CUST105: Unit 4 Discussion


What resources have you used for finding past employment, or might you use for finding future positions? I have used job sites like indeed, snagajob, and craigslist
Why did/would you choose those particular resources? Indeed has worked for me in the past
What steps would be most beneficial in preparing for a job interview? Practice answers to questions potential employers might ask you
In what social networks have you participated? Facebook
How might you use those networks for advancing your employment and professional growth opportunities? I could network with others on there employed in a job a would like to be in

  1. In the past I have used many different resources to secure employment. These include online job boards, community job fairs, the career center at my University, and college career counselors. In the future, in addition to using the previously mentioned resources, I want to survey the different types of businesses and positions that require my skill set, and use that to help guide my job search. This will ensure that I am looking for the right kind of job which will significantly impact my overall career success.

  2. In preparing for a job interview, the most important steps include drafting responses, practicing answers and elevator pitches, and planning your appearance. Planning some important nonverbal cues ahead of time can make your communications stronger, as well as listing verbal and nonverbal cues you want to avoid. Anything that helps you to feel more relaxed and confident going into the interview is worth your time.

  3. I have voluntarily and involuntarily participated in many different social networks. These networks are centered around education, religion, hobbies, sexual orientation, and area of career or study focus. These social networks provide invaluable opportunities for career advancement through job opportunities and development work.

  1. Resources I have used in the past, to find employment, are really only one resource. That is word of mouth, which I have used for all of my most previous employments. I heard of a job, applied, and got it, all in one felled swoop, practically. The reason I chose that resource is because that’s basically what was available. I wanted to work close to where I lived, and what I was qualified for, that was the best way to find jobs.

  2. Steps that would be beneficial for preparing for a job interview would be to do some research on the company I was interviewing with, think of times I had difficulties in other jobs and how I would handle it (this question always throws me, since there were no difficulties I have experienced) and to dress to the part, if it’s a cowboy job, then jeans and a nice shirt would be appropriate. If the job was an office based position, then perhaps a skirt or dress, nice shoes and minimal jewelry.

  3. Social networks I have participated in are facebook and Twitter. Neither have really done much for my job hunting endeavors, and I haven’t been to Twitter in a very long time, although I visit facebook on an almost daily basis. I have liked several different career pages, although none have given me an urge to apply for jobs they post. This is because those jobs are located in big cities, and I’m a country girl and always will be. I tried living in town a few times, but it’s just not for me, and jobs here are hard to come by.

  1. In the past I have used a lot of resources to find jobs. I still use these resources to this day. I have used LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, and other job websites. I liked these websites because it helps you find certain positions that you are looking for. Whether it be marketing, design, or even photography.

  2. When preparing for a job interview, think of what they will ask you and what the best responses to the questions will be. Dress right for the interview, if its a job at a bank dress professionally, if it’s a job at a store still dress nice but you do not need to be dressed up. Try and keep your self calm and not get to nervous.

  3. I have used Facebook, an example of how to use it would be if you were a photographer. A photographer could use it to showcase their work. It allows people to see what you can do and what you have done. Let’s them see if depending on the kind of work you do if they want to hire you or buy photos from you. It helps get your work out there and make you known and it helps you make a name for yourself.

  1. What resources have you used for finding past employment, or might you use for finding
    The resources I often use to find employment are as follows: I seek job opportunities through newspapers, magazines, the internet, facebook, twitter. Often I visit companies and drop applications so that I may be called up when there is an opportunity. More so I also listen to the radio and watch Television and attend conferences

  2. future positions? Why did/would you choose those particular resources?
    I chose those resources because I believe that they are the quickest way I can use to obtain a job, more so, many jobs are often advertised through those resources. With ICT advancing, most jobs are advertised using ICT devices.

  3. What steps would be most beneficial in preparing for a job interview?
    The steps include:

  • Know the details of the job you applied for.
  • Know the history of the organization.
  • Be early
  • Be clean and well dressed
  • Be confident of your self
  • Ask the interviewer to rephrase the question if you haven’t understood.
  1. In what social networks have you participated? How might you use those networks for advancing your employment and professional growth opportunities?
    I often use watzaps to network. Since this is a social media that groups many people I have the opportunity to be informed early as soon as a job is opened, there is a variety of people and skills we can count on for advise on employment and professional growth opportunities.


