CUST105: Unit 3 Short Writing Exercise: Customer Service Skillsets

My new employees have to listen carefully to customers on telephone. You have to adjust their voice tone and speech rate. Never take complaints or criticism personally but instead empathize with the customers and apologize.If you are forced to hold up a customer, excuse and apologize for any delay.
For computer communications , try to write brief and concise messages.Respond to any comment and never ignore it as you think it is the company fault .Always show respect to the customers.
For my employees, everyone of you is different with different skills and aims but here, you are one team, everyone complements the others and works to achieve the vision of our company.
At the end, our company never forget that you are humans who need rest and good health. So, take your break, rest, eat your lunch, go to the gym and please never bring the work problems and conflicts with you when you are home.Just listen to your favorite music and take lavander shower

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Welcome to the company. I would like to go over some of the ways you all could be most effective in telephone and computer communications. Secondly team work effectiveness and personal development.

The most important thing I have realized is that everyone you and I communicate with is different in the way they see any given situation, in addition they already have set in there mind how they want it handled by the company or person they are dealing with.

I find that with telephone clients they want to here concern in your voice, when it comes to whatever it is they are communicating to you. Your response is either going to put you in the drivers seat or it will irritate the client and shut down the area of co-operation from the client.

As for communication by computer. All correspondence by computer must be legible. It hast to have a purpose and spell out what it is you are trying to convey. Most importantly it must be brief.

Being a team player comes with experience with working with others to reach a common goal.
There is no ( I ) in team. So to be a team player you have to become selfless and open mined to receive feedback. You must be considerate of others ideas and points of view. And then collectively find a solution or an effective means to a common issue. Personal development also plays a big roll in your professional goals also. Because the more you develop personally passes on to your work ethics, and your overall performance.
If you have managed stress triggers you have created a since of control over all an any given scenarios.
So as you can see there are many ways you all can be effective in your positions, and more over you all have different thinking processes and ways of dealing with unique scenarios witch is a reflection of the company you work for. My main advice is to always stay one step ahead of any given situation by staying informed. Keep up to date on company changes and policies, new products or services, any delay in services, budget cuts etc…

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“I welcome you to new employee orientation today. We are going to work today on basic best practices to communicate effectively over the telephone and electronic email, as well as we can develop better team work and personal growth habits. There are a few guidelines that can make a huge difference in communicating over the phone. First of all, always remember that even though you cannot see this person, they are indeed a real person on the other end of the line, with concerns, problems and wanting to be heard. They will be listening to every bit of your nonverbal communication, so it’s very important that you watch your voice tone, the word selection and learn to listen more than you talk. It’s sometimes helpful to invision the person is standing right in front of you, using the same facial expressions and words that you would use if they were truly standing in your presence. Always try to keep you voice friendly, concerned, and free of escalation, no matter how escalated they may get. Don’t talk too fast. Enunciate your words very clearly. Try as quickly as you can to discern what the real issue is for the client and how you can help. Try to avoid having him have to talk to too many other co workers. If you have to transfer the call, be sure to explain that if they are lost in the call how to reconnect if necessary. Give the client the impression that you are there to advocate for their needs and work with them. In other words, they need to know that you are on their side. Sometimes most of your communication will be via email or other electronic methods of communication. People generally get email fatigue. They prefer that messages be concise and clear direction of what they are supposed to do. Try to close your email with words that reassure your concern and how to reach back to you if needed. As you grow in your career in customer service, it is going to be imperative that you also grow as a team member. One of the most important things you can do is to “manage up” your team members to the customer. Never give the impression that someone did not do the job that they were supposed to do. It really just makes everyone look bad when you do that. Respect others in your work world, and they will respect you. This enables everyone to work well together. Lastly, one of the most important thing that you can do for yourself and your career is to commit to being a life long learner. Invest in continuing education and training for your job. Our company desires that you keep growing. In orientation we are just giving you the basics and getting you started. There are always new ways to grow and keep learning. As we teach your theories and best practices, you will find that experience is itself the best teacher. It’s the place where head knowledge and realities meet. Be a student of people. Let every encounter teach you, and you will gain more and more wisdom in how to be the best customer service representative you can be.!”

