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CUST105: Unit 4 Short Writing Exercise: The Customer Service Career


I would advise a student on how to find a job in customer service and advance in career development is to learn your customers needs and learn the company you’re planning on working in, have at least an high school diploma, be a good coach, provide supportive suggestions to your workers, along with criticism. Be a good communicator and listener, be responsive to team’s concern. The most successful leaders have a passionate curiosity ,confidence, team smarts, a simple mind-set, and fearlessness. Among the traits helping managers and teams to succeed are the ability to be a good coach, empower the team, support worker’s well-being, focus on results, communicate and listen well, encourage career development, provide a clear, vision and keep skills sharp. Have at least an high school diploma, have strong communication abilities, communication technology skills, and all require lots of patience. The business world can be challenging to break into, highly competitive. Social networks allow users to share tips, search job leads, post and explore case studies, and seek support from colleagues facing common problems. Using business networking and social networks, posting may help employers to find and recruit you. Customer service success requires a high degree of interpersonal skills such as simple but enthusiastic presentation, advanced preparation of information of information, and sensitivity to the needs of others. Being able to use Excel is also great to know.


I would advise a student who would like to enter a job in customer service to focus on having some skills needed in this particular job. These skills are communication skills, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills. These skills can be acquired and enhanced through education and trainings. High-school diploma is all that’s needed in any entry-level jobs and in any customer service jobs. But to have an edge in any industry, one must invest time to continuously learn and grow as a professional. There are lots of resources now online that offers free courses in customer service operation and also provides certification once finished. One of the many websites that offers free courses and certification online is Taking advantage in enrolling online courses can be a source of additional learning and it can also help build up an impression of consistently-learning personality to your future employer.

The internet is a great way to advance in any careers. It’s a great opportunity to look for experiences such as internships. Internships are a big help in developing key skills and figuring out what kind of job is a good fit for your abilities. It also can help making useful connections. Professional networks open opportunities for any person to connect with the right people and internet can do best in having just that. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be a way to connect with possible employers when career information such as educational background, relevant experiences and portfolio are included in these social media accounts. So instead of just using these platforms for personal purposes, might as well start using these with professional agenda as well.

When you become ready for the actual job hunting, there are lots of employment boards online such as,, that post job listing.

Entering in any customer service job might be overwhelming at first but when you are determined and passionate in connecting and serving others, everything will work just fine.


All businesses have customer service representatives and everyone who has the job is very well trained. To find a job in customer service you have to have previous skills, or have worked in customer service before. You can go to trainings to ensure that you have the job down pack and that you are equipped for this position. Most of these jobs require their employees to have just a High school diploma. You will need to take communication courses to help improve your knowledge on how to talk professional and how to deal with different situations and people with different ethnicities. To keep the job the person needs to become familiar with the job position and what is required to help run the customer service desk. When the person applying for the job reaches the expectations for this job position, they can tell the manager that they have took all the necessary steps to help better their communication, skills, and technics to be the best fit for this position.