CUST105: Unit 4 Short Writing Exercise: The Customer Service Career


Prepare a 300-500 word document as if you were advising a student on how to find a job in customer service and advance in career development. Based on this unit’s readings, what are the key suggestions you would offer the student?


Every organization requires a customer service representative, as these persons are really the ones that pose as the face of the company. When applying for customer service positions, it is wise to complete some research on the skills required for the job. I you do not possess any of the required skills; it would be wise to get some training in achieving these skills. Another requirement is normally to attain a high school diploma and also be computer literate. In order to become an effective customer service representative, one must be able to handle customer’s anger and insults without taking it personal. You must be able to exercise patience and empathy to allow the customer to be comfortable with you and also to gain their trust. It is not hard to maintain a customer service position once you are able to comply with the rules and regulations of the company, and being able to keep the customers happy. As a customer service representative, you are expected to be goal oriented, that is being able to meet deadlines, solve customer problems and also to grow professionally as an individual. You will also become accustomed to being a team player, as the job of customer service focuses on workers working as a team for the greater good of the company. It is important that you are able to communicate effectively with both customers and employees and also able to listen attentively. Be observant to every action so that you can easily identify acceptable and unacceptable behaviours and actions in the workplace. Be confident in yourself and your capabilities and don’t be afraid to take on responsibilities, as these may improve your role and position as time goes by.



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"Prepare a 300-500 word document as if you were advising a student on how to find a job in customer service and advance in career development."

As I wrote on another of your posts, look at how you present your work. Discourse forums provide a decent range of formatting possibilities (as you used on your other Unit 4.4 post) so consider using headings, paragraphs and other features to make the writing more accessible or provide a link to a document stored online (eg Google Docs).

All your content is good but it seems to be jumbled together without an overall plan–or maybe it just seems that way because of the layout!


I would give an advice to the student to feel always confident instead of being coy and reluctant while answering ‘sneaky’ questions made by the supervisor or the manager of the company. That means, that one has to be prepared, and read before the interview some things about the policy and the goals of the company. Always smiling is the best way to show to an employer that you can attract more than a bunch of customers, while working, and during the interview to look comfortable, and with good and clean clothing, a nice watch, that usually shows that you are very typical to your work. Smiling, also gives a positive energy to the workplace and to the employer, and it is the key to get hired and a good sign of a future co-operation if the manager enjoys the conversation too. I would say to the student to not be in hurry, and find and write on his application the best three references he had with their telephones, and give permission to the company to call them if necessary.

Keeping notes on his tablet would be the next advice, so that he won’t forget all important tasks that have to be completed, and avoid using papers instead and get totally confused and frustrated.
As for the training, I would recommend to the student, to get familiar with spreadsheets, Microsoft Office, Drive, Dropbox, and learn how to convert files like pdf’s to rtf’s and vice versa.
Technical Writing, including cover and query letters may be hard to write at the beginning, and also it’s necessary to know how to rely on emails or send notifications and updates to his customers. Statistics, is also an important tool of every contemporary business to track everything- from the economy of the company, to the number of visitors of the company’s website - has to know how to be a blogger; the most important and depending each company, is to avoid getting angry on the telephone while communicating with customers who complaining enough, yelling, or threatening. There is always a way to calm them down and promise them that everything will be take care of soon. They will appreciate it so much, and such a good representative never loses his customers.

The most difficult thing to achieve at office but it’s not always a requirement to get hired is the typing speed. - frowning-


I would like to advise my students to consider their assets like what they could offer any job. I would advise them to look online as well as other avenues like a local paper ask friends if they know a job that you may be suited for. See what the job requirements are and see if they match what skills you already have. Consider volunteering. You can make job connections while volunteering your job and use this as a reference if one is asked for. List your school and awards you have earned and whether you earned a diploma or degree. Tell also any computer programs you know well. Above all else, research the company you are applying for and know what the company does.


In the modern world, most companies employ customer service workers to address customer issues and problems arising from the kind of products and or services they offer. There is an increasing demand for customer service workers in every industry because companies want to keep their existing customers happy and satisfied in order to get good reviews and ratings and generally good public relations.