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Best practices for telephone service: Remember your tone is your only means of nonverbal communication. Keep it warm, friendly, and confident. Smile and remember your actual body language and attitude will affect the tone of your voice. Say things like “ah”, “uh huh”, “I see”, “continue”, etc. to let them know you’re listening and do listen well. Beyond that follow the same things you would if they were in person.

If the automation system is bad or they had to wait, apologize quickly.

If you need to put them on hold or transfer them, explain why and ask first. Don’t leave them on hold long and check in every 20-30 seconds with an update. If you transfer them, introduce them to the new person and explain the situation for them.

Best practices for written communication: Keep it short and concise but very clear. Include pleasantries whenever possible, and choose a good beginning and ending. Also check for grammatical errors carefully.

Best practices for team work: Help each other and treat each other kindly and with respect. Don’t have an “I’m right and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong” attitude. Join in bonding activities and appreciate and focus on each other’s strengths and differences. Nonetheless, also remember everyone has weaknesses. When conflicts arise, try to resolve them quickly between just you and the other person. Do not talk about it with anyone else aside from the manager if necessary. If this doesn’t work then bring it to the manager. Remember, we’ll all in this together so let’s help each other and avoid activities, words, and attitudes that hurt each other.

Best practices for personal development: Leave work problems at work. Take care of yourself and let your manager know if you are being overworked. Don’t absorb others’ negative emotions. Do things that are meaningful to you and have a life outside of work. Make sure to get enough rest and take breaks as needed. Also keep learning and use bad and good experiences alike to help you learn and grow.

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Hello new customer service employees. You have just started a wonderful journey of a fulfilling career in customer service. When working with customers, there are specific protocols you need to follow in order to guarantee a satisfied customer. Your specific field of customer service is telephone and computer communication. When you are employed in this field there are key points to touch on and remember. For the telephone segment of your job, it is important to speak in a way that will calm the customer down. If we speak as if we are just as frustrated as they are, the customer’s anxiety will rise. When you have a customer that has high anxiety, it makes for a harder task completion. Do everyone a favor and speak easily. Remember to speak in a normal tone of voice and try to use easy vocabulary. Listen the customer and try to match their volume. If they are screaming of course, do not follow their tone hear. It is your goal to calm them down and fix their problem, not rale them up. Follow these steps to try and make a quick, successful telephone call.

  1. Understand the customer’s issue
  2. Pose solutions to the issue
  3. Discuss with the customer’s the best solution to their specific problem
  4. Resolve the issue at hand
    If you’re in one of these situations and you cannot successfully fix the customers issue, then you need to transfer them. To do this, there are steps to follow.
  5. Explain to the customer why you need to transfer them
  6. If they need to be on hold, check every 20-30 seconds to make sure they know you’re taking care of them
  7. Do not transfer them to someone that will need the situation explained to them again
  8. Always thank them for waiting
    Moving right along to computer communication techniques, there are also specific rules to follow. When writing an e-mail, it is important to remember to keep it brief and only focus on one to two key points. If you start to write anymore, the reader may get confused and miss key information. Do not make your emails too short. There is a nice, pleasant way to keep things brief and also a rude way. Make sure to still introduce yourself and make the person who is reading it feel like the message is specifically for them. Use Mr., Mrs., and Ms. to address your emails and open them. Always make sure to close your email correctly. You can do this by using sincerely and best regards. Make sure your subject line tells exactly what you’re writing about. If you follow all these steps you will have a well-rounded email.
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Hello , my name is ally pascal angel , I’m your manager , and how we are going to survive successfully in this department depends on you and I , I mean, how we work and relax , I want total effectiveness and concentration so in my own spare time this is how and what I have been doing for you all.

