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CUST105: Unit 3 Discussion

  1. I have to be careful about the volume at which I talk to my customer the choice of words, and the pace at which I talk. I think if i have to do something different then I need to listen carefully and intervene only after there is a pause on the side of the caller, this is because often people both the caller and the receiver want their points to go through and both parties end up understanding little or nothing from what the other person is saying.

  2. The tactics I found useful are

  3. Write brief

  4. Check several times or called somebody else to check on your behalf before you send.

  5. Be polite

  6. Take special care of the way you introduce and end your letter

  7. I will also ask the recipient to indicate if he /she would prefer to be contacted through telephone in the future.

  8. I have worked in several projects both at home and at work, some did not go well or still, the initial objectives were not entirely met. I suggest that any project must be properly investigated to understand the project environment before moving to the planning phase. Projects need proper planning if not we end up spending to fail.

Telephone communication: Use the caller’s name as soon as you know it, be sincere to the customer, be polite to the customer as well, and adopt a positive tone.
Computer communication: be precise, polite, and brief, be considerate of time frames, use a considerate tone over email,
Team work effectiveness: Establish trust because no team can stand in the absence of trust among team members, understand yourself and your emotions, understand others too, define roles so that each person knows what they have to do.
Personal development: Find a mentor, read often, research, go for further training, have enough rest and relaxation, find a role model you can look up to, stay honest with your self.