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CUST105: Unit 3 Short Writing Exercise: Customer Service Skillsets


My new employees have to listen carefully to customers on telephone. You have to adjust their voice tone and speech rate. Never take complaints or criticism personally but instead empathize with the customers and apologize.If you are forced to hold up a customer, excuse and apologize for any delay.
For computer communications , try to write brief and concise messages.Respond to any comment and never ignore it as you think it is the company fault .Always show respect to the customers.
For my employees, everyone of you is different with different skills and aims but here, you are one team, everyone complements the others and works to achieve the vision of our company.
At the end, our company never forget that you are humans who need rest and good health. So, take your break, rest, eat your lunch, go to the gym and please never bring the work problems and conflicts with you when you are home.Just listen to your favorite music and take lavander shower