Quick response auto messages
Our customer base is very large , they come in floods , and for you to keep all of them in check , we have to use the (QRAM) it will help you line up your customers according to their needs , all you need to see at the end is their needs and tackle them immediately so as not to spend too much time on one customer . for calls , be courteous , yet quick , you thank them for calling , apologize for the issue and ask them how you can help them. They tell you , you work on it . you thank them and tell them to call you back if they have any future developments .

Work Hours
Now I want you all to be effective for me . so I’ll do a switch-rest , where one person can rest for 2 30mins per day to effectively do their work , in a day , you have to use 30mins twice to rest your brain and body and do anything bothering you so as not to overdo or underdo your work .

Are we clear? Thank you for your time and let’s turn here to the heaven of answers

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As the manager of a customer service department, there are certain key aspects that would make any employee be effective in their position. The main ones are how we communicate with out customers, whether it is though telephonic or e-communication.

When speaking through a telephonic service we must always remember to use a calm and friendly voice, to convey warmth and concern, as well as try to match our speech rate and vocabulary to those of our customer.Remembering that the person on the other end of the phone might have been trying to reach us for a long time, and find a solution for their problem is also crucial,because they may be upset and overwhelmed. Plus, a lot of customers may be irritated if we have to transfer their call to someone else, so the best thing to do is to explain the reason why, ask for their permission, and try to assure that they won’t have to explain once again the reason of their call to someone else.

In dealing with E-communication the main challenge we will encounter is in constructing a message that is concise yet comprehensive. They are typically brief, focusing on a key point or two, yet attempt to convey complete messages without the need of ongoing back and forths. Other key things to keep in mind while writing them are:

  • Always include pleasantries, as not to come across as rude or disrespectful
  • Message must gain the attention of the customer
  • Try to have a template copy that you can personalize as necessary
  • Always review your messages
  • Have a team member review or supervisor review them when possible.

There will be times when you will be required to work in a team, and will need to collaborate with certain people in order to complete a certain task. In order for the team to be effective there are certain steps that if the team follows will lead them to a successful completion of the end goal. The main one is to assign clear and defined duties, mileposts and expected end goals, the common vision & mission shared among the team. What steps each of the members is going to take in order to reach your goal. As a team you need to trust that your supervisors brought you all together for a reason, and that you all have something unique to bring to the group. The best way to get along as a team is to try to listen and welcome all differing opinions and everyone’s creativity.

One of the most important aspects of any work if to know how to take care of your physical and mental health. Your own care and personal development is your responsibility, this doesn’t mean spoiling and pampering yourself, but sometimes forcing yourself to do things you may want to avoid, or motivating yourself to work on your personal growth and even saying ‘no’ to things that may hinder your self development. It also includes making sure that you take a break every 90 minutes to relax and give a chance to your mind to rest for a bit. another way to better your personal development is to make sure you rest after you’re done with work, to make sure you don’t take the issues home with you at the end of your shift, to give yourself an hour just to replenish and rest, do whatever helps your mind rest and restores calm. You can not help others unless you’re taking care of yourself.

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As a manager orientating new employees on best practices in telephone and computer communication as well as teamwork effectiveness and personal development, I would let them understand that our voice and the voice of our customers become the essential medium of communication. We should speak at a proper rate of speed and volume, with a tone that conveys commitment and competency assuring them that a solution to their problem is on its way. Writing for electronic media may necessarily be brief, yet must clearly and succinctly convey important detail while maintaining a cordial tone and the Internet is also a valuable tool for searching out answers to issues you may be working with, as well as developing your own career.

More importantly, workers should beware of allowing negative emotions at the job place to affect their well-being; Creating time for relaxation and other activities can help a person rejuvenate and keep a healthy perspective on work and life.

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(a) Speak at a proper rate of speed and volume with a tone that conveys commitment and competency
(b) Ask for permission before placing a customer on hold.
(c ) Thank the customer for their patience, apologize for any delays, assure them that a solution to their problem is on the way.
(a) Be brief, clear and convey important detail while maintaining a cordial tone.
(b) Avoid unnecessary work, typos, ambiguities and misinformation
(c )Double check for errors before sending
(a) Common vision and mission shared among all team members
(b) the complimentary skills of each team member
(c ) Interpersonal bonds that tie it all together.
(a) Take proper steps for time management and productivity.
(b) Sufficient rest periods every 90 minutes.
(c ) Beware of allowing negative emotions at the job place to affect their well-being.
(d) Create time for relaxation and other activities for rejuvenation.

