CUST105: Unit 4 Short Writing Exercise: The Customer Service Career


I would advise a student on how to find a job in customer service and advance in career development is to learn your customers needs and learn the company you’re planning on working in, have at least an high school diploma, be a good coach, provide supportive suggestions to your workers, along with criticism. Be a good communicator and listener, be responsive to team’s concern. The most successful leaders have a passionate curiosity ,confidence, team smarts, a simple mind-set, and fearlessness. Among the traits helping managers and teams to succeed are the ability to be a good coach, empower the team, support worker’s well-being, focus on results, communicate and listen well, encourage career development, provide a clear, vision and keep skills sharp. Have at least an high school diploma, have strong communication abilities, communication technology skills, and all require lots of patience. The business world can be challenging to break into, highly competitive. Social networks allow users to share tips, search job leads, post and explore case studies, and seek support from colleagues facing common problems. Using business networking and social networks, posting may help employers to find and recruit you. Customer service success requires a high degree of interpersonal skills such as simple but enthusiastic presentation, advanced preparation of information of information, and sensitivity to the needs of others. Being able to use Excel is also great to know.


I would advise a student who would like to enter a job in customer service to focus on having some skills needed in this particular job. These skills are communication skills, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills. These skills can be acquired and enhanced through education and trainings. High-school diploma is all that’s needed in any entry-level jobs and in any customer service jobs. But to have an edge in any industry, one must invest time to continuously learn and grow as a professional. There are lots of resources now online that offers free courses in customer service operation and also provides certification once finished. One of the many websites that offers free courses and certification online is Taking advantage in enrolling online courses can be a source of additional learning and it can also help build up an impression of consistently-learning personality to your future employer.

The internet is a great way to advance in any careers. It’s a great opportunity to look for experiences such as internships. Internships are a big help in developing key skills and figuring out what kind of job is a good fit for your abilities. It also can help making useful connections. Professional networks open opportunities for any person to connect with the right people and internet can do best in having just that. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be a way to connect with possible employers when career information such as educational background, relevant experiences and portfolio are included in these social media accounts. So instead of just using these platforms for personal purposes, might as well start using these with professional agenda as well.

When you become ready for the actual job hunting, there are lots of employment boards online such as,, that post job listing.

Entering in any customer service job might be overwhelming at first but when you are determined and passionate in connecting and serving others, everything will work just fine.


All businesses have customer service representatives and everyone who has the job is very well trained. To find a job in customer service you have to have previous skills, or have worked in customer service before. You can go to trainings to ensure that you have the job down pack and that you are equipped for this position. Most of these jobs require their employees to have just a High school diploma. You will need to take communication courses to help improve your knowledge on how to talk professional and how to deal with different situations and people with different ethnicities. To keep the job the person needs to become familiar with the job position and what is required to help run the customer service desk. When the person applying for the job reaches the expectations for this job position, they can tell the manager that they have took all the necessary steps to help better their communication, skills, and technics to be the best fit for this position.


I would advise a student to do a lot of research on online sources. On online sources, you can minimize your search to find jobs in customer service easily. Once you have done this, you will be able to choose which job you want to learn more about and do a little more research on which jobs you have chosen. Another approach you could use to fine a customer service job is word of mouth. By asking around or listening out for any customer service jobs, you may find a better job that isn’t listed for just anyone on an online website. Most of the time, these jobs are harder to find or be accepted into. To advance in career development, you will need to further your education. This doesn’t mean that you have to go back to college for four years, this just means that you would need to read an informational book or watch tutorials on how to work newer office equipment, how to navigate the updated Microsoft Office, or just use the tools that are available to you to brush up on the skills you learned while in college. Anything you do that is positive and work-oriented will help you advance in your career development. When you do get a call back for a job interview, make sure that you prepare yourself for it by researching questions that might be asked, preparing what you are going to wear the night before, or just sitting down that morning and eating a good breakfast, whatever helps you best prepare for a job interview. When you meet for the interview, be on time, with a smile on your face. The interviewer will see that you are excited about the job at hand. Speak with a clear voice and provide eye contact. Answer all of the questions with honesty and confidently. It’s okay to ask the interviewer questions and it is ok to be a little nervous!


