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Cust105:Unit3 DISCUSSION

  1. When talking on the I have found being polite and friendly to be one of useful technique for me when I’m talking to my guest.However based on this unit’s reading, I might do best by lowering my voice volume, speed rate, and vocabulary level to match those of my guest/customer.

2)when I’m communicating over the computer the tactics I have found to be useful is to be brief as possible as I can and maintain cordial relation on my communication. I might do differently based on this unit’s reading by being brief and yet clearly and succinctly by conveying important details while maintaining a cordial tone . I can also use customised and tested template copy to avoid unnecessary work,typos, ambiguities, and misinformation . Most important pause for a little before sending or posting messages, and double check for errors.

  1. I usually try my best to be on track with my work and personal schuldules to best manage my time at same time creating relaxation time for myself. The purpose here is to protect myself from influences of dealing with problems all day long and to make sure I do not take the issues home with me at end of my work shift .

  2. I have worked on a team project before at work as team leader. Team project can be frustrating most especially when assuming a role of a team leader because not everyone in the team perform duties according to the instructions and this could potentially jeopardize the work of the project. When working on the team project, I would suggest to keep focus on duties at hand and encourage colleagues to work in partnership for the sake of the project success.