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Customer Service: Best Practices in Communication, Team Work Effectiveness & Personal Development

Almost all the interactions you will have as a customer service representative with this company will be telephone/telephonic and computer communications. You will need to tune into other clues, besides facial expressions, to determine how a customer is feeling. The tone of voice you use with the customer over the phone should be calm, friendly and show concern for the customer’s needs. Additionally, the pace at which you speak should not be too fast or too slow, and match that of the customer’s pace of speech.
Transferring the customer to another department may be necessary but can also be rather frustrating to the customer. The best way to make the transition is to keep the customer informed of what is going on, tell them why the transfer is needed, and ask if they are okay with the transfer at this time. Communication across teams is very helpful when a transfer is needed. Instead of just cold transferring the customer, it would be more efficient to put the customer on hold and explain the situation to the representative with the new department. This will help to eliminate additional frustration from the customer having to explain their problem over and over.
You will also be communicating with customers via email on a day-to-day basis, so you must be able to convey complete messages without a need for on-going back-and-forth follow ups. You want the email to get to the point quickly, clearly, and without unnecessary clutter that tires the reader trying to untangle your message. The email should cover one or two critical topics or instructions. If you need to cover more than that, it may be better to write a separate message or possibly reach out to the customer over the phone.
Working well to create an effective team can sometimes be challenging but is very important. The three primary components of an effective team are a common vision, complementary team member skills, and bonding that holds the team together. If you can work for the best interests of the team, and help to resolve team problems and conflicts, it will help contribute to your own personal development within the company, and we will be more likely to consider you for any promotion opportunities.

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While orienting them on teamwork, I will explain how each member is an important part of the team. If one member fails the whole team fails and therefore, they have to sink or swim together. I will also charge them to be polite and friendly with customers at all times. as the face of the business, it is, therefore, your duty to ensure that customers are satisfied with our products and services in order for them to remain loyal to our business and also to be able to recommend us to other potential customers. above all phone, manners should be professional and no vulgar language is allowed.

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Telephonic communication is considered any type of voice-to-voice communication(with or without a video component).since they typically have no visual cues when speaking on the phone,it is essential they use tone of voice and careful word selection to connect with our customers.they should use calm and friendly voice to convey warmth and concern-seeking as always to form a partnership with customers to find a resolution to their problems.The tone of our voice should project our dedication to the customer.they should speak clearly using a normal voice with short words and sentences so as not to overwhelm the potentially frustrated and anxious customer.A good tip is to set our volume,speech rate and vocabulary level should match that of our customer.Think of a standard speech rate of about 140 words per minute,you may slow it down to meet the style of your customer.One of the most frustrating aspects of telephonic services is dealing with automated menu options along with voice mailboxes and call transfers.The best-case resolution to a telephone call is that you are able to discern the customers issues,describe the options,pick a suitable resolution with the customers participation and fix any problem.And in case of call transfer to another team member,colleague or a supervisor after building a rapport with a customer.First,explain the need for the transfer to your customers and ask for their permission to do so.once again put your customers through every steps and updates on your progress.
E-communication is also know as electronic communication,examples e-mails,social media,website post and other forms of writing for online platforms.By their nature and necessity,electronic communications such as e-mails and forum post are typically brief,focusing on a key point or two,yet they attempt to convey complete messages,but where the challenges lies:constructing a message that is brief yet comprehensive.
(1)By using template copy that has been customized and tested,they can avoid unnecessary work,typographical errors,ambiguities and misinformation.
(2)They must carefully consider how to open and close their messages,by sticking with openings and closings that are simple,cordial,clear and most importantly brief.
(3)Pause for a little time before sending or posting your messages,double check for errors and have a team member or supervisor review your copy prior to its sending or posting.
Teamwork is define as the cooperative effort of a team of people for a common end,of all challenging aspects of the customer service workplace effective team work may be the most trying.There are three primary components of effective team work.
(1)Common vision and mission shared among all team members.A guiding principle or mission statement.
(2)Complementary skills of each team member.
(3)Interpersonal bonds that ties it all.
Personal development on the job and after the job,doing things you might prefer to avoid,motivation yourself to work on personal growth,protect yourself with proper mindset and attitude,having sufficient rest and avoid strong negative emotions that can demolish your body immune system for hours.