He should make good use of the internet to join some social media platform and get connected to companies who might likely post job vacancies on their page.
Will also encourage them to prepare in advance before attending to an interview.


He should use the internet.


I would tell the student to put his or her resume out on different social and work related websites that look legit, and see if any customer service employers look at it. I would also tell him or her that when they get the customer service job that they need to stay ahead and get all of their work done on time to stay on their bosses good side. I would let them know that if they want to advance in their career field, then they need to take on different internships in different areas of their career to see which one fits them the best. You always treat an internship like a real job. To advance in your career development, you need to meet people, and develop industry and company connections. It is really important to know someone in your career field so that you can get good references and leads from them to get a good job. Another good way to get a job or advance in your career is to volunteer at a local non-profit in your hometown. Employers really like to see you helping other people in your community. So go out there, be positive, pray, work hard, make new friends, help people, and love Jesus. As long as you do these things and be a good person, it will all work out.


As a Manager, the customer service worker (CSW) is the face of any company and the first line of contact with the customers that interact, listen, attend and resolve issues . Any business benefits from good customer relations, whether a large corporation or a small retail shop. Customer relations, refers to the way a business communicates and interacts with the public to gain and retain customers. It is necessary for a business to cultivate good customer relations to attract and keep a loyal base of customers. Some of their specific duties include;-

Listen and respond to customers’ needs and concerns.
Provide information about products and services.
Take orders, determine charges, and oversee billing or payments.
Review or make changes to customer accounts.
Handle returns or complaints.
Refer customers to supervisors or managers for escalated issues.
Customer service is all about solving the problems of the customer, which may vary from simple inquiries and questions to complex issues. The hiring manager for new customer service agents should check to see the following key traits

Excellent Communication
Problem Solving
Analytical Skills
Listening skills
Good attitude.
Technical knowledge.
Knowledge about the product/service and company policies and procedures.
Patience, patience, patience.
Customer relationship is the key to understanding consumer motivation. Without assessing customer relations, it’s difficult for a company to know how visible it is in terms of its client base. It’s also hard to figure out how to grow the company without understanding the relationships it has with current and potential customers. Customer Relationship Management explains the relationship between suppliers, technology, and customers, which together provide the link for customer support in a business environment. Managing relationships with customers has become a critical organizational competency. Get winning strategies for acquiring and retaining customers by leveraging the latest advanced technologies.

The key to exceptional service lies in building relationships with people; staff and customers. The customer service workers are internal customers while the clients are external customers. The lifeline of any business depends largely upon the relationship between these two types of customers. By understanding and focusing on the needs of their staff and the needs of customers, businesses create mutually beneficial relationships. Without the support and best efforts of its employees and the loyalty of their customers, businesses often fail.

Customers are able to interpret your verbal and nonverbal communication and gestures; as such, you should try to remain focused and maintain professionalism at all times. It is unprofessional to use slang when dealing with customers. Simulate an appropriate rate of speech when explaining important or challenging information to a customer. Adjust your approach based on your observations of your customer and your understanding of the situation. The most important aspects of both verbal and non-verbal communication are to work towards a mutual understanding, make your customer feel at ease, and ultimately ensure your interaction has a productive and satisfying end.

Customer Service Workers often interact with many different people across the divide. In some other situations the customers might be angry or upset because of a defective item, working under pressure, deadlines and or even personal issues. As in ICT Support, the common encountered issues are;-

Computer/Laptop and or other devices not powering on (booting problems).
Networking problems
Internet login issues
General user support.
The above list is not conclusive, as a Customer Support Worker, you might get many issues some of which might even be more out of line. For efficient and effective service delivery, the customer support should up hold the following tactics;-
Find out what the customer want.
Treat them how they want to be treated.
Listen to them
Empathize we with them
Partner with them
Take control of the situation
While at it, is also extremely important NOT to;-

