CUST105: Unit 5 Discussion

  1. What tips would you offer to other students taking this certificate program to best focus their efforts and maximize their success?
    a) Students should focus more attention in problem solving owing to the fact that problems with customers will always occur. They should learn how to handle conflicts in a professional manner. Moreover, they should equally learn how to show first impression to customer because a negative first impression damages a business. Again students should also improve upon their communication skills which are fundamental in strengthening interpersonal relationship between staff and customers.

  2. After you have completed your final project activity for this course, what are three or four of the most important lessons you would suggest for a customer service worker just starting out?
    a) Problem solving skills; Whenever an issue arises at work it is crucial that it be fixed right away so that the rest of the day can move smoothly. If an issue with a customer goes unfixed, it can be bad for business and you as an employee. Because of this, I have learned how to fix any type of problem in a timely manner that benefits all parties involved.

b) Politeness and professionalism: Don’t ignore someone, no matter how exhausted you are.
c) Learn about the products or services you offer as this will enable serve your customer without much stress
d) Learn to control your emotions no matter how angry, tired or frustrated you are.
e) Show respect for everybody including your colleagues and external customers.

  1. Please share what you found most useful and least useful about this Customer Service certificate program.
    Communication appeals and tactics was the most important, followed by creating a favorable impression and later customer service workplace. The least interested was Marketing: Fundamental terms and concept

1- Good communication skills like : listening, empathy, apology, problem solving. Also, how to use social media in job employment and development of ourselves.
2- I will suggest: communication skills, how to hold a difficult customer, telephonic and e-communication skills , teamwork and how to develop yourself.
3-All articles of the course are very useful and beneficial.

  1. I advise you take these courses as if you were trying to earn your degree, because it’s free information that enhances your abilities to make a living. I would suggest you focus your efforts on processing the information provided in detail. If you don’t understand something research it through whatever means you have available or just simply ask many questions.

  2. The most valuable thing for a new customer service worker to know is respect yourself, value human life, and feel the pain that customer goes through when they spend their time with ignorant people. We should be
    the pre-voice that set things right.

  3. I found the education useful and current.

  4. I didn’t like the way people reacted to the warm beer.

  1. Tips for other students–take some time to truly do the learning activities and you will learn much valuable information that is easily implemented into the real work world. I would print out the articles, put them in a binder, and keep them readily available to refer to in the future.
  2. I feel like for anyone just starting out in customer service, the most important skill to work on is communication. There are truly some key words and phrases that you can learn that can help you until you can come up with your own way of saying difficult things. Truly you need to be able to deal with angry customers, so I would spend some much needed time on this article.
  3. I found all of this certification class helpful because I work in customer service. I felt like it provided information that I can utilize to help me do better and better work. There really wasn’t anything not helpful to me. I found the videos good, I found the articles good, and I loved the work style. Thank you!

What’s most important to focus on varies from person to person. For me it was a little of unit 1 (very little), and units 2 and 3. The marketing parts didn’t seem very related to me, however some customer service does involve marketing so maybe that’s why they included it.

I also wouldn’t worry about checking every featured site for 30 minutes unless you find them helpful and interesting.

The steps of customer service were probably the most useful part for me.

  1. There is not such thing as taking too much notes. Write what you feel is important for this course or what you feel will most help you in the future.
  2. Listen to the customer first. Never interrupt them. Make them feel like you are forking for them, not against. Explain and repeat yourself as much as they ask, what might be simple for you might be challenging for them.
  3. This course helped me assure the concepts that I had already been working on as a csw, but also expand them. It was very useful because it helps your learn how to deal with diverse situations and how to react to them.
  1. I will like to tell every student to read with an open mind. Do not rush through the reading materials just to get the certificate but try to read at your own pace and assimilate all the materials. Avoid studying when you are tired and endeavor to take all the quiz and exercises.
  2. For a customer service worker just starting out, i will advice the person to read very well about the customer service role in order to be prepared for what he or she is going into, to have a brief overview of what is to be done in the job and learn as much as possible about the people and their culture, and finally, to locate other customer service workers on the social media where they can share their experiences and challenges.
  3. This course is simple, straight to the point and enlightening.
    The least useful things were some repetition in some units.
  1. Since its what you love doing , there will be no problem doing it .
  2. Customers are like a walking advert , treat them well and they’ll advertise for you
    3 the inside depth analysis of customer service to be honest I have learned things of great value and I say thank you saylor!

