CUST105: Unit 4 Discussion

  1. I found out about my last job from a friend of mine. She decided to try herself as an operator at call center. It seemed to me interesting, and I applied for this job too. They invited me on interview and gave me a chance. Now, I am looking for a job using special sites in the internet. It’s popular way of searching a job at our country and I find it comfortable to use this option.
  2. I believe the most important is try not to worry and be yourself. When you are afraid it’s difficult to concentrate and show your best qualities. If it is too intimidating for you, try to go on interviews in companies, you are not interesting in. It can help you to become more confident when you apply for a job of your dream.
  3. I signed on Facebook and Instagram. It’s possible to public some photos or texts which show your professional interests or your professional achievements. Espesially, it can be useful for people of creative professions.

  1. I have used linkedin,facebook and other related job site in finding jobs around and i chose them at that point because they made things so easy and also gives you the idea of the kind of jobs you should be looking out for…

  2. First and foremost i usually do a background checkings of the company before applying for the job…Secondly,is to findout the job vacancy to know if am qualify to apply and also learn more about the company before the interview.

  3. Am an active member of facebook,linkedin and twitter… this social medias have helped me a whole lot in reuniting with my loved ones,getting accommodation and latest news and gist around town…

  1. Using online job portal, social medias and networking with different people

  2. Searching different information on the company, reading key skills they want on the job description, practice it with a friend before entering in the interview

  3. Facebook. It help me to communicate with people of different backgrounds and learn from them.


1- Last year I’ve used websites that provide job apportunities, and i will rely on them in future.
2- when i prepare for an interview , i think of coming on time with a smile , being clean also i would like to give a good impression and be prepared for all questions that i may face.
3- I am an active member of linked in and facebook.

  1. Resources I have used for finding past employment are local job center, career fairs, online tools such as Craigslist, Indeed, and Linkedin. In the future I am going to utilize my peers and contact more. I chose these resources because of past history and their tools to help find a career.
  2. Steps that are most beneficial when preparing for an interview include: having a working knowledge of what they are looking for in an employer, understand the in’s and out’s of the company you are interviewing with, a list of questions for them and a solid background of your career history.
  3. Social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, student online resources through schools. They help because they connect you to working professionals that you may not otherwise have access to.


I’ve use ads from the newspaper. I have also been contact by family and friends from their employer, who were seeking new employees. The reason why I choose those resources , the newspaper gives me a wide range of job opening. The company is large, its family oriented, has a friendly working atmosphere, and great pay.

  1. The steps in preparing for an interview: Be truthful, dress for the position you have apply for, arrive fifteen minutes before the appointment . Research the company to see what their goals and mission are. Speak clearly when answering question, keep eye to eye contact with the interviewer, have a friendly attitude.

  2. I have participated in,, and the company website. Because, they are connected to the business worldwide. Where posting can be seen for job opening.


What resources have you used for finding past employment, or might you use for finding future positions? Why did/would you choose those particular resources?in the past i have used the internet to look for employment.What steps would be most beneficial in preparing for a job interview? Doing some background research on the company where you will be doing the interview. Analyze the job description in order to understand the duties to be carried out by the vacant position.Clarify skills and other attributes that you possess that will be relevant for the job to be interviewed for.In what social networks have you participated? How might you use those networks for advancing your employment and professional growth opportunities?I have participated in LinkedIn and Facebook in order to network with others. I can used these networks for advancing my employment and professional growth opportunities, by meeting potential employers and learning from them basic skills and such


The resources I have you for finding past employment, or might you use for finding future positions are LinkedIn, ONet, job websites and go to job service. I choose these sites because they were easy to use and at job service there were people to help you if you need it.
2. The steps that are most beneficial in preparing for a job interview is to research the company and job that you are applying for, dress appropriately for try to think about questions they may ask you, be enthusiastic and truthful and answer all questions.
3. The social networking I’ve participated in are LinkedIn and O
Net … By posting my Resume and companies my see it and may employ me to a good position.

  1. Nowadays, internet has been a valuable resource when it comes to looking for job postings. Everything seems to be up online so I’m taking advantage of it. It’s very reliable when it comes to looking for information such as company’s profile and even feedbacks. It is also helpful in uploading relevant information about myself that I want the world to know.

  2. In preparing for a job interview, the first thing to be done is to research for the company’s background. Second, to prepare the necessary documents that will be needed in the interview. Third, to mentally prepare yourself for the questions that’ll be possibly ask. Fourth, to prepare the dress that will be worn on the interview day. Look good, feel good and be confident. Lastly, believe in yourself.

  3. I have a Facebook for personal use. I have been using it for many years now but I have never used it for professional networks which was a mistake. So I am planning to customize my Facebook account and will include my career information and achievements there to be able for me to gain professional networks and opportunities. Also, I plan to create a LinkedIn account soon for the same reason.