Get angry.
Tell them to “calm down”
Defend yourself
Interrupt them, give them some time to vent
In our modern developed world, the telephone and computer communications is largely adopted form of communication, due to distance, convenience and cost. The following tactics in telephone communication should be applied;-

Identify customer problem by focusing on specific words spoken and the tone in their voice.
Use a calm, friendly voice to convey warmth and concern.
Quickly discern customer issues, describe viable options and pick a suitable resolution with the customer’s participation.
If you must transfer a customer to another colleague, ask for their permission and make sure to introduce them to avoid the customer repeating the process again and don’t forget to thank them for their patience, apologize for any delays.
As for the computer communications which includes, e-mail, social media posts, blogs and other online platforms. The customer service worker can apply the following best tactics and etiquette;-

Construct a message that is concise yet comprehensive.
Use template copy to avoid ambiguity and unnecessary mistakes.
Get to the point quickly clearly and without clutter.
Use descriptive subject headings.
For overall success of the team. The members must observe the three basic components of team work;-

Sharing a common vision/mission.
Each member complimentary skills.
Forming interpersonal skills.
Customer service workers must invest in their own personal growth and professional development to increase their productivity. Self-motivation on the job and personal recreation after hours go a long way in maintain a healthy and productive team member.There is an increasing demand for customer service workers in every industry because companies want to keep their existing customers happy and satisfied in order to get good reviews and ratings and generally good public relations.

Finding a job as a customer service worker requires investment in knowledge and relevant skills. Strong communication skills, interpersonal relations and problem solving skills are key in finding and maintaining the job. To find the job, an extensive search and research on the internet through professional networks e.g. linked in, company websites and recruitment companies, even though most of them are free, quite a number of them charge a fee to access their services. For whatever reasons, if you cannot secure paid employment, you can consider doing internships or volunteer programs to get the necessary skills and firsthand experience.

It is highly desirable and very important to invest in career growth, personal and professional development, in order to remain relevant and adapt to the dynamic work environment. Again, the internet can be a valuable source for joining professional forums, blogs, free massive online courses and even attending conferences and publishing as well, to have yourself developed professionally.


I might want to encourage my students to consider their benefits like what they could offer any occupation. I would encourage them to look online and different things like a newspaper paper ad as to whether they know a job that they might be suited for. See what the job requires are and check whether they coordinate what skills you as of now have. Consider volunteering. You can make work relations while volunteering your activity and utilize this as a kind of perspective if one is requested. Keep track of your school and honors you have earned and whether you earned a recognition or degree. Also, any PC programs you know well. Make sure you study the business and know what it does.
It is very important you have a high school diploma or something similar, most likely you will need this. And for some employers you might need a certificate and knowledge. Joining temporary jobs programs in the field you are occupied with will be a smart thought. Center around your communication abilities and critical thinking skills. Utilize the internet and job posting sites to view all jobs available. I would prescribe to begin looking through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can post your resume there, speak with other individuals, share your thoughts and achievements and make social associations. You must try and stand out when you submit a resume you will need to provide information on how you will be the best fit for the job.
To be successful in the customer service field you will need good intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. You need to be enthusiastic and be considerate of peoples needs. Make sure you oversee every situation and be professional always. You must prove yourself and this will make you a very good employee. You should be able to lead a team with confidence and fearlessness.