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Customer service requires a full attention of an individual because you re dealing with persons of different race, class, and culture, attitude and attributes. It only your dedication and love for you positions that can help you fit in in solving problems for others.
The best practices in telephone and computer service managements are important competencies in customer service workers because all works are not done on a face- to face mode. In attending to customers via telephone calls, you attitude matters a lot. Even if you are not been seen by the customers, you voice tone passes a message across to them on either you re receptive or not. And so, you need to put on a friendly voice, and a smile too even if you are not seen. Proper attention should be given to the customers, there must be a connection drawn between you and the customer, answers must be provided, speak calmly, show concern and a simple apology will go farther than we expected, in the case of more complicated issues, explain to customers on the need to be transfered to another agent, in pleasing a hold on their calls too, always ensure a check back within the place of 20 to 30 seconds and also tender apologies for time wasted.

In a state of computer communication, ensure that all mails are replied, tender an appreciation for any orders and apologise for any stress or delay it might have caused, be informative and clear, no need for too many pleasantries, ensure you headings are well noted and ensure you crosscheck you sentences and spellings before sending.

Lastly, team work is one of the core interest that make a firm grow and productive too. Everyone of you must have a common goal and visions, disallow negative emotions, work together as a team. To bring about productivity

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Hello Mary,

Thank you for joining this team, we are happy to have you among us. Please feel free to reach any of your teammates whenever you need to. You can find many sources online with best practices that will help you.

These are just four of these values that you will find highly useful:

  1. Empathy. This is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It is the act of putting yourself in others’ shoes and seeing a problem from their point of view. You should the ability to have a human interaction with every customer.

  2. Listening. This is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process. Listening is key to all effective communication. Without the ability to listen effectively, messages are easily misunderstood.

  3. Desire to help. Helping others may just be the secret to living a life that is not only happier but also healthier, wealthier, more productive, and meaningful. In our career, this desire will help you to take key decisions when helping a customer.

  4. Understand how the product works. You will need to learn the whole cycle of our services. This will give you the ability to foresee the best path of action.

Please feel free to reach me anytime. You can call me via extension 101.

Best regards,

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Customer service involves working with several customers varying in different situations and attitudes. It should be your main goal to treat all customers with respect at all times even if the customer is not right. We always want the customer to walk away satisfied and to return again. We should always feel satisfied when that customer leaves our company that we did everything in our power to help that customer and leave them satisfied. We should stay calm at all times even if the customer is irrate show them empathy and understanding.
You are the face of the business you represent the products.

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I will recommend my team to greet the customers and make sure they collect their names and phone number to call them back in case the line disconnects or they need a follow up. It is important to be professional but friendly. The customers can’t be left in hold for too long and it is necessary not sound distracted or too short. sometimes you talk to represents that sounds distracted or are laughing when they answer. It is not only not professional but also rude.

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Telephonic communication would refer to a process of passing down information with or without a video component. Specific choice of words and customer tone of voice would would help understand the customer better since we cannot see the Customer. Here are some phone tactics you might want to consider.
1)choice of word and tone of voice
2)voice volume short brief words.
3)speech rate and vocabulary should match that of the customer
4) if you need to transfer the customer to a supervisor or another colleague, please follow this steps
A) Explain need for transfer and ask for permission to do so
B) in case you need to put the Customer on hold, check back every 20-30 seconds with progress update
C) Avoid transfer where the customer would have to explain the problem all over
D) When you return to your customer after finding proper connection, do well to apologise.
E) Introduce the customer to the new representative and assure customer that a solution is imment.