I would encourage students taking this course to read each section thoroughly and with attentiveness. Taking clear notes and organizing them in a way that allows you to find them for later reference is key to absorbing concepts and having the resources to complete assignments. The podcasts and videos are valuable supplements to the textbook learning.

I would coach the new customer service employee to embrace continual professional development and feedback in order to grow professional and personal skills. Examples of this feedback could be a formal review with a manager, or an informal compliment given by a satisfied customer in passing. Respect each customer and work to bridge cultural gaps - celebrate similarities and seek to understand in all interactions. Teamwork and collaboration are both vital to professional success, and your ability to be a teamplayer has a great impact on overall results.

I found the writing exercises and discussions to be a useful way to reflect on my learning and create three dimensional concepts of the ideas expressed in each unit. The least helpful thing was the presence of some extremely simple content regarding customer service basics that mostly rehashed common sense. All in all, this course was very helpful in expanding my knowledge of various areas of customer service and I am grateful I participated.

I would advise my students when getting a customer service job, to always use proper communication skills. Also when over the phone or working at an call center, always speak clearly at an steady pace. The main two keys to customer service jobs, are have to excel with listening and problem solving skills. There are many customer service jobs all over the world an few examples begin call center, retail, security and many many more. I would say the basic requirement or more of the bare minimal necessitates for customer service jobs are typically an High School diploma to get into any entry-level based job and\ or on the job training. Most customer service jobs trains’ their employees. The main key to finding a customer service job is to be able to control or / and block out your anger and personal emotion when dealing with the customers. There are a lot of ways to to advance in your career development. It is always a good habit to practice your verbal and non verbal communication skills. This would include speaking, writing, posting, typing, and all other verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Also you should consider a good strategy for solving or resolving, extreme or extraordinary customer problems or issues might include a compromise that provides a remedy to the customer’s loss. Also it is always an good idea to involve your customer in the problem solving process. Every customer service jobs will have angry and upset customers Just never let their energy feed into your energy. Also some customer will remain with an negative attitude even after coming up with and solution. So always have the mindset to prevent yourself from absorbing negative emotions. In addition there should never be a problem with saying sorry to a customer just to cool them off and or help them to relax. When looking in the job filed for customer service when it comes to begin upset and begin rude, only the customers have this right.

  1. What tips would you offer to other students taking this certificate program to best focus their efforts and maximize their success?
    Read through all the units as they are very informative and attempt the questions thereafter to evaluate your understanding.
  2. After you have completed your final project activity for this course, what are three or four of the most important lessons you would suggest for a customer service worker just starting out?
    (a) Be professional
    (b) Be friendly
    (c ) Be open minded and know your product thoroughly
  3. Please share what you found most useful and least useful about this Customer Service certificate program.
    The most useful is ATTITUDE, whether voiced or implied , it can be easily picked by a customer and can break or make an institution.
    Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to customer service so, none of its attributes is least useful.
  1. I will advise students just taking this course to pay extra attention to the communications section as this has been the main challenge in the customer service department.
    2.i will advise the person to read extensively about the customer service career to be prepared for what he or she is going out for.
  2. it was all fun and educating five stars for the Saylor Academy.
  1. I would advise anyone taking this course to really apply themselves to the work by committing the necessary time and energy necessary to learn and pass.

  2. Firstly I would advise a new CSW to fall in love with the job because without passion they won’t do it for long. Secondly, learn from other people who are more experienced than you in Customer Service , and lastly, continue learning and improving your skills in Customer Service.

  3. This certificate course was very challenging and informative and I really grew a lot as a Customer Service Practitioner.

1.Focus on being polite and empathy. Angry customers want to talk to somebody that show understanding of their problem
2. a.Being polite b. Follow up with customers c. show emphaty d. be professional
3. Email etiquette

  1. Best advise for other student undertaking this course is that, all points should be noted and values because they are all of great importance to all those aspiring to b a customer service worker. And also its important to our day to day living not only as per office work only.

