  1. What are your own most effective ways of managing your time? What tips from this unit might help you do it better?

Managing time can be hard if you don’t have a clear plan. Make sure to know exactly what needs to be done and in what time limit in order to manage properly.

  1. Have you ever worked on a team project, either at work, on the job, or just a family task? How did it go? What might you suggest?

I have worked on many team projects and papers in high school and college and they can be very difficult if your whole team isn’t putting enough effort in. I suggest choosing your group wisely not just about who your friends are.


When talking on the telephone, what techniques have you found useful? What might you do differently based on this unit’s readings? when i’m talking on the phone the techniques i use that are helpful are manners and patience.
When communicating over the computer, what tactics have you found useful? What might you add to those based on this unit’s readings? when communicating over the computer the tactics i found useful are patience.
What are your own most effective ways of managing your time? What tips from this unit might help you do it better? my own effective ways to manage time is planning.

  1. When talking on the telephone techniques that I have found useful would be to be precise and straight forward. I would make sure the customer gets their problem solved.
  2. When communicating over the computer I would make sure the information I am saying is correct. From the reading I would add that you should make sure you are saying the right thing because this information could be held against you.
  3. To manage time I write things down and complete them as I go. Tips that would help me manage time more are to not procrastinate and work with others.
  4. Yes. It went horrible because I end up doing all the work. Next time I would suggest everyone get a certain task and make sure they complete their task.


1.I have found that we should let the customer know everything we are doing. If the customer placed on hold, you should let them know and if you transfer them, you should tell them why and to whom they are being transferred to.

  1. You should use correct grammar and be direct. In the readings, I learned we type construct message that is concise yet comprehensive. Use template copies to avoid unnecessary errors.

  2. I think the most effective way to manage my time is write everything down in an agenda. I agree with the unit when it says to leave work problems at work your life would be less stressful.

  3. In class, we had to work on a group project. The project was finished but we waited till last minute to finish it up. I suggest make a schedule and include meetings and deadlines. By doing this you do not have to rush at the end.

  1. Using a proper tone, speak with understanding not to fast, volume to convey commitment and compentency. Be polite, smile so the customers can feel you happiness through the telephone.
  2. when you communicate in a computer be brief, and be clear. Make sure there are no typos. Short message that convey information concisely but completely is a good style.
  3. The effective time management is to take time to complete whatever goal or task you may have. Write down a schedule and how long it should take you to fulfil that task or goal.
  4. The team project I’ve worked on is my families annual Christmas Dinner. Each of the woman are assign a dish to prepare and the men set up we all get together and decorate the place where we hold the dinner at. Kids also help with the clean-up afterwards. If you don’t want to help you don’t have to, it’s not required.

  1. Some techniques I have found useful while speaking on the phone are speaking with a kind and excited tone to my voice. When you sound happy, the customer is more likely to be happy back to you which would make a transaction easier. I would also speak clearly so that nothing is misunderstood between me and the customer.
  2. When you communicate over the computer, you need to make sure your spelling and grammar are correct, as well as your punctuation. I would double check the messages that I am writing over the computer to make sure everything is correct.
  3. A few ways that I manage my time is I write down what I need to do in my planner and plan out what needs to be done by what time. I try to put things that I have to do in order so I won’t go out of my way to do something.
  4. I work on team projects a good bit. They all seem to go well for the most part. Sometimes there are one or two people that cause arguments within the group, but everything always works out. I would suggest that the people in the group communicate more and work their problems out so that they do better with projects.

  1. When talking on the telephone, first I ask the name of the person I’m talking to so I can occasionally utter it, since everybody loves the sound of their own name. Also, I find the tone and phase of the voice very important in telephonic communication because it can be a souce of miscommunication. As they say, it’s not what we say, it’s how we say it. Smiling on the phone is a nice trick as well. Yes, it can’t be seen by the person on the other line but they can somehow feel it.

  2. Nowadays, e-communication is very well used. It’s easy, fast, and convenient. Also, all that we post online can be archieved and can stay there for a long time. Therefore, we should make sure that all that we put online are well-put, whether on e-mail, social media, websites, forums, etc. Messages using e-communications must be concise yet comprehensive that is why we have to make more time in making these short but on-point messages that we put online.

  3. I like the “eat-the-frog-first” idea wherein big tasks are done first. When all the responsibilities are done, the remaining time would be for all the miscellaneous tasks, time for hobbies and for self.

