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CUST105 Unit 6 Short Writing Exercise: Responsibility to the Customer

Prepare a 300–500 word document from the perspective of a customer purchasing a cell phone. The company you have been loyal to for many years is running a special sale which gives you a 2-for-1 deal. However, a news story has just broken which details this company and its employment practices using underage children in an underdeveloped country.

Are you still going to purchase phones from this company? Why or why not? If the company corrected the employment practices, would you return as a loyal customer? If not, what would it take for you to return to this company as a customer? Explain your experiences as an ethical consumer.


I will purchase as a loyal customer

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The company you have been loyal to for many years is running a special sale that gives you a 2-for-1 deal. However, a news story has just broken which details this company and its employment practices using underage children in an underdeveloped country.


  1. Are you still going to purchase phones from this company? Why or why not?
    Yes, there is a possibility, especially if I am interested in the products for sale.
    I will base my purchasing decision on the company’s product and not on the company’s practices and reputation.
    Knowing that there is a sale by the company that I trust and if at that time, I need a new phone, and I have enough money, I will not hesitate to purchase, regardless of the news spreading about the company.
    I may feel disappointed about the news, but I based my decision on the product.
  2. If the company corrected the employment practices, would you return as a loyal customer?
    Everybody commits mistakes, and I admire those companies or people who admit them and do something about them.
    If the company corrected their employment practices, I would admire them for that.
    It is not too bad to admit mistakes and not too late to change for the better.
  3. If not, what would it take for you to return to this company as a customer?
    Just in case my purchase decision is affected, it would take humility to admit mistakes and courage to take responsibility for me to return as their customer.

The virtual world has made us detached from the world where we physically live. As an internet person I always in need of a handy small computer that is my mobile phone. When I viewed the new advertisement of my favourite brand launching a new collection , I decided to have it on my hand. What increases my interests to buy it were a lot of new features, high quality dual camera and so on at a special discount. Not only that, the company would provide an offer of one year 5 GB internet with 100 international calls free. I jumped up. But, then, one new thing that drew my eye was that the mobile company and its employment were using underage children of some rural zones of India. I strongly protest the mal-practice of child labour as it is a kind of exploitation using the bad economical conditions. No, I instantly made my mind not to purchase it. Whenever I would use it, it would remind me the innocence faces unknown to the smartest society using them by exploiting them. It was a big NO for me. I did not buy it. I am happy with my old less smarter android because I prefer to be a responsible citizen than to be a loyal customer.

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Jamelynn Woods

Well as a loyal customer yes i will stay with my company for sure because i been with them almost ten years, they have never disappointed me with anything i needed help with. I am a strong believer that once i am dedicated into something its very hard for someone to turn me away from it.

The only way i will stop using the company is if they don’t figure a better way to practice because I don’t believe in others taking advantage of poor or weak people specially children that’s a very touchy situation because, I have my own kids and i will hate to see them being young and taken advantage of so i will have to continue to watch the updates if nothing changes then i will have to go find better . I will hate to contradict myself like I say kids or no kids ever take advantage of weak or poor people.


We have been estranged from the physical world as a result of the virtual world. As an internet user, I am constantly in need of a little portable computer, which is my cell phone. I opted to have it on my hand when I saw a new advertisement for my favorite brand unveiling a new collection. A lot of new features, high-quality dual camera, and other things at a good discount piqued my interest in purchasing it. Not only that, but the corporation would also offer a one-year subscription to 5 GB of internet and 100 free international calls. I leapt to my feet. But then I noticed something new: the cell company and its employees were employing underage youngsters from India’s rural areas. I strongly oppose child labor as a form of exploitation that takes advantage of poor economic conditions. No, I made up my mind right away not to buy it. Whenever I used it, it reminded me of the innocent faces that are unknown to the sophisticated civilization that exploits them. For me, it was a resounding NO. I did not purchase it. I’m content with my older, less intelligent android because I prefer it.

no! due to fact that underage children was used sent a everlasting bad taste in mouth. the phone company could give a super deal still wouldn’t change my mind.

