CUST105: Unit 3 Short Writing Exercise: Customer Service Skillsets


My new employees have to listen carefully to customers on telephone. You have to adjust their voice tone and speech rate. Never take complaints or criticism personally but instead empathize with the customers and apologize.If you are forced to hold up a customer, excuse and apologize for any delay.
For computer communications , try to write brief and concise messages.Respond to any comment and never ignore it as you think it is the company fault .Always show respect to the customers.
For my employees, everyone of you is different with different skills and aims but here, you are one team, everyone complements the others and works to achieve the vision of our company.
At the end, our company never forget that you are humans who need rest and good health. So, take your break, rest, eat your lunch, go to the gym and please never bring the work problems and conflicts with you when you are home.Just listen to your favorite music and take lavander shower


Welcome to the company. I would like to go over some of the ways you all could be most effective in telephone and computer communications. Secondly team work effectiveness and personal development.

The most important thing I have realized is that everyone you and I communicate with is different in the way they see any given situation, in addition they already have set in there mind how they want it handled by the company or person they are dealing with.

I find that with telephone clients they want to here concern in your voice, when it comes to whatever it is they are communicating to you. Your response is either going to put you in the drivers seat or it will irritate the client and shut down the area of co-operation from the client.

As for communication by computer. All correspondence by computer must be legible. It hast to have a purpose and spell out what it is you are trying to convey. Most importantly it must be brief.

Being a team player comes with experience with working with others to reach a common goal.
There is no ( I ) in team. So to be a team player you have to become selfless and open mined to receive feedback. You must be considerate of others ideas and points of view. And then collectively find a solution or an effective means to a common issue. Personal development also plays a big roll in your professional goals also. Because the more you develop personally passes on to your work ethics, and your overall performance.
If you have managed stress triggers you have created a since of control over all an any given scenarios.
So as you can see there are many ways you all can be effective in your positions, and more over you all have different thinking processes and ways of dealing with unique scenarios witch is a reflection of the company you work for. My main advice is to always stay one step ahead of any given situation by staying informed. Keep up to date on company changes and policies, new products or services, any delay in services, budget cuts etc…


“I welcome you to new employee orientation today. We are going to work today on basic best practices to communicate effectively over the telephone and electronic email, as well as we can develop better team work and personal growth habits. There are a few guidelines that can make a huge difference in communicating over the phone. First of all, always remember that even though you cannot see this person, they are indeed a real person on the other end of the line, with concerns, problems and wanting to be heard. They will be listening to every bit of your nonverbal communication, so it’s very important that you watch your voice tone, the word selection and learn to listen more than you talk. It’s sometimes helpful to invision the person is standing right in front of you, using the same facial expressions and words that you would use if they were truly standing in your presence. Always try to keep you voice friendly, concerned, and free of escalation, no matter how escalated they may get. Don’t talk too fast. Enunciate your words very clearly. Try as quickly as you can to discern what the real issue is for the client and how you can help. Try to avoid having him have to talk to too many other co workers. If you have to transfer the call, be sure to explain that if they are lost in the call how to reconnect if necessary. Give the client the impression that you are there to advocate for their needs and work with them. In other words, they need to know that you are on their side. Sometimes most of your communication will be via email or other electronic methods of communication. People generally get email fatigue. They prefer that messages be concise and clear direction of what they are supposed to do. Try to close your email with words that reassure your concern and how to reach back to you if needed. As you grow in your career in customer service, it is going to be imperative that you also grow as a team member. One of the most important things you can do is to “manage up” your team members to the customer. Never give the impression that someone did not do the job that they were supposed to do. It really just makes everyone look bad when you do that. Respect others in your work world, and they will respect you. This enables everyone to work well together. Lastly, one of the most important thing that you can do for yourself and your career is to commit to being a life long learner. Invest in continuing education and training for your job. Our company desires that you keep growing. In orientation we are just giving you the basics and getting you started. There are always new ways to grow and keep learning. As we teach your theories and best practices, you will find that experience is itself the best teacher. It’s the place where head knowledge and realities meet. Be a student of people. Let every encounter teach you, and you will gain more and more wisdom in how to be the best customer service representative you can be.!”