  2. Patience is the important key to all aspirant of CSW, you must b ready to put others first in your dealings, show maximum care and attention to customers, and always take charge.

  3. Firstly I want to appreciate the whole boy of Saylor Academy for bringing this platform at ease for all students. The handbooks are very very useful. The videos were only kind of challenging to so extent because it was very fast in it explanations.

Customer service involves working with a wide range of customers with varying needs and attitudes. It is your main duty to treat the customers with respect at all times, regardless of their way of responding to you. Customers are the individuals who decides whether or not our business rows. It is therefore our duty to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. Customers at times become irate and as such become angry when a product or service was faulty. Even though customers may seem angry with you, they are not; so it is important that you do not take their frustrations personal, as they are referring to the business in general. Never shout or become angry with the customers, but try to show them empathy and try understanding the problem from their point of view. Customers are able to interpret your verbal and nonverbal communication and gestures; as such, you should try to remain focused and professional at all times.
Speaking of communication, it is not professional or acceptable to use slang when dealing with customers. Be polite and friendly with customers at all times. Remember that you are the face of the business, so it is therefore your duty to ensure that customers are satisfied with our products and services in order for them to remain loyal to our business and also to be able to recommend us to other potential customers. If you are unable to assist a customer with a certain request or problem, then it would be best to pass the customer onto someone who has more knowledge or information about their desired product or service. Never hang up on a customer and ensure that you are able to solve their problem instead of having an unsatisfied customer. Your personal solutions may not always work with solving customer problems, so it would be wise to be able to adapt to new ways of dealing with and solving customer problems.
Every organization requires a customer service representative, as these persons are really the ones that pose as the face of the company. When applying for customer service positions, it is wise to complete some research on the skills required for the job. I you do not possess any of the required skills; it would be wise to get some training in achieving these skills. Another requirement is normally to attain a high school diploma and also be computer literate. In order to become an effective customer service representative, one must be able to handle customer’s anger and insults without taking it personal. You must be able to exercise patience and empathy to allow the customer to be comfortable with you and also to gain their trust. It is not hard to maintain a customer service position once you are able to comply with the rules and regulations of the company, and being able to keep the customers happy.
As a customer service representative, you are expected to be goal oriented, that is being able to meet deadlines, solve customer problems and also to grow professionally as an individual. You will also become accustomed to being a team player, as the job of customer service focuses on workers working as a team for the greater good of the company. It is important that you are able to communicate effectively with both customers and employees and also able to listen attentively. Be observant to every action so that you can easily identify acceptable and unacceptable behaviours and actions in the workplace. Be confident in yourself and your capabilities and don’t be afraid to take on responsibilities, as these may improve your role and position as time goes by. Provide customers with adequate and accurate information regarding products and services. It is important that your research on the products and services that you will be assigned to inform customers about, in order to have advanced knowledge on the products. This is important, as customers can identify when or if you have knowledge about the product or service being dealt with. As a customer service representative, it is also vital that you input customer information on the computer system correctly, in the case where the customer may call back or return to the business; another agent may have to access their information to continue their case. If complaints are made by customers, ensure that you record these complaints, as they can be used to see where the company is making mistakes in dealing with customers; and also to find solutions to handling these complaints. If you realize that you have tried all possible options to assist a customer and are unable to assist them, then it will be acceptable to transfer the customer to a team lead or the manager.
Never disclose customer information to anyone who is not permitted to receive such information, as this is considered a sin of confidentiality. When on the job and dealing with customers never handle your personal business or request while on the job; that can be done during break, before or after work. When dealing with customers, especially face-to-face, always wear a smile, even if you are having a bad day. This will refresh your customer and make them feel comfortable. Never take out your personal frustrations on customers or team members; once you are on the job, conduct yourself in a professional manner. When dealing with new software, training may be provided to equip you with adequate knowledge to utilize the software properly. Never be disrespectful to your customers.
You will come across customers from varying backgrounds, cultures or ethnic groups, and as such, you will be required to implement varying strategies to solve each of their problems; as each set of individuals beliefs may be out of bound with you way of handling the situation. Be careful also, of your choice of words and tone when dealing with various persons; as one set may not find a certain term or phrase insulting, another will be insulted or bothered by it. Learn to find different means of communicating and dealing with various kinds of people. Try to form relationships with customers to make them seem more of a friend than an enemy. Sometimes the reason why customers become angry really the way in which they were dealt with and not necessarily has to do with the product or service that was supplied to them. Some customers will understand thins from your point of view while others will not care at all. If you realize that customers are straying from the real problem, gently redirect the conversation back to the actual problem with coming off as mean.
When putting customers on hold, ensure that you tell them that you going to put them on a brief hold before doing so. Do not keep customers on hold for more than 1 or two minutes. If you plan to keep them on hold for a loner time, refresh the customer and then do so. When transferrin a customer to a supervisor or helpdesk; advise customer that you are trying to connect with supervisor before putting them on hold. After that is done, advise the supervisor that the customer wises to speak to them and update the supervisor on the customer details/ queries. After the supervisor has received customer name and details of the call, once you have received the permission to connect the call, you take the customer off hold and introduce customer and supervisor to each other and then connect their call and end yours.

