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CUST105: Unit 7 Discussion

  1. What tips would you offer to other students taking this certificate program to best focus their efforts and maximize their success?
  2. After you have completed your final project activity for this course, what are three or four of the most important lessons you would suggest for a customer service worker just starting out?
  3. Please share what you found most useful and least useful about this Customer Service certificate program.

Each customer encounters two interrelated personalities. They are the personality of the individual who serves the customer and the overall personality of the organization. The organization personality is a reflection of the organization’s culture. It includes the organization strength and the individual behavior. If the organization is fun to work in, it’s people or the customer service personnel will convey sense of enjoyment to the customers. On the other hand, if the organization is very formal, like the legal firms, it formality behavior will be the behavior of the personnel.

Workers will treat your customer the way the organization treats them. Enthusiasm, sense of enjoyment, helpfulness, caring, etc are some examples.

The Customer Service course is quite challenging and practical. Good example given, especially through videos. Credit goes to Saylor


I would advise other students to focus on all of the points made in all the units.
2. The final project will be a breeze if you take proper notes and go from them. Remember that if may be overwhelming at first, YOU will get to the end of the projects and go i should be writing these when you finish
3 I learned what i could from this program and enjoyed it.


I personally enjoyed the course.
I suggest you take down notes as you go along each notes.
it will help as it makes the activities and exam easy, do not rush


I suggest that you read the material carefully and do not rush as it is a lot of information to understand. Take down notes so you can revise it after each section.
the lessons are to remain constant in your work.
Customer service is a great environment and do the activities.

  1. Most the content is very useful and relevant to the course, arranged in a systematic flow. I would advise them to go through the lessons while taking short notes and attempt the discussion boards posting and attempt the quizzes as many times as they may be comfortable to have grasped the subject matter.

  2. Important Lessons for a new customer service worker.

(a). To familiarize with the job description of a customer service worker.
(b). Excellent Communication skills.
©. Problem Solving
(d). Analytical Skills
(e). Listening skills
(f). Empathy
(g). Positive attitude.
(h). Technical knowledge and knowledge about the product/service and company policies and procedures.
(i). Patience, patience, patience.

Most of the content was very useful and relevant to the course. I would suggest on the grading format, so that you can use the cumulative grading i.e. all the units grading contributes towards the final grade.

Continuous Assessment Tests (Quiz) 20%
Final Project 10%
Final Exam 70%
TOTAL 100%


In order to fully benefit from this course and to maximize their success, I suggest others who are having this course to note with them all the important points they come across. They may maintain a separate notebook for this course where they could note down every idea obtained from this course. Moreover, I also suggest that there should not be long gap in attempting various units. Otherwise, recalling previous ideas becomes challenging.
For a customer service worker who have recently started the career, I suggest that he/she needs to be very patient. There will be very challenging circumstances in the initial stage which may dishearten a sensitive mind. However, the more patient a customer service person is the more successful he/she will become in future. Often he may be assigned such responsibilities which he may not like. However, he/she has to be ready to perform any assignment if he/she needs successful career.
This course was very useful for me in the sense that for the first time, I was learning about customer service and the skills related to it. I learnt a lot. Now I am confident that I have knowledge of those skills and traits that a customer service worker requires. One thing I feel may improve the quality of this course is adding videos especially case studies about customer service workers.


the customer service profession is a very challenging and a competitive profession.

  1. I will encourage every student to read with an open mind. Do not rush through the reading materials just to get the certificate but try to read at your own pace and assimilate all the materials. Avoid studying when you are tired and endeavor to take all the quiz and exercises.
  2. For a customer service worker just starting out, i will advice the person to read extensively about the customer service career to be prepared for what he or she is going out for, to have a brief overview of the geographical zones to be covered in the job and learn as much as possible about the people and their culture, and finally, to locate other customer service workers on the social media where they can share their experiences and challenges.
  3. The most useful things about this course is that it is simple, straight to the point and encompassing.
    The least useful things are that there were some repitations in some units. Also, toward the end of the units, it seems the instructor was short of what to write as the materials were becoming smaller in quantity. Finally, i didnt like the fact that the unit quiz was not part of the whole grading exercise as they are also equally important and part of the whole exercise.

I would suggest that any new customer service representative take this certification. There was information on this certification that it took me years to learn as a representative. I feel that after taking this certification, you will be prepared to do an excellent job as a representative.