If I were advising a student on how to obtain a career in customer service and career development, I would state some useful steps to obtaining employment as a customer service worker: you have to find a job you want to apply for, you have to fill out an application and prepare for the job interview, have a resume available to both submit with your application and one to take to the interview with you as well.
While getting the job interview is promising, its good to be able to successfully complete the interview as well. Lastly, don’t become discouraged during your job search.
To find the job that you are interested in, you can visit the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) website and learn about the job titles, job duties, job growth, qualifications and much more information about the career. In this example, its customer service worker (CSW).
After reviewing the job statistics, you can then go to one of the job boards. Three common job boards are,, and When I googled customer service so many options and job titles pulled up.
It’s a good idea to have a resume with you with you apply for jobs either in person or via one of the job boards.
You can either create a resume yourself or go to the career center and a career center counselor can help you to create a resume and add some useful skills also.
If you don’t have extensive work history, the career center counselor may help you create a skills resume which can include any job related skills like good interpersonal or good communication skills. Which both are great skills to have for a CSW position.
Having a resume available before applying for a job is very useful advise also so this will allow you to attach your resume to your online application. This will make you better prepared to start the application process.
Its a good idea to review some of the job requirements and apply for the jobs that you are most interested in. Some CSW jobs may require 6 months to a year experience and some only require a high school diploma or equivalent which will allow you to apply for the job if you have no previous experience at all.
In addition to the job boards they have some social networking sites to allow you to review and exchange employment information with linkedin being more business focused.
During the job application process, it’s also important to focus on the job interviewing process as well. Some employers may ask hard interview questions such as what salary are you desiring. So its a good idea to review these questions and give appropriate responses to them.
I googled “hard interview questions” this will help you prepare for the job interview questions.
I would advise anyone to try to do a mock interview at least once and especially if this is your first job. It will help relieve some anxiety during the interview.
To prepare for the interview, its best to research the companies history and to have an idea of their products and services. I would advise you to also feel confident, dress casually, take a copy of your resume with you and be prepared to answer the manager or supervisors interview questions.
To conclude, the last piece of advice I will offer is to not become discouraged.
Job search can be exhausting and overwhelming. So, it may take applying for 5 jobs to get an interview or you could get an interview for the first job you apply for.
Don’t become discouraged at all.


I would give an advice to the student to feel always confident instead of being stuck in shock while answering sneaky questions made by the supervisor or the manager of the company. That means, that one be prepared, and read before the interview some things about the policy and the goals of the company. Always smiling is the best way to show to an employer that you can attract more than a bunch of customers, while working, and during the interview try to look comfortable, and with good and clean clothing that usually shows that you are very typical to your work. Smiling, also gives a positive energy to the workplace and to the employer, and it is the key to get hired and a good sign of a future co-operation if the manager enjoys the conversation too. I would say to the student to be sure he/she write on his application the best three references he/she has and give permission to the company to call them if necessary.
Finding a job as a customer service worker requires investment in knowledge and relevant skills. Strong communication skills, interpersonal relations and problem-solving skills are key in finding and maintaining the job. The students should also take note of internships which allows them to learn and implement key skills and demonstrate their abilities while making useful connections and to determine if the type of work is fit for their career.
• Research the industry and company
• Clarify your “selling points” and the reasons you want the job
• Anticipate the interviewer’s concerns and reservations
• Prepare for common interview questions
• Line up your questions for the interviewer
• Practice, practice, practice
• Score a success in the first five minutes


When looking for a job as a customer service worker, there are many resources you can use. There are many job boards such as; Indeed, Monster, Zip recruiter, etc. There are also social networks that posts jobs like Facebook and LinkedIn just to name a few. On social media other members may post a job that thy heard about or some staffing agencies may post jobs from clients. Fortunately for you there is an expected growth in the demand for qualified customer service representatives. Employers are searching for people that are able to thrive in a global workplace and communicate across multiple cultures. In order to be successful, you must also be a good coach, empower your team, be a communicator and listener, you must also keep your technical skills sharp. It would also be great if you can get an internship at one of the companies you are interested in. Make sure you negotiate a good title for your resume, make sure to investigate while you’re interning to make sure being a customer service worker is the job for you, try to make connections, be observant, and treat this as a real job. To be successful, you must be fearless. When preparing for an interview: you should expect hard questions; employers are not going to make this easy for you, you should not be afraid to admit when you don’t know an answer, don’t rush when answering questions; stop and think about what you are going to say, dress appropriately, project enthusiasm, and be truthful. Remember the best lessons on success comes from the mouths of those who are successful in their own career fields. The job market will be highly competitive and will have to be as good at serving yourself with skill development as you are at serving customers. Remember to always listen to your customers, empathize, and take control of every situation.