  1. Resources that I would use to help me find employment would be the internet. I would choose the internet because it is the most reliable way to find employment.
  2. Steps that would be beneficial would be to dress appropriate, don’t hesitate on questions, and answer the questions to the best of your ability.
  3. I have a Twitter, I use this social media account to advance my employment and professional growth opportunities by monitoring what I post.

  1. I have used online resources like hiring apps and also asking around. In the future I would use an app it is the easiest way to find all the places hiring and reviews.
  2. You should be ready to answer hard questions. Be prepared physically and emotionally. You should also research the company.
  3. Facebook helps you communicate with colleagues and you might also develop select circles of friends and colleagues who share employment leads, career tips, and training opportunities.

  1. Most of the time I find employment by word of mouth. People around me would let me know that a company was hiring and I would apply for that job. I will probably start using websites that list local jobs to find employment in the future. I will also still use word of mouth because sometimes positions open up and a company won’t post it on a website for everyone to see, they will let their employees know to spread the word about the job position. These resources would allow me to find a more local job instead of a job with a company where I would potentially have to move myself and my family for the job position.
  2. I would look things up online and read the best ways to do a job interview and tips about it. I would practice answering the questions that they could possible ask me. I would also practice with a family member so it would feel like a real interview. Next I would pick out professional clothes the night before and make sure they are spotless and ironed and lay them out. I would make sure I got a good amount of sleep that night as well as a good breakfast that morning.
  3. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. I would use these networks to research companies that I might be interested in working at one day. I would be able to communicate through these social media websites easily. I could also use these websites to post professional things that look interesting to companies that are hiring. And if I am already working for a business, I can use my social media accounts to promote that business.

  1. I have used SC Works job board, as well as several other online job resources found on the internet.
  2. I would research the company I would be interviewing with.
  3. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great social media sites to network on.


1.Indeed and LinkedIn, this resources are free to use and they post a lot of current jobs.
2.To make research about the company on google and study more about the job description.
3.Twitter, Facebook, Indeed and LinkedIn, this media give me chance to be connected to many people and some companies.

  1. The resources that I will use for future employment would be College Central Network, and any other job employment websites. I would choose these resources because I think that they would be really good at helping me find a job.

  2. The steps that would be beneficial in preparing for a job interview would be…
    Be on time
    Dress nice
    Be positive
    Use good posture

  3. The social networks I have participated in are Facebook and Instagram. I would use those networks to post the community service that I do, say positive things, and show God’s love.


Discussion questions
Unit 4
Ashley Thigpen

  1. I have used different online job searches that have helped in bigger cities. In smaller towns it is still best to go in the place, so they can see you. Always follow up with your application keeps you on there mind. This makes you more noticeable.
  2. When going to interview know what you are applying for what the company dose and how you will benefit the company.
  3. I’m have tried Facebook and snapchat. Many companies advertise not only their product but jobs as well you can make you self-look good or bad on these sites. Make sure your present yourself professionally

  1. Some resources that I have used for finding past employment and possible future employment are the career center, online job boards and temporary agencies.
    While temp agencies may not be fully considered a resource it can help people gain some job experience and job skills from various employment opportunities. This can also be used for a job reference as well.
    I use the career center for employment search and for assistance with my resume.
    And the last resource I have used is online job boards. In this unit, I researched some about customer service careers and was amazed at how many different customer service job titles there are.
  2. Steps beneficial to preparing for a job interview are to research the companies history, search about the companies products and services, bring a tangible copy of your resume, practice with the interview questions especially the more challenging interview questions and if possible do a mock interview before the actual interview.
  3. I haven’t used social networks for job search, but I am considering using linked in for some employment services.
    These services can allow you the opportunity to connect with other employers as well which could be a future prospective employer.
    It will also allow you to post your resume and to connect with others who may give great career advise.


What resources have you used for finding past employment, or might you use for finding future positions? Why did/would you choose those particular resources?
• For past employment, I seen ad posting in the newspaper which lead me to apply. I use newspapers because the have a wide variety of posting that you can choose from.
What steps would be most beneficial in preparing for a job interview?
• Gather information, get mind and thoughts together and get plenty of rest for work
In what social networks have you participated? How might you use those networks for advancing your employment and professional growth opportunities?
• Facebook- I can use this to gain information about the organization and further job postings.

  1. I have used Indeed, Monster, and Zip recruiter as resources for finding employment. I choose them because they always have up to date job postings.

  2. Expect hard questions and draft out responses, don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know a question, don’t rush when answering questions, dress appropriately, project enthusiasm, and be truthful.

  3. I have participated in Facebook. I use Facebook to follow staffing agencies and other members that post job openings or job fairs.


I have used the newspapers and linkedin to help me in my search for a job.

I research the company on the internet that I was going to have the interview with. I wrote out questions that I think would be ask at the interview.

Facebook help having friends and other media information on ccertain jobs and and information.