1- I used Facebook for finding job employment and now I also use job boards.
2- Read well about the job description and requirements.
Get information about the company from their website or Facebook page.
Send an email with my resume.
Prepare myself for the interview and answer with confidence.
3- I use Facebook and LinkedIn in job employment.When I read the requirements of the interested job, I may find some items I do not have. That makes me read more and try to develop myself.

  1. In the past i used the old fashion newspaper classified ads to look for help wanted ads and friends. I’m currently using indeed, linkedin, ziprecruiter, and snag a job. I used the newspaper because at the time there no job postings via, internet. As the future progressed, I found new resources to expedite and assist with my job search so I began to use the internet.
  2. When I prepare for an interview I make sure that my appearance is priority one. So I choose my clothes wisely. I then review my resume to make sure there are no typo,s or spelling errors. Then I practice controlling my opening statement and or introduction.
  3. I currently use linkedin for networking and career focused correspondence, such as job leads and current openings within major companies. As far as utilizing the arena to advance, I would take advice from employed and seasoned professionals to enhance my perspective on possible employment opportunities.

  1. Recently I was told that the hospital that I am working at may not keep my position, which left me to explore other opportunities. I could not believe how much this process has changed since the last time I looked for a job, about 20 years ago. I filled out a resume online, and received job alerts and emails about nursing positions for my area. I was overloaded with alerts everyday, and had no problem finding where the jobs were. I would tell anyone to utilize online sights.
  2. I preparing for a job interview, it is very important to research and have an idea of what the job truly entails, how you feel qualified to do this particular job, and why they need you! I also try to feel like I’m interviewing them as well, by acting as interested in the position as I possibly can. Even if I figure out it’s probably not a match for me, I do not let on. I usually prepare my appearance as well, often investing in a new outfit, a haircut, and nails done. I want to make a good first impression physically, and spiritually. I pray for the entire situation.
  3. I have used LindedIn, Facebook, and various nursing sights to be alerted to positions in my region. I also used resumeonline. It was very helpful.

  1. In the past I’ve had friends who invited me to the job, but for now i’m mostly using job boards and I might try an agency.

  2. Most importantly prepare for the likely questions - especially the hard ones. In addition prepare some good questions of your own. And be prepared to answer questions when they call you.

  3. I’ve used Instagram and Facebook, but not for professional pursuits. I might try LinkedIn for professional networking in the future.

  1. Resources: LinkedIn with professional connections and creating health relationships in the business world that touches from Biology to Engineering to sports marketing etc.
  2. Research every aspect of the company, I usually start from the bottom and work up… Contacting through social media to enquire about company with those on front line. Great insight. Really view and understand Mission statement for organization interviewing for. Know weakness and Strengths of company and self. Be cordial and promote the strengths of the company and hold in head the knowledge after getting job to address weaknesses.
    3 Best social network is LinkedIn: ability to view track record of companies and staffing. Ability to network with those who may help you or vice versa.

  1. I always use to the web too look for employment.
  2. having a clear mind and not to stress or be worry.
    3.I use facebook

  1. For past employment I have used the internet to find available positions. I have also used the people around me that have recommended me for positions. In the future I will continue to exercise both these resources. I would choose them again because they worked for me.

  2. Take personal hygiene into account. Dress appropriately for the job. Print out a resume. Practice some questions that might be asked in the interview.

  3. Instagram, facebook, and twitter. They may make it so my future employers know what I get up to on my free time. They would not find anything bad or unlikable from any social media platform I have.

  1. Have used job posting websites majorly , until recently when I found out LinkedIn is much better in looking for jobs and efficient too . LinkedIn is better because its direct from the employing organization or the HR consulting company.

  2. First is to know about the organization, know everything about them , their history and what they are all about , secondly be enthusiastic about the job , it’s contagious.

  3. Twitter and LinkedIn , for twitter , it’s just by posting tweets and having friends retweet for you , and LinkedIn is by following HR personnel , and also by following people who are on the same route as you , you would see what they also did to enhance their career.