My advice to students on how to find a job in customer service. I would advise the student to at least get a high school diploma, and that is to have some education. I think that being able to have patience is an important key in customer service, because not all customers are nice and you may encounter someone that is mean.
In customer service the employee must be pleasant and have good communication skills. Communicating with customers is very important. speaking with a low tone of voice and an understanding perspective. Customer service workers should be interested in what the customer want and attend to their problem.
Customer service workers should also have the ability to listen to the customers. Hearing what is being said and then taking action to provide adaquent advice to help resolve the problem. Looking online to find out the education background needed and all of the qualifications that is needed to become a customer service worker. Also look up the information on the hourly wages for that particular job and looking up retail and other information may help in the communication area as well as in training.
The advice I would give to student about how to advance in career development , it to research everything about the company and also look into the history of the company. Looking up information on the manager is a good idea to help you get to know them.


While a career in customer service promises to be full of reward and growth opportunities, it can be a competitive environment where newcomers can feel like they cannot get a foothold or rise above the competition. Employers have very specific needs, and they will weigh your skill set against their needs during the process of recruitment and interviewing. Practicing customer service job skills and undergoing professional development can help you begin a successful customer service career and stand out from the crowd.

Practicing professional development also plays a large factor in promotion and internal growth through the business. The Customer Service Worker with strong, well-honed professional development skills is the strongest candidate for promotions and internal hiring. The work you put in today could potentially impact an employer’s decision to hire, promote, or even terminate you further down the road.

While people and leadership styles are unique, there appear to be eight characteristics that all effective leaders share. These characteristics include being a good coach, communicating and listening well, empowering your team, and maintaining a clear vision.

A group of seasoned business leaders helped identify five universal factors for success in your customer service career. The factors that can make you most successful are passionate curiosity, battle-hardened confidence, team smarts, a simple mindset, and fearlessness.

Undergoing continual professional development is key to your career success. Professional and career development grows you into new areas of work. Types of career development can include things like internships, creating relationships with those in high positions, and networking. Customer service requires many different social skills, all of which you can develop and practice through professional development.

Listed below are a few examples of how to practice professional development:

Practice Public Speaking
Draft out interview responses in advance
Do not be afraid to admit when you don’t know the answer, be willing to find out
Do not rush into answering a tricky question, think before responding
Always dress appropriately - dress up or down as the situation requires.
Project enthusiasm for your ideas and goals; the attitude is contagious.
Be truthful but never hurtful.

These skills will ensure your career success and personal fulfillment at work as you create positive relationships and communicate in clear, effective ways.


Important things you should consider when looking for a job in customer service, and later, advancing in that career, are to get to know the company you are applying with. Find out what they do, how they do it and what they do with it. One way to successfully accomplish this is through employment boards, or internet sites that are dedicated to job searches, both from the searcher’s viewpoint and the employer’s viewpoint.

Another way to find out what jobs are out there, is to connect directly with human relations officers, who know what a certain company might be looking for. Remember, the executive doing the hiring may be as apprehensive as you may be. It’s like inviting a stranger into your home, and they might be worried that you may not be a good fit for their company.

An internship might be a good fit for you. Internships are the new entry-level jobs, and an intern may have a wide variety of duties, from taking coffee to the company president, to working a help desk. This is a good way to get your foot in the door, and make an impression either good or bad. Never play on your phone in an internship, you could miss some valuable communication and the boss will not appreciate it.

International jobs can be exciting and rewarding. If you’re considering this avenue, some things to work on might be learning a second or third language, cultural knowledge, actually working in the country you’re considering applying for employment in, and project management.

Public speaking skills are also important, you might need to talk to co-workers or schmooze at a company party. Everyday, you will talk to customers, and realize that silence is not a bad thing. You don’t have to talk every minute, it’s ok to stop, think and then answer questions. If you don’t know the answer, offer to find it out and get back to the customer.

If you follow these guidelines, you may have a better chance at a job that you’ll love.


