CUST105: Unit 4 Short Writing Exercise: The Customer Service Career


The most important thing is to prove yourself and stand out as someone they would want to hire. If you can do an internship or even take a entry level job working with the public (such as fast food), it’s best. If not, remember you can use personal experiences that relate to the work. You can also broaden your skills or languages to make yourself stand out.

When it comes to finding a job, networking may be best. You can start by simply building relationships with people at perspective companies you’d like to work at. You can also ask your friends if there’s any openings at their companies. You can also use job boards such as and companies websites to find and apply to jobs.

After you get called to interview, be sure to prepare. Research the company, have 3 copies of your resume and references, and make sure you have answers for questions they may ask. Dress appropriately, and behave confidently but appropriately to all.

For career development, keep learning and advancing.

Choosing a customer service career is a fulfilling and exciting change! Since you’re young, you are going to want to find a job at the very basic level. There are three branches of customer service careers you can go into. Retail is one of them. This branch has sales agents, cashiers, and information clerks. Management has advertising, promotions marketing, public relations specialist, sales managers, and training and development. The last branch is community and social services which has health educators, social and human services assistants, and social workers. To do this, you can search online by looking at postings businesses have made. The other ways you may find a job are the local newspaper or one of your friends may know of someone who is hiring. One may even suggest walking into places and simply asking if the company is hiring. Employers love to hire people that are go getters!

The businesses will usually state what the requirements are for one to be hired into the position. The requirements are more often than not strong communications abilities, good with technology, interpersonal relations, and great problem solving skills. The good news is that this does not require any further schooling than a high school diploma. When you get into a customer service career, it is important to uplift your team and be a team player.
You may come across some jobs that require you to further your academic career in business communications to require special licenses. This usually means passing a written exam. Employers usually provide the practice material to help you prepare for this exam. Some companies may bring you on as a trainee then have you eventually get the licenses to fulfill the job requirements. Once this happens, you will start to advance a lot in your career. The licenses may be for insurance or financial services.


First off since its what you love doing , I’d advise that you do your internship first to know the kind of customer service job you actually want to do , then you apply for a full-time job and then advance with certification in that job just to make sure you’re untop of your career , and also training to enhance your career , with dedication and personal development you’ll move forward in your chosen career .


When looking for a job in customer service the best way to start is to make yourself visible. The best way to do that is to try to be in as many social networks as you can, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, try to complete your profile as much as you can. Through doing this you will most likely start gathering and creating a business network of people who are interested in the same area as you or people who already work in that area.

This brings us to another great way do advance your career, which is to try to develop a relationship to the manager, vice president or another well-placed contact in your desired company or organization, this will be beneficial to you because if you are able to maintain a good relationship with them, the next time there is a vacancy, you may be one of the first people they consider.

Never stop learning and advancien in your preferred areas, as the more specialized and developed the skills you have are, the better chance you have of standing out. Another great way of standing out is to be more bold and assertive, you might do this by sidestepping the usual employment process and contacting directly to the decision makers.

A very valuable career-development tool are Internships. This will allow you to implement key skills, demonstrate your abilities in low-stake positions and make useful connections. Internships are also beneficial because they will help you determine weather this particular field is a good career fit for you.


My advice to students on how to find a job in the customer service work field is to at least have a high school diploma. The more education that you have the better chance you have at actually getting the job. The most important thing you need to have to get a job in customer service is patience. You never know what type of customer that you are going to deal with because there are some customers that won’t give you a problem at all and then there are some customers that will give you a very hard time. In customer service the employee must be pleasant and have good communication skills. Communicating with customers is very important. speaking with a low tone of voice and an understanding perspective. Customer service workers should be interested in what the customer want and attend to their problem. Workers in this field need to have the ability to listen to customers. You need to be able to hear what they are saying and take action to give them a solution to resolve their problem. The advice I would give to student about how to advance in career development , it to research everything about the company and also look into the history of the company.