CUST105: Unit 5 Discussion

  1. What tips would you offer to other students taking this certificate program to best focus their efforts and maximize their success?
    a) Students should focus more attention in problem solving owing to the fact that problems with customers will always occur. They should learn how to handle conflicts in a professional manner. Moreover, they should equally learn how to show first impression to customer because a negative first impression damages a business. Again students should also improve upon their communication skills which are fundamental in strengthening interpersonal relationship between staff and customers.

  2. After you have completed your final project activity for this course, what are three or four of the most important lessons you would suggest for a customer service worker just starting out?
    a) Problem solving skills; Whenever an issue arises at work it is crucial that it be fixed right away so that the rest of the day can move smoothly. If an issue with a customer goes unfixed, it can be bad for business and you as an employee. Because of this, I have learned how to fix any type of problem in a timely manner that benefits all parties involved.

b) Politeness and professionalism: Don’t ignore someone, no matter how exhausted you are.
c) Learn about the products or services you offer as this will enable serve your customer without much stress
d) Learn to control your emotions no matter how angry, tired or frustrated you are.
e) Show respect for everybody including your colleagues and external customers.

  1. Please share what you found most useful and least useful about this Customer Service certificate program.
    Communication appeals and tactics was the most important, followed by creating a favorable impression and later customer service workplace. The least interested was Marketing: Fundamental terms and concept


1- Good communication skills like : listening, empathy, apology, problem solving. Also, how to use social media in job employment and development of ourselves.
2- I will suggest: communication skills, how to hold a difficult customer, telephonic and e-communication skills , teamwork and how to develop yourself.
3-All articles of the course are very useful and beneficial.