  4. Just recently, my family and I worked together to decorate our store for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. I was the one searching online for some decor ideas, outlining the designs and making some patterns. My sister helped in cutting some decorations and my brother was the one who wrote the valentines signs. My mother, on the other hand, helped in hanging the decors. Everyone helped in ways we can. I am good at suggesting an idea on what to do, and so this is the first time we have Valentine decorations. I set the plan and asked for my siblings’ help. My sister loved cutting the outlines of hearts and cupids, so I let her, then my brother is good at calligraphy so I ask him to write some “Be Mine” and “Happy Valentine’s” signs. My mother is good at seeing where should things be placed, so she’s the one who hang the decors with a little bit of help from us. So from that simple situation, teamwork was present. And what I like about it is that our strengths are different but we used it in doing something together, and that I think is the essence of teamwork.

  1. I have found that talking clearly and softly on the phone to a customer is very effective. I cannot think of anything else that I would do differently.

  2. I have found that communicatiing over the computer, you need to be short, sweet, and to the point when getting your point across. If you are not, then you will lose your customers attention because they don’t want to read two pages to get what you’re saying. What I would do differently the next time I communicate over the computer is use templates to explain my point.

  3. My most effective way of managing my time is keeping everything that I have to do written down in a daily planner. What tip I got from this reading is to be more patient.

  4. I have worked on a project team for one of my college classes. It went well, the only thing was we didn’t communicate well with one another, but we still got all of the work completed. I would suggest to others that when picking a group, make sure that it is with people that you know will contribute to the project and communicate well and work well with others.


• Using a clear voice
• Talking without noise in the background
• Try not to pause to many times

o Spell words correct
o Get straight to the point
o Be precise

 Being on time
 Leaving earlier

 I’ve worked on a team project at school and I can say that it was a success. If everyone in the team has an input then everything will work out. There’s no I in team so if one person is giving all the ideas then there’s no team.

  1. Smiling is important. A customer can tell you have a positive attitude even from a phone call.
  2. Get straight to the point and d not be too wordy.
  3. Time management is the most effective way.
    4.Working on a team project requires a contribution from every member.


1.Being attentive to what the caller is saying.
2.Proof reading before sending the mail to rule out any errors.
3. Eat a healthy food and visit the gym at least three times in a week.
4.Yes it is very efficient, sometimes when you are lock up somewhere in a field which is best know by one of your team member, you just ask for help and they do it right away.

  • While talking with customers on the phone you want to consider your tone of voice. Your communication with the customers should decrease frustration and dissatisfaction. Your voice should be calm and friendly while also speaking clearly. Speak on the same leave as the customer use short word and sentences so your customer isn’t overwhelmed by jargon they might not understand. Quickly resolve your customers issues, give them their options and come to the solution together. Let the customer have a say in the resolution. If you are unable to sole the issue than transfer them to some one who can. Explain to the customer why you need to transfer them to someone else and how they are equipped to better help them with this problem. Make sure the person that is I receiving the customer knows the situation and understands what tis being asked of them. The should not have to keep repeating the situation over again. When you are reunited with the customer thank them for understanding why you need to transfer them and make sure the problem is resolved and handled appropriately.

  • When communicating over computer we need to remember that these communications last longer than most interactions. With these messages or post things can get lost in translation. For instance, the short messages can be taken as rude and temperamental. Your goal with this type of communication is to make the message concessive and comprehensible. Short messages can be taken as rude and temperament. So, make sure your message sends the right tone. You want to give a cordial tone while keeping your customers attention and giving them the information, they desire. Try using a template that is already set up to explain an issue that is already being handled. Make sure to personalize your messages so that customers feel as if you are focusing on them.

  • Planning is the best way thig to start with on effective time management. You need plan all task for the day week and month accordingly. Spend the appropriate time on each task and get the task done in a timely manner. To not put task off get them as soon as you can. Make sure high priority task are done first.

  • To make team work the best you need a common goal to reach together. The goal needs to be communicate effectively and clearly. Each person in the group needs to have duties to help the group reach each milestone to get to the final goal. Each person needs to have skill set that the bring to table. With everyone’s skill set brought together should make reach the goal a simple task. As team you should have a bond that makes working together easier and smooth. The bond the team has will help in making your vision a reality. You should have a positive work environment with your team that makes the task simple to work on.

  1. I have found that speaking at a normal rate of speed and sincerely over the phone helps.
    After reading this unit I realised that word choice is an important aspect to telephonic communications since the person on the other end isn’t able to see how you are communicating the messages to them.
    So word choice and formally addressing the recipient allows for them to hear some sincerity over the phone.
  2. When I have used email, a couple of times I sent lengthy emails and I also learned from this unit that in emails you should address one to at most two questions or statements. That using formal salutations and keeping emails sincere and succinct is the best method for electronic communications.
  3. When I have alot of assignments, I will prioritize first and not procrastinate.
    I learned from this unit that motivation helps manage time and to allow short breaks for myself which in turn will allow me to refresh and to be more productive.
  4. I worked as a team with some former co-workers while completed inventory.
    We didn’t have any issues at all working as a team, and I believe that it is related to us always working as a team even when we had distinct work duties and not assembled as a team.
    We would always help one another as well if one needed help or answers to a question, we were all willing to help one another at any time during the work day.
    This seemed to contribute to us working so well on team assignments.
    I believe that always seeing your co workers as a team that this will benefit each other during the work day and during team assignments.