Finding a job as a customer service worker requires investment in knowledge and relevant skills. Strong communication skills, interpersonal relations and problem solving skills are key in finding and maintaining the job. To find the job, an extensive search and research on the internet through professional networks e.g. linked in, company websites and recruitment companies, even though most of them are free, quite a number of them charge a fee to access their services.

For whatever reasons, if you can not secure paid employment, you can consider doing internships or volunteer programs to get the necessary skills and first hand experience.

It is highly desirable and very important to invest in career growth, personal and professional development, in order to remain relevant and adapt to the dynamic work environment. Again, the internet can be a valuable source for joining professional forums, blogs, free massive online courses and even attending conferences and publishing as well.


If someone is interested in customer service career, he/she needs to enhance communication, social, problem solving skills. Moreover, the candidate also need to be patient and humane. Once the candidate has developed these skills, he/she needs to develop as much linkages as possible. Such linkages need to be developed with employers and those people who have information about various positions in different organizations. Once the person remains informed about the positions, he/she needs to know more about the organizations and the roles and responsibilities under that position. While going for interview, the candidate needs to be well dressed. He/she should show enthusiasm for the position. He/she need to honestly tell if he /she doesn’t know answer to some questions.


To find a job in customer service, the student must specialize in and develop skills that is needed to stand out in a stack of job applicants. They can also sidestep the typical the typical employment process and connect directly with the decision makers who might help them to navigate the help they wanted or even create a position their specialized abilties.
The students should also take note of interships which allows them to learn and implement key skills, and demostrate their abilities while making useful connections and to determine if the type of work is fit for their career.
The students should also not forget some social networking sites like linkedin, facebook and twitter which are all useful for professional development.
In addition to that, for professional development, when preparing for job intetviews and performance evaluations, the student should expect hard questions and draft out their answet in advance. Also, the students should not be afraid to admit that they don’t the answer to a question and then offer to find the answers with a feedback as soon as possible, don’t rush when answering questions and always dress appropriately as the circumstances dictatrs.


As a student looking for a customer service job, one can search via the internet for companies and positions seeking employees with your background and skillset. Know the qualities they are looking for. Then go through the application process to apply for the position.

Secondly you can develop good relationships with managers and top executives especially in companies you aspire to work. Follow them on social media, comment on their post and also follow companies or organizations to keep up with their activities.

Another advice would be to use social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter etc., as a means of networking. You can post business articles of interest or from other sources to your page share or connect with employers or companies. This might help an employer find and recruit you.

Student should take internship positions, to enhance career development. Students can also learn other languages or cross cultural skills, this adds more value to you as a person, hence makes you competitive.


If you’ve made up your mind to become a customer service specialist, be ready for the stiff competition. But don’t get discouraged! There is a sustainable perspective for the growth of demand for skilled CSW.

Here are some basic points, which should be taken into account before starting to pursue your dream job of CSW:

  • Your level of education - at least high school diploma
  • You can demonstrate strong communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills
  • You have a corresponding background or feel aware of becoming a coach, a team-leader, you show empathy, good listening skills, readiness to provide support to your colleagues and achieve results in your work.

There are many ways, which may help you to find a job you want:

  • Social networks - LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Recruitment sites
  • Direct letters to the first company’s executives
  • Site of a company you are eager to work for (or their page in a social network)
  • Internship
  • International careers

Besides, after you progress in your CSW career, you could as well consider another job’s related fields such as retailing, wholesales, training and development, social workers, education and public relations.


Professional Development for A Customer Service Provider Career

Prepare for the interview questions and plan a response. The interview is the most crucial part of the job search process. There will always be questions that are asked. Some jobs have preset questions that they ask every potential employee. How about, “Why should I hire you instead of the many other candidates?” That’s a tough one and hard to answer. Don’t rush to answer questions, take a moment to give the question some thought.

Dress appropriately with a clean cut professional image. Remember you have only one chance to make a good impression. Be enthusiastic about your goals. Don’t be boring, be excited about the potential opportunity you may have.

Search job boards to see who’s hiring. Do searches by date to see the most recent job postings. Old job posts have already been flooded with applications. However, if the job is still open, make sure to get your resume in. Once you see some jobs that match your skillset, look at the qualifications to see if you meet many of them. I suggest, if you don’t have the skillset, the try to acquire them before applying.