As a student you are probably wondering how you are going to get a job once you graduate. There are going to be many way of accomplishing this. You could do what a lot of people do and go around and see where is hiring and what position they are hiring for. You could also do the latest way of finding a job and thats going onto job websites.

There are quiet a few websites that you can go to that you will be able to look up jobs. One good one is LinkedIN. This website has you create a profile, where you add everything a potential employer will be looking for. You can look for any job that you want and wherever you want to work. Online job looking is a good way to see more job offers.

Make sure that you have everything you need when you are looking for a job. Make sure your resume is up to date. You can highlight different aspect of it depending of the job you are looking for. Have a cover letter on hand always and update it as needed for the job you are applying for.


I would first go to a retail store. When you get there ask if they are hiring people for customer service positions, if they are apply for the position I would then apply for the jobs. And finally make a great first good first impression


Students wishing to get a job in the customer service sector should first and foremost get education at least a high school diploma , and get training in customer service. After obtaining training, they should seek internship in some organizations where they will get some experience which will be fundamental in determining their way forward. More so they should visit the internet to search for the different readings about customer service qualities ,where they will keep improving their talents. Upon completing school they shouldn’t reject any job offer based on the salary because they will use the job as a means to gather experience which is what most employers desire. They should also drop numerous applications for jobs and internships, they could equally use the internet to seek and apply for jobs. Customer service aspirants should equally conduct research on newspapers where some organizations post their job offers.
In a country like Cameroon with two official languages, it is advisable that students know how to speak, read, and write both languages(English and French) and even learn a third or fourth language which places them at a good position to securing a job. Furthermore, students should also equip themselves with skills in modern technology such as telephone skills, computer skills etc which are always associated with customer service functions. Above all customer service staff should ensure that they get training concerning the products and the different functions their organizations offer, they should also ensure that they dress responsibly as they work at the front desk, their image most often portrays the organization they work for. Customer service aspirants should also try as much as possible to get in contact with HR manages of companies they wish to apply for, it is better to do so when no jobs are advertised, this will guarantee them a chance once a job opportunity is launched.


For any job you want to join, you firstly must read well the requirements of the job. If you find something you do not have, do not be miserable but try to develop yourself by reading and taking training courses. Also,try to use technology in a good way to develop yourself and asking people about the nature of this job.Try to join internship so, you can know more the job you want if it is suitable for you or not.Always be confident of yourself. Prepare well for the interviews. Keep smiling and answer sincerely. Respect the employers and always thank them for their time and considerations. Always try to do your best in your work. Do not be afraid to ask help . Do not be shame of admitting making mistakes, but learn from them. Respect everyone in the work and learn from them.


Today I would like to give a little bit of insight on how to find a job in customer service and advance in career development based on some of the experience I have on the matter and what I have learned through study.

when I sort out to do anything, I do the proper research on the matter or endeavor. I start by asking people who are currently active in the field that i’m seeking to enter are there any openings at their location for customer service representatives.

Then I would take the opportunity to do a internet search on the fields of communication, to see if any customer service related jobs appear to be open in my area. Then I would find a newspaper and look in the classified section for any help wanted listings for customer service related jobs.

The advancement in career development requires constant re-inventing oneself through information collection and educational dedication.

One must invoke coordinated network teams to create a constant flux of fresh data that provides supportive suggestions for a progressive career. You have to have vision in order for this to be effective in the area of development. Because without vision there is no forward progression towards success in the arena in which you want to develop in. The workplace is where you will find the main tools to advance in career development, because their you can be responsive in the innovation of your goals; you can demonstrate. You must employ good communication skills to listen to constructive feedback from supportive sources such as the media, and social networks. Then utilizing that information to build and grow. Develop relationships with employers and employees or any other co-workers within the company you work for. Use all the necessary tools such as Facebook, Twitter, instagram, snapchat, and linkedin, to gain the competitive edge necessary to build career empowerment. Study and try and get hands on training in career related fields that correspond with customer service. If you don’t have a high school diploma or GED, strive to attain those documents of general education.
Do internships to develop new skills to enhance what skills you possess. Volunteer this may teach you diversification and cross-cultural skills.