  1. When talking on the telephone, I found that speaking slowly is very useful. After reading this unit, I would use a more cheerful tone because sometimes my tone can come off as being upset.

  2. When communicating over the computer, I try to be straight to the point but I end up rambling. I would start using templates more, so I can construct a more suitable message.

  3. I wish i could better manage my time. I could begin to start making task lists. I could jot down things that I have to do. Take breaks in between working so I can feel refreshed, instead of trying to do everything at once.

  4. Yes, I have worked on a team project. It was successful actually. We should’ve actually sit down and brainstormed first, so things would have went a lot smoother and faster.


When talking on the phone I try to observe what the customer is saying. Then I usually talk in a slow speed so that the customer will understand what I am saying.
When communicating over the computer I usually read the message more than once to make sure I understand the message.
Managing my time I usually go over what is most important task to the least. I begin doing task that needs to be don right away first.
Yes work on a school project and it went well. We had two students to research one part of the project and the others worked on the other part of the project.


When talking on the telephone, what techniques have you found useful? I find it useful to listen and wait until the other person is finished speaking before I speak.
What might you do differently based on this unit’s readings? I will probably attempt to speak at a more paced rate.
When communicating over the computer, what tactics have you found useful? I find it useful to summarize my meanings and be clear and concise in what I write. What might you add to those based on this unit’s readings? N/A
What are your own most effective ways of managing your time? I set goals and give myself deadlines on when to complete them. What tips from this unit might help you do it better? N/A
Have you ever worked on a team project, either at work, on the job, or just a family task? How did it go? What might you suggest? No


Living a geographical distance apart from close friends and family has emphasized a personal need for telephone communication in my life, while my job provides the need for professional telephone usage. No matter what context a conversation is occuring in, I have found that asking clarifying questions to resolve uncertainties can be very helpful. When speaking, use simple phrases and keep communication concise. Make yourself easy to understand through simple phrases, despite the unclarity telephone communication can bring.
I believe the key to effective e-communication is in the clarity and conciseness of the message. Keeping e-communications brief and on-topic represent how e-communications were originally intended and how they can effectively bring a group together on a point. A clear subject line, breaks in body text, and simple phrasing contributes to the clarity of the communication.
I like to use weekly and daily activity schedules, cell phone reminders, and Google Calendar for time management. Taking breaks on a regular schedule and collaborating with my managers to ensure productivity and time management are new ideas to me that came from this chapter, and I would like to implement them in my future work.
Going to college requires you to work in many different types and formations of teams. Athletic and academic teams are more formal with rigid structure, while a think tank between classmates or a peer review group can be examples of informal teams with looser structure. In school, I always found that it was easier to work on a team of passionate and driven people. Being around others who share your goals can be inspiring when each member is passionate about the same thing and championing the same cause. As far as teamwork is concerned, you get what you give. A team experience can be healthy, powerful, and even fun if that is what each member brings to the group.

  1. I try to smile into the phone. Based on this unit’s reading, I would have to say that I should probably listen more carefully.

  2. Keep it short and to the point, don’t add a lot of emotion into what you write, keep it to the facts.

  3. I have tried managing my time by setting an alarm so I know when it’s time to move on to something else. Something that might help manage time is to make lists of things that need to be done and check them off as they are accomplished.

  4. After our Dad passed on a couple of months ago, my sisters and I went and cleaned up the family graves so they would look nice when the time to bury Dad came. It went well, I am disabled, so they did the cleaning and I followed along with a trash bag to hold the debris they cleaned from the graves. I can’t think of anything I might suggest to improve that situation, but on a team at work, it might work best to make sure everyone has a part and that they follow through with it.

  1. I have found that when talking on the phone it is useful to listen carefully and try to understand what they customer is conveying. Make sure you don’t have a tone to your voice, a customer can tell if you are being nice or not.

  2. I have found it useful to proof read what ever I am going to sent. Use proper spelling, do not ever use slang terms or abbreviate the word you are trying to use to try and make your response look short. Make sure you are making it clear what you are trying to let the customer know.

  3. When managing my time at work, if I have a bit of work that needs to be done I need to start with what is most important to what is the least important to get done. I manage my time well and understand that I would need to manage it well to help as many customers as I can but not to try and rush threw customers, make sure I help one before moving to the next one.

  4. I have worked as a team on a class project. It went well because we both showed up to our agreed meetings outside of class. We all put together our project by doing what we knew each one of us could do. We made sure each of us was assigned a part of our project that we could complete.