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Cust105:Unit2Short Writing Exercise:The Customer Service Workplace

If I were the manager of customer service department orienting newly hired employees on aspects of dealing with challenging problems and difficult customers I would advise new employees to be prepared and be ready to interact with customers from different background, cultural and religions whom some of those customers will be angry and difficult to deal with them and remind them as a customer service worker their duties is to ensure that they serve them with polite rand respect by upholding professionalism.

I would advise them(newly hired employees) to follow the following tactics as a tools for ensuring customers satisfaction:
1- always find out what the customer want
2-listen to them
3- treat them how they want to be treated
4- empathise with them and make them feel you are on they are side.
5-take control of the situation and work together with the customer to find suitable solution to resolve the problem.
6- in a situation where there is escalation of problem and misunderstanding with customers always call the manager or colleagyto assist.

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