If a customer calls in and you are unable to hear anything, if a procedure was given to handle calls like these, ensure that you follow the procedure. Customer service representatives should possess the skill of multitasking; as most times while handling a call, they will be required to write up a ticket which contains relevant information about the customers and also to recall procedures that they have not yet fully grasp. Once you have dealt with a customer and you were able to solve their situation, you are then entitled to close their ticket and give a report of how you handled the situation.
Try to learn as much as you can within the training sessions, because normally what you learn in training is what you will be expected to model during the real work environment. Don’t be rude to any customers even when they are being rude to you, it is best to remain silent for a while and take a deep breath. Remember to bear in mind that they are not angry at you personally but at the business itself and the way in which the service was provided or delivered to them.
Not every call that customers make deals with complaints. Sometimes they just want to give kudos to a specific employee or to commend the company on a job well done. Some days the experience will be good and some days it will be bad, but at the end of the day, it is a job that has to be completed; whether customers are fully satisfied or not.

  1. What tips would you offer to other students taking this certificate program to best focus their efforts and maximize their success? As you read through this course, take notes and self reflect. Reflect how you are as a leader and how you can help your team members. When approaching a customer I will be more aware of how I assist them and my customer service skills.

  2. After you have completed your final project activity for this course, what are three or four of the most important lessons you would suggest for a customer service worker just starting out?
    1. Verbal and non-verbal communication
    2. Best Tips to settle upset customers:
    - Show Empathy
    **- Don’t take a customer anger or insults personally **
    - Remain objective and Calm
    - Provide clear options and steps to a resolution
    - exceed customers expectations
    - Calm detached attitude **
    3. E-Communications:
    - Template copy where possible
    - Consider how to open and close your message
    ** - Be simple, cordial and clear

    - Get to your point quickly, clearly, and without unnecessary clutter that tires the reader

  3. Please share what you found most useful and least useful about this course.
    The most useful piece about this course that I took away was Verbal and non-verbal techniques to utilize daily when handling customer issues. The least useful was the transcultural marcom video.

  1. I’ll advice that they don’t rush the course. They should take it bit by bit to enjoy the rich content this course has to offer.
  2. Teamwork
    3)The customer service DOs and don’t was so enriching for me personally. It focusses on tipsy on how to best deal with a customer. However, the marketing content I. The first section was a bit irrelevant to me


  1. Be focused. Know why you are taking the course. Take notes as this will make your work easier. Notes are also necessary for reference purposes.

  2. Learn and understand your business, company or organization very well. Customer service is an attitude; you cannot manufacture good behavior from anywhere. Even if you try to pretend. Thus have a good character. Be empathetic. Show concern for your customer’s problems.

  3. Customer Service worker’s duties, qualifications and skills were useful. Professionalism in difficult situations, the Do’s and Don’ts of customer service and customer service Telephone and E-communication tactics were all useful.

  1. I would advise students to go through the material and really learn everything.
  2. Some things I would suggest are to be in a good mood and act happy when talking to customers. Try your best to solve their problems. When dealing with angry customers if you could offer them a discount or coupon to try to calm them down.
  3. I found all the information on this course very useful.