CUST105: Unit 4 Short Writing Exercise: The Customer Service Career


You are coming into your career at such an exciting time, as there are many resources available to you to help you find the best starting place for your career in customer service. I know it can be overwhelming to think about where you even begin, but I feel like I can advise you to start with looking online. I would recommend that you fill out a resume online, and mark it for every possible area of work that you feel like you would be interested in as well as qualified. Stress in the resume what your best qualities and skills are that would enable you to do perform this job well. I often told my children and young nurses that at first you may have to pursue a job that is not what you were hoping to do for the long haul, but everyone needs a place to start. Start with an attitude that you will be learning all kinds of things in this selected field. Once you are working, keep pursuing opportunities to learn all about the job you are doing, and advancing in personal and professional growth. If you are wanting to work close to where you live, you might want to look on individual web sights to see what openings they have, or even go in person to talk with managers about potential positions. If you can make a good first impression it could lead to an actual interview. My best advice is to be patient and persistant. It may take a little while to get the first job, but it will come in time. Keep working and praying!


The most important thing is to prove yourself and stand out as someone they would want to hire. If you can do an internship or even take a entry level job working with the public (such as fast food), it’s best. If not, remember you can use personal experiences that relate to the work. You can also broaden your skills or languages to make yourself stand out.

When it comes to finding a job, networking may be best. You can start by simply building relationships with people at perspective companies you’d like to work at. You can also ask your friends if there’s any openings at their companies. You can also use job boards such as and companies websites to find and apply to jobs.

After you get called to interview, be sure to prepare. Research the company, have 3 copies of your resume and references, and make sure you have answers for questions they may ask. Dress appropriately, and behave confidently but appropriately to all.

For career development, keep learning and advancing.