Updating skillsets will help freshen up your old resume by adding news skills recently learned. I think this helps in the professional development stage. By observing what the company’s job requirements are, focus on the main skill for that job and practice it until you are confident you qualify for the job.

Lastly, stay confident. There will be a job for you somewhere.


at least you have to had a high school diploma and for some specialized customer service jobs you may be asked to have specialized certificate and knowledge . joining internships programs in the field you are interested in will be a good idea and also volunteering for non profit organizations . focus on your communication skills and problem solving skills .use internet and social networking sites to find a job .


As a student seeking a job in customer service and advance in career development, he or she should know that there are many employment boards (e.g.,, and that list job openings and allow resume postings. He or she should not to get overwhelmed and discouraged by the process. He or she should believe that, It is possible to find job openings by connecting directly with key managers and decision-makers within a chosen organization. Employers are also apprehensive about the hiring process; strive to become a perfect fit for their needs. Internships are a useful opportunity to develop their skills, demonstrate their abilities, develop key contacts, and try out a field to see if it fits. International careers can be exciting and fulfilling. To appeal to international employers, develop valuable skills such as foreign language proficiency, crosscultural abilities, on-site country experience, and project management. There are a number of worthwhile networking resources that help job seekers exchange information and leads.

 Social networks such as LinkedIn allow us to post resumes, join online
professional groups, and help potential employers find us.

 Customer service success requires a high degree of interpersonal skills such as
simple but enthusiastic presentation, advanced preparation of information, and
sensitivity to the needs of others
If they have a difficult time with public speaking or interpersonal interactions, they
may want to find a Toastmaster’s organization near them for some low-stress and
supportive practice. When preparing for job interviews and performance evaluations, they should expect hard questions and draft out their responses in advance—especially for the questions they might not want to answer. they should not be afraid to admit that they do not know the answer to a question; instead, they should offer to find the answer and get back to the asker as soon as possible. They should not rush when answering any questions. Also not feel obliged to fill the quiet
after a tricky question. Just pause, think, and then answer. Always dress appropriately, projecting a cool, clean-cut professional image. Dress up or down as the circumstance dictates. Project enthusiasm for your ideas and goals; that attitude is contagious.
Remember that if they are not excited about themselves, then the listener never will
be. Be truthful, but also do not feel the need to be hurtful. Do not say someone looks
unwell, sick, or tired. This will do nothing to further conversation and will only
make the person uncomfortable. Remember silence is an option. All these amongst others should carve a path for the student to ply.


After a very good training it would be necessary to do more research to deepen your knowledge and reread the units of this training.
Participate on various social networks, do not hesitate to apply for trainee positions because there are companies that offer positions. If you will find Internships you should also take note of internships that allow you to learn and implement key skills, and demonstrate your abilities while making useful links and determine if the type of work is suitable for your career. Do not neglect the work.
Smile is the best way to show an employer that you can attract more than a group of customers, while working, and during the interview to be comfortable, and with normal clothes, when you smile, that It also gives a positive energy to the workplace and the employer, and it’s the key to being hired and a good sign of future cooperation if the manager also likes the conversation.
There are also databases that provide contact information for a number of international organizations, as well as links to their pages on the subject and employment.


As the demand on skilled customer service workers have tendency to increase as a consequence of extending of service and product markerts, the idea to develop carear in this area seems very reasonable. I would recommend to start searching a vacancy through the internet, using such sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so on. You can post your resume there, communicate with other people, share your ideas and accomplishments and create social connections. Sometimes, firmes use intern programs which also can be helpful for a people who just begining their own carear. It can give your experience and skills, which will help you in further carear development. Volunteer activity can help you to gain new skills and abilities as well.
To be successful in your work you should develop the main abilities, which are required for customer service sphere. They include excellent communication skills, communication technology skills, problem-solving skills, analytical thinking and patience. Motivate yourself to work on personal growth. Make sure that you are not stopped learning and mastering new skills, as constant development is a key for success in every business. It would be great if you start learning a new language as it extremely beneficial for customer service worker to communicate across multiple cultures due to the globalisation.


