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CUST105: Unit 5 Discussion

  1. Read until you get full understanding of the course, and take plenty of notes.

  2. To be a good Customer Service Worker, you must have patience, be a good listener, communicate clearly, and be truthful.

  3. Information was very knowledgeable, and helpful in showing how to become a good Customer service worker.

  1. I suggest to just practice everything that we’ve learned. This online course prepared us in entering customer service jobs but it is till up to us if we’ll success or not.
  2. I learned that we must acquire communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills which are needed in customer service jobs to be a great fit in workplace. Also, I learned that customer service job is all about the customers but having a calm detached attitude towards them is the way to stay in the game. I also learned that it is nice to be a well-rounded professional who wants to keep growing by constantly finding ways to develop one’s swlf personally and professionally. Lastly, being empathetic can always go a long way.
  3. I found the resources useful, both the documents and the video presentation, although I feel like there should be more of the latter to be able to make the students feel more engaged.


The tips I would offer other students is to take notes, and taking quizzes to make sure you understand what you have read. The reading, activities and discussion will help you out a whole lot.
The most important lessons to me were to learn what means to be a customer service worker and the duties you have to perform. Be a great listener, be empathetic, be able to solve problems, be respectful and most of be patient. The information I learned from taking this course has helped me out greatly, and will help me out in the business of customer service. I learned ways to deal with customer’s, even if they are rude. If you follow these guidelines you should be successful and do a great job as a Customer Service Worker.