No, You cannot change the fact that the company does not doing well in the societies especially in children. And if ever they would change, I will hesitate to return as a loyal customer for the reason that the trust is already broken.

It is possible to still purchase from this company because my purchasing decision is especially based on the product quality. It’s cannot suddenly change my purchasing decision. However, I am not sure about the loyalty because of their wrong employment practice.
If the company corrected the practice, I would return as a loyal customer. If not, I must boycott this company because of humanitarian. I would not like to purchase from an unethical company.

Bueno, si me entero que la empesa usa mano de obra de ninos pues no lo compro, porque estoy colaborando con el abuso infantil. en estos tiempo hay que tomar conciencia sobre la esclavitud de de menores de edad que usan muchas empresas, aunque muchos paises subdesarrollados hay mucha pobresa que mandan a muchos ninos a trabajar por la necesida extrema. Pero muchas empresa no les importan con tal de ganar dinero. en mi opinion ya no hay conciencia en estos tiempos. y si los compro estoy contribuyendo al maltrato infantil lo cual no acepto.

I have been loyal to your company because you’ve provided exceptional services to me over the years. Major reason why all of my cell phones are gotten from you.
I have been a loyal customer to this company because I get value for my money and you have never dissapointed me.
Based on the recent news story about you using underaged children in underdeveloped countries for cheap labor, I would say I am dissapointed as I have held your company in high esteem.
I would appreciate if a press release is written and posted on every forum, plus the underaged childen be paid what is owned with some extra bonuses and their families apologised to.
Only this, can make me stick to buying things from you in the nearest future.

comme un client fidèle Oui, je resterai avec ma compagnie à coup sûr parce que je suis avec eux presque dix ans, ils ne m’ont jamais déçu de quelque chose dont j’avais besoin d’aide. Je suis un croyant fort qu’une fois que je suis dédié à quelque chose, c’est très difficile pour que quelqu’un m’éloigne. La seule façon dont j’arrête d’utiliser la société est si elle ne comprend pas une meilleure façon de pratiquer, car je ne crois pas aux autres profitent des personnes pauvres ou faibles en particulier des enfants qui sont une situation très touchante, j’ai mes propres enfants et je détesterai les voir d’être jeune et profité de sorte que je devrai continuer à regarder le Je vais détester me contredire comme je dis que je dis des enfants ou aucun enfant ne profite jamais de personnes faibles ou pauvres.

Being loyal has it’s own end point. Even if I’m their loyal customer, I won’t support something that causes unethical actions. Buying from their company is just like supporting how they exploit underage children. There’s still a lot of companies I can try on, I won’t ever support their action.

As a loyal customer I would stick with the company because of it’s quality but I would check the underage children working at the store, I would like to know are the children forced to work or is it by their consent. There are many kids who are underage and working, and where the village isn’t developed to look after the family then working is completely fine in limit. The work should be normal for the kids not a burden and heavy, all I would be worried about their education, if they are studying and working then that’s completely okay. They can pay their own fees and look after their family, but they should be fine doing what they are doing. I would purchase from the company only when the kids are been treated right, the company should look after them, their education, their families. That’s all I want the company to do, and as a loyal customer I would then definitely be happy buying from the company and would suggest others too.

I would take my business elsewhere. My loyalty to a company is dependant on the company’s upstanding with the public and their business practices. If there are serious internal issues like this, my loyalty has expired. I would not continue to support a company that uses unethical business practices. I would expect a public apology for secretly withholding this information from its customers and willingly allowing us to participate in and blindly support immoral practices. I would also expect to hear their step-by-step plans to fix these practices. However, I would still not return to this company because I would feel that they have ruined my trust with them and misused my business.

I would go ahead and purchase from this company. First of all, I have been loyal to this company because I have tried and tested their products and it stood the test of time. As a consumer, I combine quality as well as cost when making purchase decisions. For this reason, I would take advantage of the sales.

With regards to the employment of underaged children from underdeveloped country, I would let the law enforcement agencies handle that. The fact that the news came to the fore, means that the law enforcement agencies will also get a hint and I trust them to carry out their duty with diligence.

And if the company corrected the employment practices, I would still stay with them.