My tips for other students would be to pay attention to all of the advice. It is extremely helpful. Another word of advice would be to always be kind. You are going to have bad days. They will pass. Don’t mess up someone else’s day because your day isn’t going as planned.
My picks for the three important lessons would be 1. dealing with angry customers. We have all had them, they are always going to be around. You have to learn to not let them get you down. 2. creating favorable impressions. Make friends, not enemies. If you make a great impression it could benefit your job. You never know who is watching. 3. customer service telephone skills. I have been a receptionist for over a year and I still learned valuable skills and new approaches for handling calls.
What I found most useful has to be all the great advice on being the best customer service representative I can possibly be. The least useful to was the part about the students.

  1. My advice to students of this course would be to take all units seriously and read lesson notes with an open mind. Also put into practice what you learn from this course to maximize success

  2. Most important lessons are
    A Customer Service Worker needs to be polite, focused, alert, understanding, caring, unemotional, and above all patient.
    When dealing with challenging customers, protect yourself with the proper mind-set and attitude. Do not get angry, remain calm and objective.
    Do not take a customer’s anger or insults personally
    Always listen, empathize and take charge.

What I find very useful are the lesson notes and the unit discussions, which gives student the platform to share lessons on every unit and also learn from each other.


I would suggest studying how to interact with various customers. Most customers may be happy but dealing with the ones that are not is what’s going to be the most challenging. In society, some people feel they can treat customer service workers with disrespect. But because customer service is your job, you have to learn to maintain a professional manner and not get into conflicts with customers.

Important lessons would be 1. listen 2. empathize 3. take control 4. solve the problem.

By follow the guidelines in the program, a CSW would be able to interact with customers better. Stay positive and not let the behaviors of rude customers be taken personally. By implementing the skills learned in the lessons, a customer service worker will have a positive outcome.

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  1. reading the material carefully , take notes .
  2. be patient , listen carefully , shoe empathy , good communication skills , don’t absorb the anger and have negtive feeling , don’t take any insult personally.
    3.all the material was useful 100 %
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  1. that after going through each unit, students should digest the summary as it could provide more understanding to the whole text read earlier

  2. when going for an interview, do not be in a rush to answer questions. One should pause and reflect on the answer before saying it out.

  3. the summary and videos in some of the units provided me with a better understanding of most of the lessons. There wasn’t any low point for me during the course.

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  1. .- What advice would you give other students taking this certificate program to better focus their efforts and maximize their success?

First of all I would like to tell you that I learned a lot, to better concentrate on all this knowledge I advise you to deepen in other courses like public relations and business communication these courses you will be very useful

  1. .- After completing your final project activity for this course, what are the three or four most important lessons you would suggest for a customer service worker starting out?

I suggest you all take back to forget nothing, it is by reading you will get more knowledge

  1. .- Please share what you found most helpful and least useful about this customer service certificate program.

The most useful thing for it is in relation to your behavior that you will enrich a business with satisfied customers

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  1. I would recommend to read attentively, write down the main points and try to put new knowledges into practise. Feel enthusiastic about your learning and do all the activities of this program.
  2. The main lessons I would give is to be enthusiastic about your profession, cultivate such qualities in your personality as ability to listen attentively to people and empathise them, try to be patient, learn how to express your thoughts clearly.
  3. This course is very useful as it gives basic knowledge of customer service profession. I find all the pieces of advice mention here very helpful.
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  1. Well, as for me i really took out my time to make sure i read and understood every course and made sure i enjoyed it while doing that… So i will advice them to do them for a better growth…

  2. For me the key thing to it is Patient, a very good listen,a problem solver and positive attitude…

  3. The customer service is quite an interesting and challenging course,but in all you have to be patient enough to go through.

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  1. Read the articles completely and actually take time to review each of the company’s websites.
  2. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer service person, come in with an open mind, do not let your emotions play a factor in how you service the customer, continue to use all resources to keep growing and learning.
  3. Very real and current material to use, some of the work became repetitive.
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What tips would you offer to other students taking this certificate program to best focus their efforts and maximize their success. the tips i would offer is to just focus. After you have completed your final project activity for this course, what are three or four of the most important lessons you would suggest for a customer service worker just starting out? i would suggest you take notes and to stay on tasks

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