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Cust105:unit4 discussion

1)For past employment, I have used Google search engine for Job search lead because Google search engine generate variety of companies offering jobs vacancy however, in future I will use both Google search engine and social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, indeed, monster, worksmarthome. Worksmarthome offers wide range of international and local remote work customer service representative.

  1. the first step in preparing for job interview would be to conduct a research about the company then analyze the job description and skills required.

Have excitement and readyness attitude for interview.

Have expectations of hard questions from the interviewer .

Dress up appropriately when attending the interview.

Do not rush when answering any questions

Be truthful to the interviewer.

Do not afraid to admit that you do not know the answer to the question, instead offer to find the answer and get back to the interviewer as soon as possible.

  1. I have participated in the following social networks platform:

Facebook, gumtree, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

I will use the above social networks to connect with potential employers , and other jobseekers to share available jobs opportunities.

I will also use the above social networks to interact with friends and colleagues and get update on new skills and jobs opportunities.
I’s great it improve the knowledge .