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CUST105: Unit 5 Short Writing Exercise: Improving the Customer Service Experience

Prepare a 300-500 word document explaining your justification (as the manager) for purchasing CRM software for your mid-sized manufacturing company. Research and review CRM software and compare the top five programs based on cost, usage, support, customer communication tools, and user satisfaction.

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If I were the manager for purchasing CRM Software, these are my top 5:

Hubspot - Best for individual users, small teams, and startups, and best free version of CRM software.

Price starts at $40 per user per month.


Best customer support and service for your money (chat and e-mail)

Webforms, e-mail templates, and landing pages are available for free

Unlimited users and data allocation

Easy to use

Highly customizable


Does not offer free customer support

Workflow automation tools are not part of the free plan.

Analytics and reporting are lacking.

Every plan except the Starter plan requires a one-year commitment that you can’t back out of for any reason.

The templates are difficult to modify.

Pipedrive - Best for mobile apps and startups and recommended for pipeline management.

Price starts at $12.50 per user per month


Delivers excellent customer service 24/7 (chat and e-mail)

Full of apps and integrations

Quality reporting features

Communication tracking is top-notch

Easy to use

Intuitive UI (User Interface) design

Awesome Contact Timeline View


Limited flexibility in terms of tools and features

Lacks advanced features that might become necessary as your business grows

Streak - This software is best for small teams and startups, and it is recommended for companies looking for free software.

Price starts at $49 per user per month


You can log in and manage deals from Gmail.

It is easy to set up and use.

You can communicate with customers through Gmail.


The support team is not reliable enough.

Task management does not allow for recurring tasks.

The possibility rate of the spammed domain and unworking sync is high.

It has loading issues.

Apptivo - Best for individual users, small teams, and startups, and it is recommended for workflow automation.

Price starts at $8 per user per month


Great customer support

Easy to use

Includes supply chain tracking and human resources (HR) solutions

Helpful in keeping contacts up to date and relevant.

Good for streamlining project management on projects over a long life cycle


Mobile apps not available in the free plan

Free plan seats one user only

Lead capture tool only available in paid plans

Consistency and integration between apps is not always optimal

Insightly - Good for SMBs and large enterprises and recommended for fast onboarding

Price starts at $29 per user per month


Excellent Support team

Great lead routing and information tracking

Lifetime free plan for up to two users

They offer integration with your existing pipeline

You can visualize and understand the data easily with its Custom dashboard

Uploads contacts from excel/CSV files quickly


The free version has very limited storage

E-mail functionality is limited (e-mailing to groups, and e-mails allow for HTML only)

Clicking on a project link to an e-mail opens a screen for you to choose which Google account you are using, and then it opens a new browser tab for that project.

You need to study the system a bit before you know how to use it.

The design could be a little more appealing.