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Cust105 ;unit2 discussion

  1. I once bought a cake mixer machine with 6 months warranty from one of the shop in my neighborhood just to found out it was faulty on my arrival home. I returned it for resell but the customer service worker at the counter refused to make resell transaction nor exchange for me. I explained to customer service worker that the machine was faulty prior to my purchase but he refused. I felt angry and felt that it was the duty of customer service worker to explained to me about the condition of the product and allowed me to make buying decision.

I have now decided not to return to similar shop to make further shopping.

  1. I have always try my best to difuse anger when I’m in interaction with an angry person by listening to the argument and control my body language because I believe body language can be very agitating at same time can be useful to lower tension during argument. I can do differently using some of the method described in this unit by lowering my tone.

  2. at home , I live with people from different background this includes different religion , ethnic and culture my interaction with them based on mutual respect and tolerance because I believe as different we might all be we must all use respect and tolerance as a tool of bringing harmonie .