In the first place,the person must have made up his/her mind on their career part and if it happened to be a CSW,then i will advice the person on how to be a skilled CSW… First,the level of education and also the field the person read,secondly,you need to be welcoming,very good communication skill,also good in solving problems and understanding… Thirdly, you have to be focused at all times,Alert,caring,unemotional and patient…

Here are many ways in finding the job you want:
a) Social networks site like facebook,linkedin and twitter.
b) Recruitment sites like Monster,Indeed and Career builder


I would advise the student to search a company or organization where he/she will get internship or volunteering. After he will try to perform beyond the company’s expectations not relying on salary. This will help him/her in his future career by getting a strong recommendation or even a job.

  1. Look for the Right Customer Service Position
    Customer service jobs can be found in abundance. Some positions will require that you have past sales experience, while others will have you strictly in a customer service representative position. In many cases, the positions with more skill requirements will provide a better salary, so you want to look for these positions if you fit the criteria.
    You can also choose positions with flexible schedules, and you can sometimes find companies that allow you to telecommute. The last thing to look for is the education qualifications. Some companies will require a high school diploma or an Associate’s Degree for the position, so you need to build a list of jobs that match your background and experience.
  2. Create a Professional Resume
    Your cover letter will be the first document employers read, but a well-written resume can seal the deal for an interview. Create a professional resume that clearly outlines your work history and experience. Also, highlight specific skills from the job description. Does the employer want someone who “understands electronics?” Then highlight your passion for electronics in your resume.
    Also, take a look at a few customer service resume examples for some extra inspiration. These samples will help you write a well-crafted, professional resume.
  3. Prepare for the Interview Beforehand
    During your interview, you’ll be asked customer service related questions like “do you work well with people?” and “how would you handle an angry customer?” The worst thing you could do is fumble these very job-specific questions. So prepare beforehand. In fact, LiveCareer has sample questions and answers that practically tell you what to say! Make sure you spend at least an hour thinking about potential interview questions and how you would answer them.
  4. Research Your Potential Employer
    If you research the company beforehand, your chances of landing the job sky rocket. Whether you’re writing your cover letter, preparing for your interview, or drafting your resume, research is 100 percent crucial to your job search.<
    Take a look at the potential employer’s website and try to figure out their approach to customer service. How do they want customers to remember the company and their shopping experience? What are the company’s customer service policies? What’s the company culture like, and would you fit in? Answering these questions beforehand will impress hiring managers and increase your chances of getting the job.
  5. Attain the Necessary Skills for the Job
    Keep in mind that different companies will require different skills. For example, some companies will require that you know how to work with online platforms and software applications. Some companies will want you to have some previous sales experience, while others will provide on-the-job training.
    In some cases, you may have to attain specific skills for higher-paying positions. Rather than disqualifying yourself from these positions, figure out what kind of training and knowledge you need—then learn it. After all, it’s always better to start halfway up the ladder (or higher) than working your way up from the bottom rung.
    There are many customer service jobs available but you still want to get one that’s satisfying, pays well, and fits your personal criteria. Need help finding that exact job? Then let LiveCareer help speed up your search!


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My advice:
The abilities to become a successful manager, is to be a good coach, by empowering team support. Have excellent communication skills, be a good listener, encourage worker. Always provide a sharp vision. Be Passionate, stay focus, always have confident, and be professional.

Use social networking such as: LinkedIn,,, Facebook. These sites list job opening and allows resume posting. You can gain insight into the company activities and development. Employees are apprehensive about hiring. Strive to become a perfect fit for their needs. Demonstrate your abilities and develop key contracts. Develop valuable skills such as foreign language, and cross-cultural abilities. There are lots of networking resource that help job seekers exchange information and leads.

Research the company you are interested in. If a web page is provided, spend time on their site, and see what positions are available. Check to see what their missions and visions are. Dress appropriate for the job interview and arrive fifteen minutes early. Make eye to eye contact with the interviewer, be honest. When asked a question, to make sure you take your time, think about the question before giving your answer. Keep an updated resume.


As a student looking for a customer service job, you can search the internet for companies and positions seeking employment with your background and skills. Know the qualities they are looking for. Then go through the application process to apply for the position.