This includes emails, social media, cooperate web page and other online platform. You might want to:
a) construct a message that is short, concise and strict to the point
b)Avoid ambiguity and unnecessary details
c) maintain a cordial tone
d) covey message in short paragraphs.

Three major component of effective team work
a) common mission and vision shared among team members
2) complement skill of each team member
3) Interpersonal bond that tie us together.
Bruce Tuckman a psychologist explained the process of forming, storming and norming, the recognition of team work dynamics.
a)forming phase: Team are assembled, taking inventory of their collective skill base, define team direction.
b) storming phase: territories are stacked, confilcting personalities observed, differing missions argued.
Norming phase: team details are agreed on, group norm is established.


  1. proper workload assignments should be considered
    2)Take regular breaks
    4)Read something light
    5)listen to music
    6)Take a long bath
  2. find out other outlets for your talent and creativity, volunteer in church programs and Service clubs.
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Prepare a 300-500 word document as if you were the manager of a customer service department orienting new employees on the best practices in telephone and computer communications, as well as team work effectiveness and personal development. Based on this unit’s readings, what are the key suggestions you would offer to help your new employees be effective in their positions? Once you are done with the document, post it to the discussion thread and leave comments on your classmates’ work.

As a leader within my company it is my responsibility that I used the Coaching Cycle: Teach, Demonstrate, observe and coach. I need to teach my teach the proper phone etiquette that our company expects. Once I teach them, I then demonstrate to them our expectations (How we answer the phone, greeting, responding to the questions from the member, transferring the call if needed, relaying proper messages to who they need to go to, taking proper messages, etc). After the teaching step, I would them observe them on the phone assisting members, etc. The Follow up piece is the most crucial as after we do the first 3 steps, if we don’t continue to follow up throughout their time as a team member with us then they can then lose the skills that we have taught them. The follow up requires specific dates of check in’s etc.

Suggestions I would have for the new team member is that how we handle customers over the phone is just as important on how we handle them in person. We have to work harder over the phone to show the member on the line that they have our undivided attention and that we are truly thee to assist them. They at the time are the most important thing that we need to take care of an attempt to solve. To often I get, " There is a John on the line for you," my next question to the team member is do you know what its regarding or what the issue is, our team members do not dig deeper or ask proper questions to help the member. I train and develop my team members to be able to handle member issues and de-escalate the situation. Members on the phone want to be heard and listened to and that is what I help my front line team members to understand.

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I’ll advise them thus:
In a telephonic conversation, your voice matters a lot to your customers.
Use a calm, friendly voice to convey your message to your customers. The tone of your voice should show dedication and prove to your customers that you are willing to help them.
Also,speak clearly, using a normal volume, with short words and sentences.

E communications requires more skill. Your aim should be to attract customers to read your posts or mails. This requires professionalism, as the customer’s online are always busy. Besides, they are bombarded with so many messages from different sources at the same time. Thus, your message must be powerful enough to attract their attention.
To achieve this, keep it short. Succinctly convey necessary details. Avoid misinterpretation and ambiguity and maintain a tone of cordial service.

Most of all, ensure to reread your message before sending or posting in order for your message not to be jeopardised by auto correct or little typographical errors.

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If I were a manager for a customer service company I would want to employees to effectively communicate online. They could use emails to do so. In an email they should talk about what the problem is that they are messaging about such as a product running out and the customer having to wait to get it for example. Another example of an email would be someone messaging the company that a product they ordered is late or hasn’t arrived and the customer trying to solve the problem.
If the employee had trouble they could use teamwork to solve the problem easier. They could transfer the call to a manager or other teammate. Sometimes if a product has been delivered they use teamwork to get it to the customer. Such as a brand new couch was ordered it would take teamwork for the employees to move it from there truck to the house. It would also take teamwork to move it throughout the house.

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