  1. The resources that I’ve used for finding past employment have been personal connections with people who worked at the company, and the resources I’ve been using for finding future positions have been the one previously mentioned and web sites that help companies promote their searches and help people how what to apply for those jobs. I choose those particular resources because I find them to be the most effective.

  2. The most beneficial steps when preparing for a job interview are:

  • Research beforehand all that you can about the company
  • Dress appropriately
  • Expect hard questions, and draft out your responses in advance
  • Be truthful but don’t feel the need to be hurtful. Remember that silence is an option.

3.The social networks I’ve participated are twitter and facebook, I’ve used those networks to help me create a bigger professional network and help me reach more companies who might have any vacancies.


I really enjoy interacting and conversing with people so I have used a lot of job seeking techniques to further my career. The professional online job sites are my personal favorites but I have also applied to ads on social media sites such as facebook and linkiden. Preparing for a job interview entails researching the company, salary ranges, and how long the business has been active. I am also a stickler for customer reviews and feedback. I really feel that one can advance their careers through social media as long as the sources that they communicate with are reputable and professional.

  1. I have used online job sites like indeed. It was easy to use, and I was able to get the job I have now using it.
  2. When I prepare for a job interview, I make sure not to overthink or over prepare for it, otherwise I get nervous. I make sure to dress my best, and I will go over responses in my head on some typical interview questions, such as my best/worst qualities, and why I would be a good fit for the position.
  3. I have LinkedIn and Twitter. I also deactivated my Facebook. Maybe if I wanted to run a business I would use these sites to advance my professional career, but right now they are for personal socializing.

  1. What resources have you used for finding past employment, or might you use for finding future positions? Why did/would you choose those particular resources?
    (a) Scan at the sort of companies and positions seeking employees with your background and skills set.
    (b) Networking
    (c ) Internships
  2. What steps would be most beneficial in preparing for a job interview?
    (a) Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know the answer
    (b) Do not rush when answering any question
    (c ) Dress appropriately
    (d) Project enthusiasm of your ideas and goals
    (e) Be truthful.
  3. In what social networks have you participated? How might you use those networks for advancing your employment and professional growth opportunities?
    linked in
    (a) Shared my CV to prospective employers
    (b) Shared my academic upgrades on achievements in real time


1.i have used local newspapers and online job portals in the past and will still do so in the future. I choose this because of its flexibility.
2. I will first study the company and know what area I could be more useful and also where my skills will be needed.
3. I have used Facebook and LinkedIn in the past and these two have really help in my career .as I have learnt in this course I am also going to try using Twitter and Instagram too.


What resources have you used for finding past employment, or might you use for finding future positions? Why did/would you choose those particular resources?

In some cases, a friend referred some potential job to me and most of the time I have work as a freelance in sales, real estates or as a consultant. LinkedIN is not as useful as it should be, but it is a key resource when it comes to referrals from past jobs. I think the most important thing is to define clearly what activities you are passionate about and then look for the kind of jobs that involve those activities. I have found that being over prepared for a job is most of the time as negative as being under prepared.

What steps would be most beneficial in preparing for a job interview?

First and most important is to check all the info available about your future job, what is the mission, vision, values, work environment, ex employees’ reviews about that specific job in that company, check the webpage to understand what the company does. If all this information matches your life values and goals, then you go ahead and look for an opportunity there.

After that, you should be clear about what you should do, how you should do it and what resources will be available for achieving those activities/goals.

You must ask as many questions about the company as you can, you must be clear that you want that job. At the end, the employer will value your interest.

In what social networks have you participated? How might you use those networks for advancing your employment and professional growth opportunities?

I use LinkedIN, I used Xing when it was available,, and other local resources in every country I have been. Use your time wisely, these networks are a mean to find jobs, but most of the times, the opportunities come from conversations with friends and family.

From my perspective, networks such as LinkedIN are more for branding yourself than for getting real value from them.


I have used online job portal, and postals too because they are free.

Analize the job description you have current applied for, study the company in some lite ways, go facially prepared.
In recent times, Facebook has been the most commit used by individuals. It is also a medium of advertisement and showcasing of products. You can get to meet potentials Employers through their adverts on the platform.